Things To Do In Puerto Banus

Looking for points to carry out in Puerto Banus, Spain? review on for uno list of los top tasks in this cozy town.

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Situated to the west of lovely Marbella, Puerto Banus is frequently presented as a considerably cozy town that is easily accessed by internacional tourists and Spanish visitors. Back it’s un small town, this place is really humble as it have the right to offer superb family vacation filled con laughter, adventure, and a tint of entertainment. Con its splendid beaches, unique classic market halls, together its pumping heart at night, Puerto Banus certainly deserves uno “pat on the back” because that being so exotic and gorgeous!

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1. Bioparc Fuengirola

Posted through Bioparc Fuengirola onMonday, veintinueve May 2017
Welcome to ns exotic Bioparc Fuengirola, Marbella! Indeed, this exact place is one of los most interesting y exotic attractions the the city can actually sell its plenty of visitors. Well known for its wild selection of animals y species, los noteworthy Bioparc Fuengirola Zoo has actually been recognized for many decades. Originally built in 1970, los exotic Biopark Zoo to be not constantly that attractive y exceptional though. Curiously enough, this prominent attraction wasn’t designed to be un pleasant location for animals; yet later on, it acquired expanded y updated y today that houses more than 140 species and about 1,300 separar animals.

Explore ns wild zoo: come around y meet the exotic mundo of the Biopark Fuengirola, Marbella!

Bioparc Fuengirola

Address: carreteras Camilo josé Cela, 6, 29640 Fuengirola, Marbella

Website: Bioparc Fuengirola

2. Senda costa Dunas ese Artola

Posted through Senda litoral onMonday, 6 February 2017
Referred to together one of los most symbolical landmarks, the eminent Senda costa Dunas ese Artola is truly a must-see clues while gift in los gorgeous Spanish city. Relaxing on ns beach that Cabopino in Marbella, los significant monument Senda costa Dunas del Artola is in reality quite conveniently accessed specifically when you’re great with ns map y the comfortable compass. Generally, there’s un route that leads to the monument together it passes through un green zona which spans gastos generales a hundreds thousand cuadrado meters.

Explore it: all in all, tourist love coming roughly to check out the naturalmente beauty of los coast of the costas del Sol, housing ns famous monument.

Senda costa Dunas ese Artola

Address: costa Cabopino, 29604, Marbella

Website: Senda litoral Dunas ese Artola

3. Mistral Beach

Posted through Mistral coast Marbella onSaturday, dieciocho June 2016
Honestly, you just can’t allow this amazing attraction pass you by! delaware all, you’re in ns wonderful Puerto Banus, such ns hot and exotic summer destination! con this in mind, you should stop by the stunning sandy beach dubbed Mistral Beach and just stroll along its gorgeous coast line, if not anything else. Mistral Beach in reality happens to be one of los most famous beaches approximately here so don’t it is in shocked when you find yourself surrounding by plenty of locals and international tourists!

Soak up los sun: Mistral coast is simply perfect for beach lovers and swimmers!

Mistral Beach

Address: Playa ese Rodeo, s/n, 29660 Marbella

Website: Mistral Beach

4. Bonsai Museum

Posted through Fuji Kyookai Bonsai onTuesday, seis June 2017
Regarded as one of the most far-reaching museums y prominent landmarks in Marbella, ns famous Bonsai museum is truly un lovely tourist spot that often happens to be greatly crowded by curious newcomers and locals alike. Top top entering, travellers are merely mind swollen by the rich history of los eminent museum as it helps them explore the roots y culture of the Spanish nation in general. Additionally, the museo features un whole lot of distinct collections alongside lovely examples of los old-school artistry in this region.

Explore the exquisite museum: besides, ns Bonsai museo has been specifically famous for that rich and exotic exhibition of the extraordinary bonsai trees.

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Bonsai Museum

Address: parque Arroyo de la Represa, Avda. De Doctor Maiz Viñal, 29600 Marbella

Website: Bonsai Museum

5. Ikni Banus: los best cultural spot

Posted by Ikni Banús onWednesday, 4 July 2012
Meet this exceptionally famous social spot i m sorry is situated right at the commercial center of los city. Discover the centrar Comercial Cristamar, i m sorry is commonly filled to the brim with international tourists y locals. While gift around, tourist can discover the central parts of los gorgeous ciudad while enjoying their morning coffee. This awesome place has actually actually become un great traveler attraction which is slowly however surely going to become un fine tourist landmark as well!

Enjoy your coffee y explore ns city: it’s exactly this commercialized spot the tourists love visiting while enjoying your sightseeing tour of los city.

Ikni Banus

Address: centrar Comercial Cristamar, Seafront Terrace, 1F, 29660

Website: Ikni Banus

6. Marbella’s viejo town

Posted by old Town Marbella onFriday, veinticinco January 2013
If reality be told, you simply can’t skip visiting Marbella’s viejo town for uno couple of reasons. Very first off, it’s actually los most authentic component of this place and has totally preserved its distinct vibe and look. Secondly, there’s actually cuales better place to escape representar the hustle and bustle of los busy areas.

Explore the viejo town: additionally, you have the right to meet new friends just by exploring this gorgeous spot.

Marbella’s old town

Address: calles del Peral 2960 Marbella

Website: Marbella’s viejo town

7. Main Street-style to buy & Flamingo sector Place

Nos vemos este finde dentro de la teteria Albayzim en Sada, a Coruña, dónde podréis disfrutar ese los encima precios después FMP!...

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Posted by Flamingo industry Place onThursday, veinticinco May 2017

Indeed, going página de inicio without preventing by the main shopping streets in the cozy city of Puerto Banus would certainly be uno great violation to this stunning place. Gladly, tourists are readily available an especially rich range of wonderful stops where they might enjoy some shopping and restore their mental energy. Ns Main street shopping & Flamingo industry Place are probably some of the greatest instances of deluxe stores that market designer clothes, jewelry, and all species of equipment for all ladies y gentlemen. Additionally, part of los classiest shop in los Spanish ciudad are situated right in the center of Puerto Banus, on calle principal Ricardo Soriano.

Shopping mania: save in mind the the old town is also a great spot for lovely souvenirs and other wonderful gifts!

Main Street-style purchase in Puerto Banus, Marbella

Address: Puerto Banus, on bulevar Ricardo Soriano

Website: Shopping

8. Flamenco Festival

Editor"s Note: There"s alguno photo obtainable at ns time the writing

If you believed that this humble location cannot sell you simply great and thrilling experiences, then you’ve been entirely wrong all your life. Indeed, you’ve got no idea how many y awesome events are held approximately here! con this in mind, us can donar you far better than we have the right to tell you, as ns saying goes. Carry your best friend or far-reaching other con you, and have a wonderful time during ns peak season that events y festivals in ns lovely Spanish city! Besides, some of the best summer festivals are organized right in ~ the centrar of this beloved place!

Blend with the crowd: los Flamenco Festival, ns Malaga Feria, and Starlite reparado in Marbella space only un small yet quite far-reaching example of ns greatest summer events ever!

Flamenco Festival

Address: centrar parts of town, on bulevar Ricardo Soriano

Website: Flamenco Festival

9. Tangier, Morocco día Trip from costas del solar (from usd 123.0)


Source:Photoby userKonstantinused under CC BY-SA 3.0

Did you know that you can actually disclose ns deep charm y beauty of Morocco while being in Spain? Is that real? You’re absolutely not daydreaming! It’s true! while jumping from one significant attraction to another, why no kill two birds with one stone y visit Morocco together well? Wouldn’t the be awesome? In situation you’re interested in this lovely idea, you can make that come yes, really by signing up because that this super exciting plan! ns duration is 13 hrs (approximately) together you can check out the magic of Morocco only in one day! have fun!

Be an explorer: los starting señalar is ns lovely shore of Marbella aka costa del Sol!

Tangier, Morocco día Trip from costa del Sol

Duration: 13 hours


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