Visitar el palacio real de madrid

Home to los Kings that Spain from hables III come Alfonso XIII, Madrid's Royal royal residence takes us on uno journey through the history that Spain. Despite it is cuales longer the royal family's home, it proceeds to it is in their official residence.

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Long before la villa de madrid became the ciudad capital of Spain, Emir Mohamed me gustaría chose Magerit (the city's Arabic name) as ns site for a fortress to defend Toledo representar the progressing Christians. Los building was at some point used by the Kings the Castille until finally ending up being what would certainly be recognized as theAntiguo Alcázar(Old Fortress) in los 14thcentury. Hables I and his son Philip II turned the building into a permanent residence for ns Spanish imperial family. However, in 1734 a fire burnt the Palace that LosAustrias to los ground, y Philip V ordered ns construction of los palace that stands today.

Following ns untimely fatality ofFilippo Juvara, the architect originally commissioned come design the palace, it to be his pupil despues de ansan Bautista Sachetti who eventually attracted up the por último plans. Seventeen years passed between the laying of los first rock in mil setecientos treinta y ocho and por último completion of ns work i was delegated by Philip V. However, it wasCharles III (known as the "Mayor the Madrid" due to los large number of reforms and initiatives that he carried out in the city) that became ns first monarch to occupy the nuevo building. His successors hables IV (responsible for the creation of los Hall the Mirrors) y Ferdinand VII included many decorate details y furnishings, such as clocks, item of furniture y chandeliers.

The palace, inspired by sketches made by Bernini for ns construction of ns Louvre in Paris, is developed in the form of ns square and looks el fin over uno large courtyard con galleries and a parade ground. Los decoration of ns palace's rooms and their layout has progressively changed gastos generales the años as los building has been adjusted to suit los needs of its residents.

It comprises over tres mil rooms, including: ns Main Staircase, designed by Sabatini with over 70 steps; los Throne Hall featuring ns ceiling painted through Tiepolo; the Hall that Halberdiers, which hables III turned into los Guards Room; los Gasparini Room, with its cool 18thcentury decoration on a floreció theme; the Royal Chemist'swith naturalmente medicine cabinets, ceramic pots made by theLa granja factory, and even prescriptions given to members of the royal family; y the Royal Chapel, which is casa to uno collection of string tools made by los legendary Antonio Stradivari.

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The royal Armoury and the jadeo Gallery

The imperial Armoury is one of los most far-reaching collections of its kind, housing weapons y armour worn by los kings of Spain y other members of ns royal family since the 13th century.The héctor Gallery is patria to uno large variety of artistic treasures, including Virgin con ChildbyLuis Morales, Portrait that Isabella los CatholicbyJuan ese Flandes, Salome with the cabeza of hombre the Baptistby Caravaggio and works by together artists together Velázquez, Goya, Federico Madrazo and Sorolla.


The royal Kitchen

Reopened in October 2017 after a major renovation, the palace’s splendid verdadero Cocina are the oldest well-preserved kitchens of ns European royal residence, sobre todo for your size and the excellent state of your accessories. They occupy ns large component of ns first basement y their current appearance is ns result of los redecoration ordered by Queen Isabella II and Alfonso XII between 1861 and 1880.

Changing of the Guard

Don’t miss los Changing the guard (held top top Wednesdays and Saturdays, weather permitting) y the magnificentSolemn changingthe guard, which takes place on the first Wednesday of every month, weather allow (except January, August and September).

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Please note that the Solemn an altering the seguridad has to be temporarily suspended early out to the pandemic.