What To Do In Puerto De La Cruz

Puerto después la la cruz is situated on the norte part that the isla of Tenerife and is component of theCanary Islands(Spain).

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The ciudad is known for tourism, but likewise for the many norte Europeans who live in the ciudad to survive the cold weather season in del norte Europe.

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10 exciting Things to perform in Puerto de la Cruz

1. Visit the Second ideal Zoo in ns world: Loro Parque

If you room visitingTenerife, then this location is ns must come visit. Loro cerveza is hands abajo one of the best zoos me gustaría have to be to. The zoo has an extensive y diverse to make reservation of animal y plant species. You deserve to see various creatures in the parque for instance: chimpanzees, gorillas, está dentro lions, otters, jaguars, tigers, alligators, flamingos, exotic fish, piranhas, está dentro horses, and various sharks. Siguiente to this, the zoo provides various shows during ns day. This includes sea lion shows, dolphin shows, parrot shows y orca shows. The está dentro lion, dolphin y orca shows are really brilliant. Loro parke was awarded by expedition Advisor as the first ideal zoo in Europe y the 2nd best zoo of los world.

Loro Parque
Tip uno for visiting Loro Parque

When you get in the park you can buy uno ticket for ns ‘Discovery Tour’ including or excluding lunch (you can additionally buy ns ticket online before friend go). This is absolutely worth un buy. Identificación bought this extra ticket y got ns private tour in los ’employee only’ components of the zoo.

During this tour me gustaría visited ns sleeping facility of the Gorillas, learned about los food y behavior of the Gorillas, visited los water purification complex of los penguins y visited the day complex of ns Orcas. Los private tour at the complex of los Orcas was amazing. During the admitir you will certainly see ns Orcas from above, yet during los tour you will certainly go down in a complex y can watch the Orcas behind un window. Vía this, you have the right to see the Orcas at ns same elevation as you. Los Orcas are really curious animals and will come regularly to los window come interact con you.

I have never been the close to uno big creature like ns Orca. It was amazing! If you likewise want to endure this, i recommend girlfriend visit los zoo in los early morning or ask los ticket desk for los Discovery tour, because los later you will enter ns zoo, ns higher the chance that the tickets for this distinct tour will be offered out.

Tip 2 for visiting Loro Parque

Every 20 minutes uno free refer train departs desde Reyes Católicos (city centerPuerto ese La Cruz) to Loro Parque. The final train pipeline at 18.45 representar Loro Parque.

Facts about Loro ParqueLoro parke was awarded by expedition Advisor as ns first best zoo in Europe y the 2nd best zoo of ns world.The entrance fee is about € treinta y cuatro for adults and € 23 for kids up to once years.Children under 6 free entrance.Loro parque is open desde 8.30AM to 6.45PM desde Monday come Sunday.

2. Watch the Sunset or Sunbathe at Playa después Jardin

Playa ese Jardin is los biggest y nicest beach of Puerto después la Cruz. Playa del Jardin method ´Garden Beach´ in English. Los beach is surrounded by palm trees and different type of flora. At ns beach friend will discover black sand. Over there is one huge restaurant wherein you can have having lunch or to buy drinks y snacks. On ns beach are sol beds, parasols, showers and toilets available. There is also un lifeguard, since sometimes los waves deserve to become very high, which renders it dangerous come swim. Once this is los case, a red flag will be displayed at ns beach. Playa ese Jardin is certainly worth a visit. You can sunbathe however it is also a very nice coast to watch los sunset in the evening.

Sunset in ~ playa después Jardin

3. Reap a day Swimming at los Lago Martianez

El Lago Martianez is an outside swimming swimming pool complex and it really looks fantastic! There room four huge pools y three tiny children’s pools. The pools room filled with filtered sea water. Moreover, over there is un wide selection of bars, restaurants, stalls and there is also un casino i m sorry you deserve to visit during ns day and night.

Facts about ns Lago MartianezEl Lago Martiánez to be awarded by expedition Advisor as the second best aquatic parque in Europe in 2014.The enntrance gate fee is about €5.50 for adults y € 2.50 for youngsters up to diez years.El Lago Martiánez is open representar 10AM come 5PM desde Monday to Sunday.

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4. See ns Skyline of Puerto ese La Cruz

On height of ns Martianez cliffs, you deserve to see ns spectacular watch of Puerto del La Cruz. The viewpoint is behind hotel ‘Puerto después la Cruz’. You have actually to caminar some stairs, but the view is amazing.

Puerto skyline

5. Visit La Plaza después Charco throughout the trabaja or Night

Plaza después Charco is a big cuadrado in los centre of Puerto después la Cruz. There room plenty the restaurants, bars, ice cream cream shops y smaller traveler shops located at this square. In los evening, the atmosphere is very cozy.

Plaza del Charco

6. Celebrate Carnival like You have actually Never done Before

It’s amazing to memory Carnival in Tenerife. Usually the carnival is about February and the finest place come celebrate carnival is in santa Cruz. Los celebration that carnival in Santa superar is 2nd only to carnival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil on the world party stage. Próximo to papa noel Cruz, girlfriend can likewise celebrate carnival an extremely well in Puerto ese la Cruz. Ns parades are terrific to see and there are many street parties. As soon as you visit los centerin ns evening, friend will discover live music and people dancing everywhere.

The environment is fantastic. Siguiente to los dressing up, the carnival in Tenerife have some special traditions like:

The men need to dress increase like a female. Yes, you review it correctly. Many of the men will dress up like ns female. They will borrow the clothes y shoes of your female partners.During the day there space funny events like heel running.On Ash Wednesday, the ‘burial of the sardine’ will certainly take place. On the beach at ns old harbor of Puerto ese la la cruz is ns big papier maché sardine. During los night, this will be burnt y the event ends with fireworks.The ‘gran ware apoteosis’ (the Carnival closeup of the door parade) is an extremely funny to attend. During the parade, huevos taco (which room eggshell and cloth balls hosted together through paste) are thrown onto the passing parade representar windows and balconies.

7. Visit ns Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanico)

Jardin Botanico (Botanical Gardens) is located in Puerto ese La Cruz. It is a very large garden with unique plants and trees representar all around ns world. Virtually every plant y tree is labeling with los name of ns plant or tree in different languages. Moreover, over there is uno lovely y peaceful pond at the back of ns gardens. This garden is uno good ar to relax y spend one or two hours of the day. There is no restaurant in the garden, so carry some water y food with you. Across los garden, are a couple of restaurantes where you deserve to have ns delicious lunch or dinner.

Facts about the Botanical GardensThe entrance fee is about €3 because that adults.The factory Garden is open from 9AM to 6PM representar Monday to Sunday.

8. Playa de Martianez

This coast is between the Martiánez cliffs and the costa Martiánez complex. Part of this small, black-sand coast is open up to los sea, with excellent problems for surfing and body surfing. Generally there is a red bandera on this beach, y you are not permitted to swim. This is a pity because this is one of my desired beaches.

Playa ese Martianez

9. Visit los Old castillo de smo Felipe

Castillo del San Felipe is ns very small old castle (remains that castle) located next to Playa de Jardin. You can have un look inside y read about ns history of ns castle. It is not very interesting come visit, however if friend visit Playa del Jardin, that is precious to have fast look inside this castle. You will certainly cross it anyway.

10. Visit the old Harbor

If you have actually done the nine points above and you tho have energy left come explore ns city, girlfriend could likewise visit los old puerto of Puerto del la Cruz. It is located próximo to los ‘Plaze después Charco’. The harbor is really small and is nowadays offered to swim and fish.

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Puerto de la cruz is a very nice ciudad to visit during your stay on Tenerife. There are plenty of things to do and the weather is always an extremely nice. If you prefer to party y would prefer to visit an amazing night club I recommend Limbo come you. This ar is fantastic. Secondly, Blanco is also uno good bar to have actually some drinks.