What Time Does Siam Park Open

Siam Park Water park is ns 5-star waterpark in costero Adeje, manuel-martinez.com, Spain that human being visit from all over the world. With over veinte rides and attractions come visit, you’d best destinadas your day carefully if you want to view all that the Thai-themed parque has come offer! trust us, you won’t desire to miss out on out.

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In this finish guide to Siam Park, we’ve literally covered everything you might ever desire to know, comment all los questions that need answering around this incredible theme park in the Canary archipelago so you don’t must spend hrs scrolling through TripAdvisor y pulling your hair fuera de atSiam Park’s main website.

If friend care around getting the best worth for her money y making certain you yes, really get the best fuera de of your pilgrimage to Siam parque in manuel-martinez.com, this is los guide for you.

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Table that Contents

Siam park – every little thing You must KnowSiam park Holidays because that FamiliesPlanning her Siam parque HolidaySiam park Holidays for CouplesSiam park Holidays because that Adult GroupsSiam parque Holidays for solo TravellersSiam park TicketsSiam parque Ticket TypesBuy Siam park manuel-martinez.com TicketsWhere is Siam parque manuel-martinez.com?Siam parque MapSiam park All-Inclusive HolidaysSiam park Hotel ListWhat Can me gustaría Do Nearby?

What is Siam park manuel-martinez.com?


Siam parque is one of thebest water parks in Europe! and certainly los best water parque in Spain. The sur of manuel-martinez.com couldn’t be un better ar for a water park, con year-round sunshine and stunning views over the coastal town together you soar through the air on one of los heart-racing water slides.

We’re really not exaggerating when we speak Siam parque is one of the best. The was opened by royalty, ns Princess of Thailand, y has been called as best water park in ns world by TripAdvisor. Twice.

Covering cuarenta y seis acres, Thai-themed Siam park scales the hilly terrain around costero Adeje, in the del sur ofmanuel-martinez.com, Spain. Ns steep slopes provide los perfect phase for some remarkable water rides.

But it’s no all about ns adrenaline rush!



There’s plenty come do here to relax. Siam Water park is design for every ages y all type of holiday-goers. Sunbathe by los beach (the sand is imported from áfrica and won’t stick to her skin) or do uno little shopping in los Floating Market. If friend don’t an elaborate getting wet or just aren’t into rápido water rides, you’ll still enjoy your day here.



There’s always los worry that halfway v the día your kids will absent up a fuss once they run out of points to accounting them. That doesn’t occur at Siam Park. There space rides for all ages, representar tiny toddlers to grumpy teenagers, even if it is you desire to go separate means or stick with each other as uno family.



Adrenaline junkies, rejoice. Not just does Siam park have the highest waves desde an artificial wave device in los world, it also has part world-renowned rides. Tower that Power never ever disappoints with a terrifying drop as you on slide through the shark tank. It’s not for ns faint-hearted.

Siam parque – everything You must Know

The aim is to offer you every of the information about Siam park in one place, so prior to trawling through forums and trying come find ns answers to questions, make certain you check here y see if us haven’t currently answered them because that you. Representar using GoPros come Disabled Access; here are los must have actually answers because that your expedition to Siam Park.

What Should i Expect?

Siam parque is uno busy water park containing part of los best acclaimed water rides in the world, con something because that everyone.Reviews because that Siam Parkfrequently rate los rides and attractions as los best of any waterpark ns reviewer has visited. Due to the fact that of the popularity, the parque also gets really busy y can even become crowded on extendido days – on these days you need to expect queuing y ensure you’re over there for the duration of the trabaja to reap all los attractions.

Siam parque Opening Times

Summer Timetable: During ns summer, Siam parque operates traditional opening hrs of 10am it spins 6pm. Summer is concerned as May 1st through to October 31st.

Winter Timetable: During ns winter Siam park operates standard opening hours of 10am till 5pm. Winter is concerned as November first to April 30th.

Variance: over there are times throughout ns year where opening veces vary such as night openings that have emerged during los peak of summer (typically ~ above weekends) and dates as soon as the parque is closed. If friend are ever unsure that opening veces there is asimple enquiry kind on siampark.netwhich employee respond to usually within 48 hours.

Does The park Close gastos generales Christmas?


Siam park is currently open 365 days ns year – definition you have the right to enjoy the water parque on Christmas Day!

Opening times and closure days space subject to change so the is ideal to check con the parque using their online enquiry type at least 48 hours in advancement of travel.

What wake up if the parque Closes early out to poor Weather?

Siam park tends to remain open offering it is for sure to perform so which way that on work where ns weather is poor, friend may uncover the parque is open yet attractions impacted by the weather room closed.

It is uno good idea tocheck ns weather projection in advancement of traveland target to travel on days with clear weather to insurance a full Siam parque experience.

When Is the Best time to Visit Siam Park?

During ns summer months, Siam parque is very busy because of its enormous popularity. The parque tends to it is in packed all week largo with un slightly quieter trabaja each Sunday.

During los winter month (especially December) the parque experiences its least busy period as holidaymakers have tendency to not take trip as typically during this time. On any given day in December ns footfall security on Google is approximately 25% of its usual amount.

Visitors have additionally noticed slightly less busy experience on Mondays and Wednesdays during peak tiempo although there is little information apart from guest evaluate to trasero this up.

Is over there Disabled accessibility at Siam Park?

Siam parque offers disabled accessibility across the parque however over there are a few points to be conscious of if visiting the parque with uno disability;

Disabilities are amplio ranging y some disabled civilization may battle in Siam Park. Those con autism may find the experience overwhelming while individuals who are partially mobile may discover it challenging to stop and find room to rest.The parque does offer aid to those con disabilities so the is precious seeking assistance at the information center to maximise parque enjoyment.Wheelchair access is fairly great (with enough space and ramps where possible) but gradients across the park vary and some locations can it is in steep, making them more complicated to navigate.

Can You use Action Cameras on los Rides?

Yes! Siam park permits for sure GoPro (action cameras) usage y in order to use un GoPro you have to adhere come the safety precautions of los park. Siam parque advise the GoPro users should seek permission an initial at los information centre and must have los GoPro securely fastened come either uno harness or headband.

Free usar of activity cameras (i.e. Your móvil inteligentes held in your mano or on un selfie stick) is not allowed as this is seen as a la seguridad hazard.

Is over there Merchandise and Ride photos Available?


Siam parque doesn’t have actually ride photos unfortunately, however you deserve to purchase picture on entry or exit to commemorate her day.

The Floating Market likewise provides shops that are relatively reasonably priced for snacks, sweets, sunscreen and sunglasses and also souvenirs that your día in ns park.

What Should me gustaría Take come Siam Park?

There are ns few things you should fill when visiting Siam Park;

Sun protection y water pair of shoes (these can be purchase in the parque if friend forget)Towels and bathing suitsMoney for souvenirs, snacks y drinks

It is best to prevent taking valuables where feasible as also though Siam parque does sell secure storage because that valuables, they execute not take obligation for losses. Things prefer jewelry, watches and tablet tools that aren’t an ideal for robust use should be left in ~ home.

How much Should i Budget?

Budgeting because that your trip to Siam parque is dependence on how long you intend to stay and how lot you want to invest in the park itself. A safe budget for un bite come eat, something come drink y a fast pass to avoid the queues is €25 per person. Friend can, however, visit without spending very much at every – particularly if you have bought your very own food and drinks.

For those feather for ns best suffer regardless of cost, a €50 término person budget will take care of food, fast passes, drinks and souvenirs including park photos obtainable at ns entrance.

Will identificación Enjoy Siam Park?


People that prefer water rides, love social environments y are partial to ns bit that thrill-seeking habits will be impressed with all the Siam parque has come offer.

Siam parque can be un little overwhelming though for part as that does get really busy in ~ times. This deserve to lead to negative experiences, specifically for those no expecting queues for attractions. Some people additionally find los rides marked la red to be too rápido and/or scary – yet there’s many of quieter rides to keep you occupied.

Overall, retroalimentación across all ages has to be generally very positive for this reason you can reasonably expect uno good time when visiting Siam Park. If you feel overwhelmed climate make certain you check out about local attractions to pass the tiempo close to Siam parque at los bottom the this guide.

What Should identificación Wear in Siam Park?


Siam parque is of course ns water parque so you can expect plenty of swimwear being worn in y around ns park.

The dress code at Siam parque is reasonably relaxed and they permit most swimwear offering it is protecting modesty and on ns other end of the spectrum allow an ext conservative swimwear consisting of swimming shorts for women.

As long as the not loose or might fall off on ns rides, los attendants will let friend wear ns close-fitting t-shirt on any kind of of ns rides.

The park advises every one of their guests to lug flip flops or water shoes, but even if you carry out forget, barefoot navigation of the parque is feasible in cooler weather. You can buy shoes dentro de the parque if los walkways room too warm for your feet.

Lastly, Siam park is a sol bathers paradise as it is bathed in sunshine most of ns year. The is advisable that guests make certain they are properly protected representar the sun and wear hats, sunglasses and sun cream as soon as relaxing in Siam Park.

Is Siam parque Heated?


Siam parque artificially heats your pools come 24°C, return it can vary a little depending on los weather.

During the cooler months it’s a good opinión to bring a cover up or sarong because that walking between rides where the water is heated.

The water is likewise chlorinated and treated for hygiene purposes to ensure ns safe swimming environment for all. That is not saltwater.

Can i Bring mine Own comida into Siam Park?

Officially, you cannot bring comida into Siam park – that is against los rules. This is imposed at los gate where people bringing cool boxes room asked to leaving them behind.

Many guests have actually reported acquisition snacks y water right into the parque without detection together bags aren’t constantly routinely searched. Ns application of ns rule isn’t always strict but in bespeak to stop disappointment that is finest to no pack come for her visit. You never understand if your bag will be choose for ns deeper search.

The come policy makes enjoying the park for those with comida allergies y dietary concerns un very frustrating endeavor. Be prepared, as the food provided in the parque is regularly not allergen free or all set in allergen totally free environments.

How expensive is the comida in Siam Park?


The food is sensibly priced across the parque which puts it in the medium-priced category. Un slice of pizza, for example, is approximately €3. Come is typically uno little dearer in Siam park than it would be in an indistinguishable restaurant external of the park y some guests have uncovered buying food in Siam park too costly for their spending attitude.

You should prepare to pay a moderate quantity for comida but in context, Siam Park comida is indistinguishable to middling/nice restaurantes across manuel-martinez.com in terms of cost.

Siam park Holidays because that Families


There are couple of attractions the perfectly regulate to balance entertaining ns kids y adults at los same time. Siam park does simply that. With rides for los kids and adults, pools for babies, and opportunities for weary parents to put their feet up, there’s ns little something for everyone here.

Siam park offers rápido rides, be sure rides, rápido food y fresh food options, add to events y attractions the cater to those that don’t want to gain wet. The waterpark will easily fill an entire trabaja – or several days – on your manuel-martinez.com holiday.

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Best Siam park Rides because that Families

While larger kids y teenagers will be racing off ~ above adventures top top all los rides, families con younger children tend to stick together! Siam parque has un range the rides and attractions to make a nice family day out, including:

The lost City


Designed for younger kids to enjoy ns water slides, this playground is good for youngsters who aren’t rather tall enough for the rides. There’s cuales lower period limit y the pool is design safely for babies too. There space toilets right next to ns Lost City and Thai Bar (serving soft drinks y cocktails for ns adults) is un good location to relax nearby, while the kids play.

Coco Beach


The soft white sand ~ above this coast is imported from áfrica and won’t stick to her feet! There room lounge chairs for ns adults come sunbathe ~ above while ns mini wave pool is gentle sufficient for young niños to acquire their feet wet and is patrolled continually by lifeguards.

Bodhi Trail


Take un walk among ns treetops. Bodhi trace is uno set of bridges, towers y obstacles for you to rise over. It’s designed for every ages y adults space welcome come help tiny ones climb with it. It’s un sure means to kill some time and keeps water to ns minimum – perfect for unsure swimmers.

Planning your Siam parque Holiday

Siam park is perfect for families y is centred about offering you an awesome day out in ns manuel-martinez.com sunshine.

We have uno few tips to aid your visit go smoothly:

Leave prams and buggies at the hotel – yes sir not sufficient storage an are in los lockers.It’s ok if girlfriend forget sun-lotion y other essentials, you can buy these from the Floating Market and most drive queues are designed to be in los shade.Take water shoes with you or buy some in the park. Los floor can acquire quite hot y tough ~ above kid’s feet. Sandals y flip flops must be taken turn off before los rides, while water shoes have the right to be worn all day on all rides y won’t get lost!Food is kid-friendly in the parque (chicken nuggets, pizza, etc.) however there’s additionally some adult alternatives (crepes, alcohol, etc.). Simply remember to budget plan enough money as comida prices aren’t cheap.Decide wherein your family will fulfill up if someone it s okay separated.

Siam park will indeed keep everyone inhabited for at the very least a day but once you comienzo to get exhausted of the crowds, there space plenty the other interesting water adventures to be had, fromwhale watchingtosnorkeling with turtles.

Is there period restriction?

Yes, there is an age restriction on particular rides, like ns Tower of strength which has a minimum age limit that 14.

All various other rides are limited by elevation rather than age – watch below.

Generally, kids about 6+ la edad will be able to ride countless of los smaller rides. Kids younger than that still have actually plenty come do, including cacao Beach and Sawasdee (small rides for all ages).

What are los Siam park height restrictions on los rides?

There room some elevation restrictions on los Siam parque rides y slides which are taken serious by the ride attendants that will measure you to twin check!

Quite a few kid-friendly attractions have a 1.1 metre height restriction (around los average height of a 6 year old) with most other rides without age restrictions are set at 1.25 metres (average for an 8 year old).

1.1 Metre Restriction

Mai Thai RiverNaga RacerJungle SnakeMekong RapidsPatong Rapids

1.25 Metre Restriction

The GiantKinnareeDragonThe VulcanoSingha

The Tower of power attraction elevation restriction is collection at 1.45 metres.

There space plenty of smaller sized water slides y pool locations that kids under these heights have the right to visit – alguna one will certainly be left out.

Can youngsters enter Siam Water park without one adult?


While los ticket system means that any type of kid over the age of 12 must pay the full price, they can not necessarily go into the park by themselves!

Older teenagers (generally 16+) can go into the parque by themselves or con a grupo of similarly aged kids. The parque is considered ns safe place for kids to play, con lifeguards stationed in ~ every ride y strict height/age rule on specific rides because that safety. Younger children should always be accompanied by an adult.

Although lock don’t always verify ns age of every soltero person entering los waterpark, Siam parque can request to see photo ID at the entrance for this reason make sure you constantly bring that with you regardless.

Are there household deals top top Siam park tickets?

There are ns variety of deals y ticket choices for Siam Park, yet there’s currently alguno group ticket or discount for entering the park with ns certain variety of adults and kids. If you’re however to publication your manuel-martinez.com holiday, you could publication all-inclusive hotel transaction that include free parque admission. Watch our list of Siam parque inclusive hotels.

There are also seasonal tickets the will save money for the family if you visiting numerous times over the summer.

See our considerable guide come buying tickets for Siam park to work out which is best for you.

Siam park Holidays for Couples


Siam parque is one awesome ar to visit as ns couple, whether you’re searching for a súper romantic outing or simply some time to relax and enjoy your holiday. There room plenty the rides y attractions that are more suited come adults 보다 kids. With a well-planned expedition to visit the parque in los quieter seasons, it can be nice romantic too.

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Although mostly advertised for families and kids, there room plenty the adults and adrenaline junkies the love visiting the park. You definitely won’t be ns odd ones el fin because you aren’t taking kids con you!

In our overview you can additionally find some extra things come do about Siam Park and recommendations on exactly how to get los best fuera de of her visit, including some great nearby restaurantes to stop at.

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Best Attractions in Siam Water parque for Couples

Here room our top options of what you should do if you visiting Siam park as ns couple. With these rides and attractions, you can spend part quality tiempo together and still fill her adrenaline-junkie quota for los holiday.

Patong Rapids


A tremble ride with some surprisingly beautiful – and dare us say, romantic – views el fin over manuel-martinez.com’s coast. Save your eyes peeled because los views walk by fast! los queue for this ride often tends to go fairly fast, so it’s a good place to visit when ns rest that the park is supervisor busy and you want to get regreso in on los fun quickly.

If visit beautiful views are really her thing, you should take un look at acquisition ayacht tourwhile you in costas Adeje to view dolphins, whales y Los Gigantes.



This is ns newest drive in Siam Park, un hybrid water roller coaster with high speeds and sharp turns. Admire your companion by sociedad anónima your posesión up y smiling v the 14 direction changes. Friend should definitely make tiempo for Singha on your Siam Water parque trip, particularly if you want that huge dose of adrenaline.

Tea House


If you want to act yourselves to something a bit nicer than the comfort junk food (mostly burgers and pizzas) obtainable in the restaurants at Siam Park, we recommend ns Tea House. You can buy crepes, ice cream sundaes y other sweet foodstuffs to share here.

Champagne Club

Need uno break representar all the screaming kids? the Champagne sociedad offers you uno bottle that champagne for two as friend relax on Balinese beds with spectacular views gastos generales the park. Spaces are limited so you’ll require to head over there conveniently in the morning or sneak away later when the parque gets quiet in ns evening.

Making Siam Water parque a pilgrimage to Remember

Siam parque is liven all year round, for this reason if you’re thinking of visiting Siam Park y the believed of hundreds of screaming children doesn’t appeal, you’ll want to visit in the quieter seasons when the kids are at school. Bear in mind that there will certainly be queues regardless of as soon as you visit – that is un world-renowned attraction, after all. Sundays space usually a bit calmer y less crowded.

In March, median temperatures in costas Adeje are about 20°C y in October temperatures deserve to be together high as 26°C con the último of ns summer sun’s rays. Winter visits to manuel-martinez.com could be your finest option. Just remember that opening y closing veces differ in the quieter veces of the year (see FAQs for up to day times).

Our por último recommendation is to leave the park for your dinner! ns best place surrounding for uno romantic enjoy the meal for two is ns La Terrazza del Mare restaurant right be Playa después Troya. Live music, new seafood y views of the ocean are unmissable (take uno look at los menu). You deserve to take a gentle walk there in about veinte minutes or atrapalo a bus representar Siam Park.

Do we need to share rides con other couples?

There are details rides in Siam Water park that send 4 people abajo at a tiempo – namely Kinnaree, Mekong Rapids, Dragon, ns Vulcano, and Patong Rapids (which deserve to allow tres at ns time).

The journey attendants won’t separation you up onto different boats/floats, but they may require the you share con another 2 people, especially on funnel-style rides where having 4 people for balance is essential.

Plenty the couples queue up for all these rides y the journey attendant will uncover other couples for you to share con – you won’t miss out!

Siam parque Holidays for Adult Groups


Adults can have funny too! whether you desire to relive her childhood or truly enjoy the hot manuel-martinez.com sun, Siam parque is a great ar to visit. The parque caters to those of every ages, therefore you definitely won’t be feeling left out.

For adult groups, there space plenty of things to do. Con many rides designed to send cuatro people debajo in one go, visiting in a grupo can work fuera to be ns great way to get through los queues quickly, without all the waiting for another pair or solo person to sign up with you on los float.

There are currently alguno group transaction on Siam park tickets for adults, but travelling together a coporación, grupo will definitely save you part money. From sharing lockers come splitting the cost of ns Cabana. Big groups room welcome at Siam Park.

Things for adults to carry out in Siam Park

Sure, Siam parque appeals to kids the most… but there’s for this reason much here for adults to do. Try these cuatro great things to do in Siam park for adult groups, even if it is you’re adventure-seekers or simply looking for a relaxing día in los sunshine with a cocktail in one hand.

Jungle Snake

A good ride to comienzo with y get her toes wet. Los Jungle line is ns good slide because that anyone, cuales matter their age. Friend can pick to ride solo or in un pair, for this reason if you have an odd number of adults in your grupo this will certainly ensure that everyone have the right to have a go.


An amazing ride for 4 adults. Ns Vulcano takes friend on a water on slide with uno laser show! It’s marked red, as one of the more tremble rides because that adults y adrenaline junkies only. You’ll need cuatro people término float.

Thai Bar


Located near ns Mai Thai river, us love this little bar. Castle serve good alcohol drinks and have comfy sofas come relax on when you need uno break representar all the rides. Avoid by los lockers to choose up her ID if you look a little on los young side! This is ours top selection if girlfriend want uno nice drink but don’t desire to pay adicional for los Champagne Club.



Cabanas are VIP villas in Siam parque that you deserve to rent for her trip. They organize up to 6 people and can be booked once you acquisition your tickets. This transacción also has a rápido Pass y all-inclusive deals in ns restaurants. They are great for large adult groups who desire somewhere private to relax, take ns shower or even watch some televisión by ns minibar.

manuel-martinez.com Siam Park grupo Holiday Advice

Of all ns rides, most are suitable to adults y with alcoholic beverages served, this water parque is one of the best for adult groups. We have un few tips to make your visit smoother:

Enquire or book Cabanas in advance. They can be booked on-the-day however during ns busiest seasons they space booked increase fast.Take cover ups if you’re no comfortable walking approximately in her swimwear to los bars and restaurants. You’ll should leave this at the bottom of each ride or in your locker.Get the fast Pass, it prices only €15 and will store everyone in your coporación, grupo happy, even ns impatient one.

Skip to tickets for much more info around the rápido Pass.

Is it every aimed at children?

No, yes something below for every ages representar toddlers to los elderly. If you no into fast rides, there room still beaches to sunbathe on, pools to swim in and even luxury alternatives to be safe with, like los champagne club.

Many of ns rides room teen/adult-only, thanks to the height restrictions. If you need something to entertain you yet don’t fancy the rides, you could struggle to fill a full trabaja in los park. Peak up your adventure with an extramanuel-martinez.com excursion.

Are there weight restrictions on the rides?

Yes, there room weight limitations on some of los faster rides. Rides con weight limitations are clearly signed before you start queuing up. Many weight limitations are on los 2-4 human being rides, where the limit is about 300kg término boat/float.

Is the park suitable for elderly people?

Yes, there are things for elderly world to perform in ns park. Sunbathing by the beach, relaxing in ns Cabana, or simply wandering around the Floating Market. The park is not perfect for those who cannot walk largo distances (there’s cuales inner-park transport) or have to stay in ns cool/shade at all times.

Siam park at Night

The 16+ event at Siam parque overnight is only available for a limitado time, generally on Friday y Saturday nights in los summer, July and August. All the rides space open and the parque is lit up con lights. There are also live DJs playing by los beach y restaurants.

Siam park at night is an excellent for adult – the queues are kept to ns minimum, with just ns minute or two wait time, y the cool atmósfera means you won’t need to wear sunscreen or buy pair of shoes for the hot floor.

Night ticket prices (8pm come midnight) are los same price as a day ticket. There’s plenty of othernightlife events around costa Adejeto enjoy besides Siam Park.

Siam park Holidays for acabó Travellers


There’s absolutely alguna reason why you can’t enjoy travelling to Siam park by yourself. Even if it is you’re enjoying a great manuel-martinez.com holiday solamente or simply can’t convince your other travellers come go con you, you’ll absolutely not regret going by yourself.

Young or old, Siam park is uno welcoming place and if you decidir it’s no for you, you’re just a veinte minute caminar (or quick bus ride) away desde the waterfront in costero Adeje wherein there are plenty of various other things for solamente travellers to do.

What Siam parque Rides are great for solamente Travellers?

Besides ns beaches y pools where you can sunbathe y swim by yourself happily, girlfriend can also get on many of the rides there is no needing a partner too.

Jungle Snake

This ride permits you come travel solamente or with another person, if you take place to make un friend while you’re in los park. It’s ns fun ride, not also gentle but definitely not the scariest one of two people – this should be your very first stop!

Tower of Power


Ride acabó down the Tower of Power. It’s not for ns faint-hearted! Take un terrifying plunge down the water slide and zoom through los shark y ray tanks at los bottom. It’s alguno surprise that some human being come come Siam parque just for this ride.

Beach Bar

Down through Siam Beach, you’ll be drooling at ns great aromas coming representar the beach Bar. Right here you can find great BBQ treats y other snacks to munch on. This is our favourite place to eat as solo travellers together you have the right to eat your food on ns go or standing up – no more awkwardly looking for a table for one.

Mai Thai River


Float acabó along a tropical river at a relaxed pace. The Mai Thai river is uno great means to take uno moment to yourself without los adrenaline of the larger water slides. You’ll have a rubber float every to yourself and some an excellent views to admire along los way.

If watercraft rides space something she interested in, girlfriend absolutely can not visit costas Adeje without trying awater excursion.

Planning a Siam Park vacaciones Solo

Siam park is un very social place, you’re bound to make friends with the locals or the countless británico tourists who visit the parque all year round. Travelling acabó won’t host you back from ns bigger rides that require cuatro people either. Los attendants manning every ride will ask ns queue for acabó riders or couples to to fill up every float.

manuel-martinez.com is un great destination if she thinking about travelling acabó – it’s considereda really safe location for females travelling alone, because that example. You’ll find that Siam Park, costero Adeje y the remainder of the vacaciones destinations about manuel-martinez.com are bustling with británico tourists y very friendly towards English speaking travellers, whether you’re alone or not.

Siam park Tickets


Official posted prices for tickets. Us found much better prices – read below for the best deals.

When it involves buying uno ticket, we know you’re going to want the best deal. While Siam parque doesn’t offer coporación, grupo deals for multiple people entering the park, there room still some good ticket options that can make her trip fantastic value because that money.

Siam parque Ticket Types

A conventional ticket consist of your admission to ns park. As soon as you’re inside, you don’t must pay to walk on any type of of ns rides or see los attractions. Points you’ll require money for the aren’t included in traditional ticket are:

Souvenirs in the stores.Supplies including shoes y sunscreen.Food y drink in restaurants and bars.Photos (available come buy/haggle for upon exit).Locker rental (you’ll acquire your money regreso at the end of ns day).

Tickets options for each period range:

Children under dos years viejo enter because that free.Children tres to once years viejo need ns kid’s ticket.Teenagers and adults age 11+ require an adult’s ticket.

Up to date prices below.

Siam Park fast Passes


A rápido Pass costs secondary €15 con your ticket and enables friend to acquire past los queues and onto the rides in uno matter the minutes.

The standard fast Pass is valid because that one use on every ride. You can obtain unlimited fast Passes with ns VIP ticket y Cabana hire.

We extremely recommend the rápido Pass if she visiting Siam parque in ns heights the summer – you’ll avoid ns hour-long queues y not have to spend for this reason much time standing in direct sunlight.

VIP Ticket

The VIP Ticket has admission plus rápido Pass accessibility (preferential access) to every rides except los Tower that Power. You likewise have all-inclusive servicio at ns Beach Bar and Club, Thai House and Bar. You will do it still have to pay individually for alcoholic drinks and sweet treats at the Tea House.

You likewise get uno towel and locker included con this price – return you need to pay uno separate deposit for these, you’ll obtain your money trasero at the end of los day.

Siam park manuel-martinez.com Prices

When you looking at ticket prices, you’ll soon notice thatnone room cheaper than ns tickets marketed by AttractionTix. There space deals and coupons available con their tickets. Vouchers to invest in the parque or coupons for free meals are available using ns links below.Use los links listed below to buy your tickets in advance.

Siam parque Tickets on the Door

You have the right to buy ticket at los door, if you’re prepared to queue. Friend might also find tickets for aparecer at hotels and stores around costas Adeje, but these sellers are not permitted to sell the tickets for less than what the park is charging at los gate.

Your finest bet to ensure you gain tickets because that the day you want to visit is come order castle online y print castle out.

Hiring Cabanas in ~ Siam Park

A Cabana costs approximately €460 to hire for ns full trabaja (it’s approximately you just how you break-up it in between yourselves) y includes all-inclusive eat at ns restaurants and Fast Passes. See the VIP ticket for much more details – that includes los same things.

Buy Siam parque manuel-martinez.com Tickets

The best place we’ve found to buy ticket is with Attractiontix.

Their price are the lowest – they come con vouchers because that meals or to invest in ns stores in Siam Park, to add free rápido TRACK entrance to ns park.

It’s uno reliable location to buy your tickets y they administer lots of detail on what’s included y which ticket you need.

You can buy tickets, hire Cabanas y pay for transport with this website too.


Loro parque Twin Ticket

A really great deal is theLoro parque + Siam parque Twin Ticketoption, which includes fast track entry come both parque with children under 6 going free.

Entry come Siam park for 2 adults and dos kids will price you approximately €120 – exactly the same as Loro Parque. It would expense you €240 come buy ticket separately, however buying twin tickets representar attractiontix would certainly only price just gastos generales €200, plus they have actually ticket alternatives that incorporate transport to both parks from costero Adeje, conserving you ns trouble that arranging the yourself.

Loro parque is one of the best zoos in Europe and definitely worth ns visit as soon as you’re in manuel-martinez.com. You’ll must travel towards Puerto del la la cruz to reach ns zoo, which will certainly take several hrs by publicly transport. As it’s a popular tourist destination, finding transfer there is very simple – hotel reception may even have the ability to get the tickets because that you.

Between costas Adeje and Puerto ese la cruz is ns Teide national Park – girlfriend won’t get to see much of ns UNESCO mundo heritage site on your journey, so acquisition avolcanic touris uno must!


Can I donar My Siam parque Tickets on my Phone?

Remember, you have to print her tickets if you buy castle online. It’s most basic to carry out this in ~ home, yet if you’re currently in manuel-martinez.com you have the right to ask her hotel agree or look at for any stores that have actually printers within the town. Bookstores y corner shops frequently have printers you deserve to pay to publish your ticket out.

If friend don’t publish them out, the attendants at los Siam park main door will print them because that you. This bring away quite un while, especially on busy days when many other tourists forget to publish them too.

Where is Siam park manuel-martinez.com?

Located in the south-west of ns island, in costero Adeje, Siam parque is conveniently accessible representar all components of manuel-martinez.com. It’s serviced by many significant roads including the coastal roads, inland roads and the hill roads. This makes obtaining to Siam park easy by car y there is ample parking space available once you arrive.

When utilizing the south highway (TF-1) desde Santa superar take either exit 73 or setenta y cuatro for Siam Park.

If approaching representar Adeje on the sur highway (TF-1) take it exit setenta y tres for Siam Park.

If you nothing have access to a car on your holiday, over there are various other transport approaches on the isla that will acquire you to Siam parque with as much ease.

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Siam park Free Bus Route

Siam parque operates un free double decker bus course that picks up and drops turn off at the following locations;

Los cristián – Bus stop situated at C.C. Pasarela – to buy Mall y the Hotel solar Aron manuel-martinez.comLas america – Bus stop situated at C.C. Aislacionismo​ – to buy Mall, Llanos de Troya y Best manuel-martinez.comCosta Adeje – Bus stop situated at C.C. El Duque, Fanabe Plaza and Ocean Park.


The free bus path runs regularly throughout Siam parque opening hrs but ns schedule is subject to change and it is best to inspect both take trip times y service before travel. Siam parque recommends you execute this by phone in ~ +34 822 07 00 00 or by contacting lock atrp