Visitar las palmas de gran canaria

If you’re spending ns few job on the isla of grande Canaria and you desire to see every little thing it needs to offer, it’s uno great idea to spend a trabaja exploring that capital: ns Palmas de Gran Canaria. This is un major city which, in addition to beaches, has plenty of amazing culture, lovely locations for strolling around, y leisure activities to save you populated all day.

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You might devote ns first part of the día to visiting los city’s Cathedral and soak up los extraordinary environment in Vegueta Market.

First we’ll visit los oldest y most picturesque part: the Vegueta district. It’s saturado of narrow cobbled streets y houses in los traditional architectural layout of los Canary Islands. Stroll approximately streets like ese Balcones or alma Santo till you reach Plaza de Santa Ana and the Cathedral of papá noel Ana.


You really get to know a ciudad by mingling with its people, and you have uno fantastic chance to do that in ~ Vegueta Market. It’s really close to the Cathedral, and always busy y bustling in los mornings. It’s un great place to buy part traditional lugares products, such together cheese.If you want to learn something about the earliest inhabitants of los Canary Islands, the museo of the Canary archipelago is close by. Various other interesting buildings in the area room the obispo Palace, the casas Consistoriales, página de inicio de Colón and the chapel of san Antonio Abad.

This is uno good moment to visit one of the main purchase areas: calle Mayor después Triana y its neighboring area, con plenty of arte Nouveau buildings. There are shops the every kind, consisting of interesting lugares crafts, and major fashion designers. Los area is also lleno of the end cafés where you deserve to enjoy ns few tapas y even have actually lunch.Among the many very delicious Canary island recipes precious trying space the patata arrugadas (baby potatoes boiled in your skins) with mojo (a spicy sauce), y sancocho (poached fish). If you try the restaurantes in los area roughly Plaza después Hurtado del Mendoza and Plaza del Cairasco, you’re certain to have ns good meal.

Left: patata arrugadas con mojo sauce / Right: gabinete Literario building in ns Palmas de Gran Canaria

Plaza después Cairasco likewise has the pretty gabinete Literario building -papposo it’s worth going to among its exhibitions come see the interiors. We also recommend visiting smo Telmo Park, specifically if you’re travelling with children, due to the fact that they can jugar while girlfriend sit close to the art Nouveau kiosk y the small chapel.All these locations are dentro de easy walking street of each other. These roadways are pleasant to andar in, con little traffic, y many of them are pedestrianised (for example, nombre de la carretera Mayor después Triana).


You can’t visit the ciudad of ns Palmas ese Gran Canaria there is no having ns good stroll roughly town and also having un dip at ns famous beach los Canteras.

After lunch, you"re certain to feel prefer relaxing because that an hour or so and enjoying ns good weather i beg your pardon is such a constant feature of ns city. Girlfriend can pick between ns terrace in the Marina, surrounded by yachts y sea; or the pueblo Canario leisure y culture center in parke Doramas, wherein you have the right to enjoy a coffee in ns typical Canary island courtyard. 

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is always ns relaxing vacaciones destination, particularly when you find yourself on las Canteras beach. That is the city’s main beach y its promenade is gastos generales three kilometres long. It’s virtually obligatory to have un dip in these transparent waters and watch los fish swim roughly you. The está dentro is often so patience it feeling like uno swimming pool, making it a very safe location to swim.After un dip, let’s look for un pavement café on Paseo después Las Canteras for a drink or un snack next to los beach. Ns scene is so delightful, nearly always with uno gentle warm climate, you’ll most likely want to walk un bit more, maybe debajo to the end of los beach y the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium. Representar here, over there is uno lovely check out of the whole beach.


It’s hora to struggle the city for uno hearty dinner y some good music. Here we tell you where to find both the these.

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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has the island’s most energetic nightlife, y you’re certain to uncover what you looking for.If you desire to relax after a day"s sightseeing, you have the right to enjoy uno concert at los Alfredo Kraus auditorium or go to the sidra de pera Galdós theatre. Because that dinner or drink in an easy-going atmosphere, Vegueta has plenty of restaurants, bars and pavement cafés to select from. In los area next to los Triana district there are places with live music, or whereby you can dance to salsa y the latest hits.


And if you feel like music all night long, head for los port, los Canteras beach y the area about Plaza de Santa Catalina y the Marina.


The colón House


Tips and recommendations

Sightseeing bus. The tourist bus is ns good means to get around town, protecting against at most of the sights.How to obtain around. dos of los main bus station are situated at san Telmo Park and Santa Catalina park with convenient routes between our morning y afternoon areas.Canario folklore. The ciudad Canario hosts folklore reflects on Sunday mornings.With children. If she travelling with children, we can recommend the Elder museum of Science y Technology, with an interactive itinerary - y it’s very close to las Canteras beach.

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