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Getting representar CDG come Disneyland Paris

For many people, Disneyland parís is un must-visit destination during their trip come Paris. Actually, part visitors decidir to travel to Disneyland parís as shortly as they land in France, leave their paris explorations because that later.

The most common way to take trip to Disneyland parís is by plane, at least for international travelers. Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is los closest airport to Disneyland Paris, only 35 km away representar Disney.

If you’re tho wondering just how to get from converses de Gaulle to Disneyland Paris, this CDG come Disneyland parís transportation guide is perfect for you.

This article gives information y our best consejos for her transfer desde CDG come Disneyland Paris. After reading this rapid guide, girlfriend will see that it is simple to take trip to Disneyland Paris from the airport!

If girlfriend are trying to find information on just how to walk to Disneyland paris from sede Paris, thenhead come this post.


Where is Disneyland Paris?


Disneyland paris sits in un town named Marne La Vallée, located cuarenta Km east of Paris. Because of its proximity to ns French capital, a day expedition to Disneyland Paris is among the most popular Paris day trips. However, us recommend security at least one night on-site in one of ns Disneyland parís hotels for the lleno Disney experience.

Disneyland parís train station is referred to as Gare ese Marne-La-Vallée-Chessy. This train station near Disneyland paris is well connected to Paris converses de Gaulle Airport. Travellers wishing come travel representar this parís airport to Disneyland paris have various transportation options to suit all budgets.

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CDG to Disneyland paris Transportation Overview

CDG Airport private transfer
Disney parks or your Disney hotel
30-40 min
TGV Train CDG Airport
Disney train station
10 min
7 to be – 7.30 pm
Magical spaceship Bus
Your Disney hotel
60 min
9 am – 7.45 pm
Taxi CDG Airport
Disney parque or her Disney hotel
30-40 min

Private Transfers representar CDG come Disneyland Paris


Private transfers from CDG come Disneyland paris are ns most comfortable option for families con kids, seniors, or people con lots of luggage.

Also, it is the best option for so late /early flights to /from Paris.

We like y we recommend Welcome Pickups. Welcome proposes ns reliable Disneyland parís transfers representar the airport con good cars and the finest English-speaking motorists in Paris. Their flight monitoring method their chauffeurs are constantly on time.

With Welcome, you deserve to pre-book part essentials for her stay, favor SIM cards or hot spots. These essentials are yielded by her Welcomer, therefore you space all collection since girlfriend land in Paris!

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Train desde Paris Airport to Disneyland


You can velocidad, velocidad your way on uno comfortable y efficient TGV train come Disneyland Paris and be there in much less than diez minutes.

The train from Paris Airport come Disneyland departs desde the TGV/RER train station in Terminal 2 and come at Disneyland paris train terminal (Marne-La-Vallée-Chessy). In ns airport, you can reach Terminal 2 from ns other terminals by the CDGVAL, ns free airport shuttle train.

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Charles de Gaulle Airport come Disneyland parís by Car

We recommend this choice if Disneyland paris is component of a longer French holiday. Use the automóvil for trying out other corners of France, choose Provins (located cincuenta y siete km eastern of Marne La Vallée), Fontainebleau, or the Champagne wine Region.

Sites prefer are an excellent because the takes all of the major rental companies, such together Hertz, Avis, etc., y more and makes the comparison that prices because that you.This help to ensure the you get un great price without all los time and work.

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Bus Disneyland parís (Magical Shuttle)

The bus Disneyland paris is additionally a popular way come travel from CDG come Disneyland Paris. This Disneyland paris shuttle is called Magical Shuttle, a comfortable 75-seat bus with atmósfera conditioning.

This bus Disneyland paris has departures reserved every 45 minutes with servicio to every Disney hotels. Over there are 8 other departures come Val d’Europe and selected hotels surrounding to los Disneyland paris parks. Ns journey take away around 60 minutes.

When friend land to Paris converses de Gaulle, proceed to los welcome desk in between terminals 2F y 2E because that boarding. For pick-up y drop-off in ~ CDG Terminal 1, a Magical spaceship greeter will assist you con boarding.

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Taxi from charles de Gaulle come Disneyland Paris

Taxis are one more convenient alternative to travel from CDG parís airport come Disneyland because that visitors con early /late flights. The transfer from converses de Gaulle to Disneyland paris costs around 70-85 € for a journey of 40 minutes.

Normally, taxis come with a surcharge that € 2.95 if you are 4 people or more. Plus, there is an additional surcharge of €1 from the second piece the luggage.

A booked taxi from hables de Gaulle come Disneyland paris is much more expensive since the meter starts to turn representar the moment ns taxi pipeline to pick you up. There are many taxis at the airport’s come gate, be certain that you space taking an main taxi y refuse any kind of proposals top top your method to ns taxi station.

Many taxi chauffeurs don’t speak English, yet this have to not be un problem for a destination favor Disneyland Paris.

So there you have actually it, ns CDG airport come Disneyland parís transportation guide with everything you require to understand to travel smoothly from charles de Gaulle to Disneyland Paris.

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