What To Do In Gran Canaria

In this post we room going to speak about los things to carry out in ns Palmas ese Gran Canaria, ciudad capital of estupendo Canaria island and the province of ns Palmas. It is located northeast of estupendo Canaria and is los most populated ciudad of ns Canary Islands with around 380,000 inhabitants. In addition, it is among the 10 largest urban in Spain. If you come to gran Canaria, you need to visit los Palmas después Gran Canaria. For us it is uno mandatory stop y we will show it to you next.

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Panorámica los Palmas de Gran Canaria

Things to execute in las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Las Palmas ese Gran Canaria has actually much come offer, from spectacular urbano beaches, come an viejo town with uno lot that history. In addition, that is wide and varied cooking offer will not leaving you indifferent. In the same way, that is an idealistas destination because that shopping due to its amplio range of out shopping areas, markets y shopping centers. Next, we make uno list of every little thing you must visit in ns Palmas de Gran Canaria.

1. Viejo town: Vegueta

Vegueta is the viejo part the the ciudad of ns Palmas ese Gran Canaria. Countless of its roadways are pedestrians, for this reason a andar on foot with Vegueta is one of the things to see in ns Palmas del Gran Canaria. Below you have to visit los Plaza del Santa Ana, the Canary islands Cathedral, ns Colon House-Museum, the fantasma Santo square, los hermitage of san Antonio Abad, etc. We recommend our artículo about diez things come see and do in Vegueta for an ext information.

Things to carry out in las Palmas del Gran Canaria: colón house

Anyway, the most crucial thing to find in her visit is los link in between Christopher Columbus and the ciudad of las Palmas de Gran Canaria. And, special, in this area of los city.

2. Beaches of las Palmas después GC

In los Palmas de Gran Canaria over there are four urban beaches. We mention them below:

✔ las Canteras beach

The most important and incredible one is los famous coast of las Canteras. Follow me it over there is a promenade that goes representar the Alfredo Kraus auditorium come La Puntilla completamente of restaurants. In ns previous attach you deserve to you can have a look at all los relevant information around it. Together we view it, that is one of ns best beaches of estupendo Canaria.

Things to execute in los Palmas después Gran Canaria: los Canteras beach

✔ ns Confital beach y promenade

From El Confital bay girlfriend will have actually spectacular see of los Canteras y part of the ciudad of las Palmas ese Gran Canaria. Also, if you favor sports, it has ns beautiful wood walk and mountains to operación by land.

Playa ns Confital y ns Canteras al fondo

✔ ns Alcaravaneras beach

In the heart of the city we find los beach of las Alcaravaneras. The smallest one in los Palmas del G.C. It is located next to the sports marina y in former of the entrance to ns port of las Palmas. For this reason we would not recommend it so lot for swimming. An ext for sunbathing or play sports. an ext than anything due to the fact that sometimes there room petrol and oil stains on the shore. Other normal, considering that is location.

Las Alcaravaneras beach

La Laja beach

Last, at the other side of los city, in los access representar the south, we find La Laja beach. Unlike the previous three, this is dark sand y has numerous pools with sea water.To obtain here over there is a spectacular está dentro promenade, yet there room about 10 kilometers desde the ciudad center. Better by bike in the lane that is enabled.

3. Triana neighborhood

It is one of los most beautiful components of the city of los Palmas de Gran Canaria. Also, together with Vegueta, Triana is one of los oldest neighborhoods. Here you will find shops of every kinds in its different pedestrian streets, restaurants, bars, parks, etc.So that, this component of the city is un must within ns different points of what to check out in las Palmas después Gran Canaria.

In Triana you need to visit los Gabinete Literario, los Pérez Galdós Theater, the nombre de la carretera Mayor del Triana, ns Cano street, the pérez Galdós street, the benito Pérez Galdós House-Museum, los Rodríguez Quegles Palace, the smo Telmo Park, etc. Both in the sidra de pera Galdós Theater and in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, you deserve to enjoy ns best theater, music and dance on ns island.

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4. Things to do in los Palmas: San cristóbal neighborhood

You quiet need consejos about what to view in las Palmas ese Gran Canaria? Other location is ns fishermen’s ar of san Cristóbal. That is ns fisher’s district that is defined by its colorful houses y local essence. Here there are also small beaches and stone coves, but without surveillance. In San pie de cristo you will certainly find ns wide selection of fish restaurants.

5. Industries in las Palmas después GC

In los Palmas después Gran Canaria there are three main markets: Vegueta market, sede market and the port Market. Both ns Vegueta market and the central market are concentrated purely top top the sale of fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, fish, flowers, etc. However, ns Port industry (Mercado ese Puerto) has become ns space of reconstruction composed of various stalls. A few time ago it activate like the rest of the markets in los city.

6. To buy in las Palmas de GC

Concerning to shopping, we recommend the area of Triana because that its beauty y offer to exclude, shops on ns island. we love Cano street y some of their shops, such united state Regaliz Funwear.

You likewise have los area the Avenida artículo Mesa y López whereby El recorte Inglés department store y other stores space concentrated. In addition, there is próximo to los Canteras Beach un large to buy center, Las Arenas. Here room all the shops girlfriend will discover wherever friend travel, including Primark. Finally, if you space interested in los outlets, in ns outskirts of los Palmas ese Gran Canaria you have to visit the los Terrazas shopping center.

7. Things to do in los Palmas ese GC: museums

If you are one of ns travelers that loves culture and likes come visit los museums of the cities friend visit, we will certainly mention ns most crucial ones:

House-Museum the Christopher Columbus. It is the casa where Christopher colón lived throughout his tiempo in the Canary Islands. Right now it is a museum that transaction with los history of the Admiral, as well as the links between gran Canaria y America.Canary Museum, Vegueta. Here they will certainly let friend know everything you need to know how the Canarian aborigines lived.Atlantic centrar of modern-day Art (CAAM museum), Vegueta. It is the main museo of contemporary letras on los island y the Canary Islands.
Museum Elder, Puerto-Canteras. This is los reference museum of science and technology on the island.House-Museum pérez Galdós, Triana.

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on Cano street in ns Triana community you can visit the casa where the Canarian writer benedice Pérez Galdós to be born and lived. It is ns house from the XIX century.

8. Places to eat in ns Palmas del Gran Canaria

An important part of what to view in ns Palmas después Gran Canaria is additionally what or wherein to eat