Vuelos baratos a barcelona desde alicante

Last minute vuelo deals from barna to Alicante

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never ever too so late to book ns trip. This is our choose of los best final minute flights.

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Direct flights from barna to Alicante

Want to paris non-stop to Alicante? We’ll help you discover your sobre steis route.

AVERAGE flight TIME1 hr 10 minsCHEAPEST straight RETURN£26 mean FLIGHTS período WEEK45AIRLINES that FLY DIRECT





COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing fast, but we're below to aid you find los advice girlfriend need. Examine our live page on Spain travel limitations to watch if you deserve to travel from barna to Alicante, and if you'll must quarantine on arrival.
The best price uncovered on because that a vuelo from barna to Alicante is £26. This was discovered by aggregating throughout different carriers and is ns cheapest price for ns whole month.
This information is correct together of in march 2016

Airlines the fly from barcelona to Alicante

Vueling is ns only airline currently offering direct flights from barcelona to Alicante.

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Terminal info – Departing

This is only uno guideline. Constantly check her boarding pass for up-to-date terminal information.

Vueling flights to Alicante normally depart desde terminal 1. Los terminal has ns fantastic an option of shops, offering everything desde fashion y jewellery come sweets and souvenirs. Garments shops encompass Desigual, La Perla and Mango. Wonkandy offers plenty the sweets to save ear-popping in ~ bay during take-off y landing. Terminal 1 has ns good range of coffee shops, bars, restaurants and fast-food places. These include Spanish favourites Lizarran y Pans & Company, also as international brands like Haagen Dazs and McDonalds. Over there are three spas in ns departure lounge, perfect if friend fancy ns quick massage before your flight to Alicante. For extra relaxation you can inspect into los Pau Casals lounge, which was voted "the ideal lounge in los world" in 2013. Entrance costs €25.50* (about £19.65) y is accessible to every passengers, nevertheless of i m sorry airline you're paris with y which class.

Terminal information – Arriving

Alicante Airport has one terminal. Ns arrivals room is on ns lower level, with los departure lounge upstairs. You'll find uno taxi rank instantly outside the arrivals area, and can expect to pay about €20-25 (about £15-20) for un trip into ns centre of the city. If you're going in other places you have to ask for ns quote representar the driver before hopping in. Like many Spanish cities, taxi fares are higher at weekends and on weekdays in between 10pm y 6am. Bus stop are situated on the upper level, outside the departures hall. Bus C-6 goes come Alicante bus station, where you can uncover onward transfer to other towns y resorts in ns region. Single tickets price €3.85* (just under £3). Coche hire in ~ Alicante airplane is a popular choice, y most of ns big organ have workdesks inside los terminal.

Practical Information

You don't need un passport to fly on residential Spanish routes. You could be request to dando some photographic i would for security purposes, so we recommend bringing the anyway. Shot to arrive at ns airport at the very least one hour before your flight is reserved to depart. Give yourself extra time if you're travel during los summer months or have actually luggage to inspect into los hold.

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What to expect in Alicante

Prices in Alicante are slightly lower than in Barcelona. You deserve to expect to pay about €10* (around £7.70) much less for dinner because that two, and about €1* (just under 80p) less for ns pint of local beer. Alicante is roughly 2°C warmer than barcelona on average, during los winter and the summer.