Statistics for 23 Nov (1981–2005) – mean: 18.2 °C, range: 17.1 °C come 20.2 °C

the water temperature (17 °C) at Isla Canela is fairly warm. If the sun does come out as forecast, it have to feel warm enough to navegar in un summer wetsuit. Effective atmósfera temperature of catorce °C.

map of current Spain (Europe) surface ar Water Temperatures based on measurements from oceanographic satellites
mapa of present Spain (Europe) está dentro Water Temperature Anomalies no (compared with largo term averages in ~ this tiempo of year)

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Below is ns graph of Historical sea Surface Temperature because that Isla Canela. This has been derived from analysis of two decades of oceanographic satellite measurements of nearby open water. We have actually calculated ns average water temperature sports around los year too as ns extremes that have been observed on every date.

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All of los graphs because that the surf breaks gift on manuel-martinez.com room on ns same scale to permit comparison between locations around the world.

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Isla Canela water temperatures optimal in the range veintiuno to 23°C (70 come 73°F) top top around ns 13th of August and are at your lowest ~ above about the 19th of February, in the range 15 to 17°C (59 to 63°F). Isla Canela water temperature are highest possible in ns third main of August. Surfers have to use ns 2mm largo sleeve shorty or ns 3/2mm feather wetsuit if los wind is up. Ns lowest seasonal water temperature at Isla Canela in the third week of February loan themselves to uno 4/3mm wetsuit or uno 3/2mm suit and 3mm neoprene boots.

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Actual ser surface water temperature close to shore at Isla Canela have the right to vary through several levels compared con these open up water averages. This is specifically true delaware heavy rain, close to flow mouths or after long durations of solid offshore winds. Offshore winds reason colder deep water to change surface water that has actually been warmed by the sun. Air temperature, wind-chill y sunshine should additionally be considered prior to deciding on los kind of wetsuit required to stay heat when surfing at Isla Canela. Refer to our in-depth weather forecasts for this information.