We were goin to buy online, yet waited till us got fuera there simply in case. We carried tickets representar in our hotel i beg your pardon were the same price together online. Friend can gain tickets any where as soon as in tenerife! We obtained told to wait by leanados (playa de las americas) where los Siam park free bus pick you up y it was constantly full representar previous pick ups! ns taxi representar there was 5 euros i m sorry is nothing really! over there will always be ques for the lockers yet they are worth having actually unless you gain there when the doors open!

If you perform book en línea I would publish it off simply incase nothing gain sent in ns post

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We simply bought tickets at ns gate. The parque opens at 10 so get there early on to prevent queues. The price appears to be ns same wherever you buy her tickets. Taxis are cheap sufficient so identificación would recommend getting one come avoid the bus.

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We booked a cabana and we just had to print off one voucher which had our details, us handed that in at ns gate y was taken to our cabana. :)

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Hi, sorry identificación don't know, we acquired our tickets desde one of los stands in Las americas where friend get ns slip i beg your pardon gains you entry to the Park. The price is ns same as on-line too.

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Hope this helps

We bought the twin tickets for Siam Park and Loro betet online. Then, mine hubby just showed los people at the Siam parque gate entrance (not the ticket sales) his email confirmation on his phone. The señora printed fuera de our tickets for both parks. Castle scan her index finger and that correlates con your ticket.

If friend wait to acquisition tickets there, you need to stand in the ticket hilera then was standing in ns entrance line. Quite hectic y we acquired there appropriate as they opened up on ns weekday.

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Hi. If you room going to buy your ticket vía website you need to receive un confirmarion email with un number. However as far as i know they are able come send overseas the ticket.

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