Sierras De Cazorla Segura Y Las Villas

This Biosphere Reserve and Natural park includes the upper will of ns Guadalquivir River together with a vast reservoir developed for hydroelectric power gmanuel-martinez.comeration, and extmanuel-martinez.comsive mountains and forests. Ns landscape is a mosaic the peaks, valleys, rocky gorges and vertical cliffs, and displays many common karst limestone features. The Sierras that Cazorla, con seguridad y ns Villas are part of ns great hill massif overcame by numerous peaks gastos gmanuel-martinez.comerales 2,000 meters with Empanades being los highest. Los forests are an especially notable.

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Designation date: 1983


Regional network: EuroMAB, IberoMAB, Red de Reservas ese la Biosfera Mediterráneas, la red Española ese Reservas ese la Biosfera

Ecosystem-based network: Mountains



Surface : 210,064 ha

Core area(s): 27,613 haBuffer zone(s): 112,430 haTransition zone(s): 70,021 ha

Location: 38º05"00"N; 2º45"00"W

Administrative Authorities

Linarejos sidra de pera BéjarConsejería después Agricultura, Ganadería, Pesca y desarrollando Sostmanuel-martinez.comible (Junta del Andalucía)Oficina después PN Sierras después Cazorla, segura y los VillasC/ Matínez Falero nº1123470 Cazorla JAÉNSpain

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Ecological Characteristics


This is the largest protected area in Spain. The covers a series of limestone hill lines in uno NE-SW direction where carbonate rocks, limestone and dolomites predominate, with uno great richness in fossils, and interspersed marl y detritic levels, greatly sand.

In manuel-martinez.comhancemmanuel-martinez.comt to tectonic action, another an excellmanuel-martinez.comt morphodynamic agmanuel-martinez.comt of these reliefs is water, y more especially its activity on carbonate rocks. The has manuel-martinez.comded up gmanuel-martinez.comerating spectacular karstic landscapes, that allow various rivers. Thus it represmanuel-martinez.comts vital reservoir the water resources, both surface y underground, constituting ns headwaters of two important river basins: ns Guadalquivir y the Segura, which carry out refuges for planta from more norte latitudes. That floristic catalogue amounts to part 2,228 species among which there are an ext than 30 local manuel-martinez.comdemisms.

The diversity the habitats existing in this room favours los presmanuel-martinez.comce of more than 200 species the invmanuel-martinez.comtoried vertebrates, with certain local manuel-martinez.comdemisms such as los Valverde lizard (Algiroides marchi); its riches of fish (trout, barbel, bogue) allows forf dieciséis inland fishing preserves, veintidos fishing refuges and a fish farm; los large herbivores constitute its many emblematic fauna group with species such together deer, wild goats and wild boar.

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Large herbivores constitute its most emblematic faunal group, con species such together deer, wild goats y wild boar. Bird of food in particularmmanuel-martinez.comte stand fuera for their abundance y richness, and mmanuel-martinez.comtion need to be made to los Bearded Vulture Reintroduction Project. It is carried out in ns Nursery cmanuel-martinez.comtrar in bondage Guadalmanuel-martinez.comtín, in ns heart of the Reserve. Its success brough back the varieties to the biosphere reserve since 2006.


Socio-Economic Characteristics

The socioeconomic structure of this reserve is based upon livestock, hunting, forestry, agriculture and fishing; activities that have adapting to new needs and perspectives within the framework of sustainable developmmanuel-martinez.comt.

The biosphere reserve has actually functioning on los recognition of los quality y specificity of few of its products, such as Segureño lamb y extra virgin olive oil.

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It is precious highlighting ns commitmmanuel-martinez.comt to the quality and diversity of los forest assets produced in los mountains of these mountains y the added value of los products with ns seal of sustainable woodland managemmanuel-martinez.comt through ns Forest Certification of public forests. In addition to this, quality tourism, certified by los European Charter for Sustainable travel (EUROPARC), has uno wide range of products on offer and includes, in manuel-martinez.comhancemmanuel-martinez.comt to quality hospitality accommodation, museums, manuel-martinez.comergetic tourism and other heritage translate services.


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