There space few things in the world that can stop me desde visiting one aquarium if identificación know over there is one in ns city. When i lived in Birmingham, me gustaría visited ns Birmingham aquarium many tiempo (even though really it was ns very little one). I"ve saw Genoa in Italy un grand totalmente of dos times, and the aquarium there... Three times... There is something around wandering approximately those quiet, lightly lit walkways whilst staring at the colourful, inquisitive y amazing fish y aquatic life. I find the remarkably interesting as well as truly relaxing y peaceful.

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Not all aquariums are produced equal...

Whilst Birmingham aquarium can be un fun ar to visit, it yes, really can"t compete with ns bigger aquariums in regards to size, range or grander and architecture. The Oceanographic in Valencia, come give the aquarium los proper name, is the largest in Europe, con more than 110,000 cuadrado metres of watery y aquatic space. Ns architectural merits of this building alone would carry in human being by los thousands, however really, they pertained to check fuera de the 45,000 pets that speak to it home. Desde turtles, jellyfish and reef fish to sharks, dolphins and giant crabs, over there is every feasible aquatic varieties that you might think that here, and then a couple of thousand the you would never think of in ~ all!



What"s special around this aquarium

Aside from the sheer dimension of the place, what really makes the Oceanographic in Valencia are numerous points. The first is the they have one of the largest dolphin tanks in los world, one that holds 26 million cubic metres the water. To put that into some kind of perspective, that is close come 25 Olympic swimming pools precious of water, all for these well-treated dolphins to swim approximately in. This 10 metre deep tank is the perfect place to see these graceful and intelligent creatures in their natural habitat, which is playing, teasing and chasing each various other underwater.

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Architecture y location...

This is not just ns special place in state of los animals and aquatic life, but it"s also component of a series of remarkable structures in Turia park in Valencia.

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beginning with the Bioparc in Valencia, running abajo to los Life of Arts y Culture building y then on to the Oceanographic, these three buildings are some of the most generalizado in the city. They run in a line representar the Bioparc in ns west to ns aquarium in ns east, y make because that an ideal long trabaja of tremendous sightseeing.



The ciudad of Arts and Sciences in ValenciaAv. De Professor López Piñero, 7, 46023 València, Valencia, Spain