Visitar la ultima cena en milan

top top Friday 10th December the last Supper museo will be open to the public desde 7.00 pm to 10.00 afternoon (last admission at 9.45 pm).Tickets deserve to be purchased desde 10.00 on Wednesday first December exclusively online and by telephone at +39 02 92800360.

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Tickets because that November, December and January dos mil veintidos are now on sale

no NEWS / veintiocho October 2021 / Museo de Cenacolo Vinciano no

Tickets for November, December dos mil veintiuno and January dos mil veintidos are currently on sale through the usual to buy channels.


Starting from august 6th, 2021 to access ns Cenacolo Vinciano museum it will be compulsory to show a precious “Green Pass” together with an identity document.


A nuevo licensee for extr services because that Leonardo’s last Supper

NEWS / trece October 2020 / Museo ese Cenacolo Vinciano

The short-lived grouping of enterprise (RTI) comprised of Verona ochenta y tres with Giunti publisher for editorial services y Ad Artem for cultural assistance and hospitality solutions for the public is taking over as licensee for services of ticketing, social assistance, merchandising and publishing.

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Last Supper painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the List of world Heritage Sites

NEWS / cuatro September 2020 / Museo de Cenacolo Vinciano no

Exactly cuarenta years ago, from 1 to cinco September 1980, ns fourth conference of los UNESCO mundo Heritage Committee was hosted in Paris, at which los Complex of santa Maria delle Grazie, including ns church and the Refectory with ns Last Supper painted through Leonardo da Vinci were added in ns List of mundo Heritage Sites.



Behind the scenes

The an approach used through Leonardo to repaint the final Supper, unfavorable ecological conditions y its various historic vicissitudes have actually made ns masterpiece vulnerable y fragile.For this factor the museo staff cares for the last Supper daily with a wide range of preventative actions.

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reservations ARE COMPULSORY because that ALL species OF TICKETS(*Starting desde Thursday, October 28, bookings will be open up until January 31, 2022) To insurance everyone uno safe visit ns visits last quince minutes for ns maximum number of treinta y uno people at a tiempo
Every visitor to ns Museumof the final Supperis part of an extraordinaryexperience, likewise madepossible by the supportof all of you.
HOURS desde Tuesday come Saturday:from 8.15 a.m. To siete p.m.(with último admission in ~ 6.45 p.m.)Sundayfrom dos p.m. To siete p.m.(with final admission in ~ 6.45 p.m.)


To guarantee everyone uno safe visit,in this first experimentar phase,the access time last 15 minutes fora maximum number of treinta y uno people at uno timeReservations room required.


Reservations* for the Cenacolo museum will open every numero 3 months.(*Starting from Thursday, October 28, reservations will be open up until January 31, 2022)