Setenil de las bodegas a ronda

One of ns most unique villages to visit in Andalucia is Setenil después las Bodegas. This white town is famous due to the fact that some the its homes have been developed into and under roca overhangs. Below is my guide to assist you check out this ciudad blanco with tips, map y photos.

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Andalucia has numerous charming white towns scattered throughout the region. They space all worth ns visit and it is an overwhelming to choose where come go as you destinadas your itinerary.I think Setenil después las bodegas should be had in your visit. The is not los only places where residences are built into a rock cliff. Yet it is an especially impressive in Setenil due to the fact that of the overhang. That is component of the Route of ns white villages in los Cadiz Province.

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Visiting Setenil después las Bodegas rápido the rock village

It is likewise famous because that is meat products, especially ns chorizo sausages.

And listed below is un short video to give you an idea of what a visit come Setenil después las bodegas can include. However, note, the it was raining greatly when i visited, so my images are limited and not ns best quality. Identificación was drenched!

How to get to Setenil de las Bodegas —apoyándose Location Map

Setenil is situated in ns area bordering Ronda y is frequently visited as soon as staying in Ronda.Ronda to Setenil del las bodegas = 30min driveSeville come Setenil ese las bade gas = 1h45 driveMalaga come Setenil de las bodegas = 1h20 driveCadiz to Setenil del las bade gas = 1h45 driveThe area is mountainous but the roads come Setenil room easyBelow is a mapa to help you obtain oriented:

Setenil de las bodegas in Andalucia -papposo Map of location

This highlight (with gps coordinates and practical tips) is included in my Travel guide eBook that helps girlfriend early plan your roadway trip about Andalucia:

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Visit Tips

It is uno touristic place. I recommend visiting early morning or so late afternoon to avoid ns busses coming from Ronda, Malaga and Costa de SolPlan 1 hour come half a dayThere space several locations to park. Los carpark nearby to los interesting component of ns village is often full and you may have actually to andar 5min extra.It is fairly easy to caminar around the lower part - however, part climbing is compelled to reach los castle areaMany shops and tavernasThere are ns lot of signposts to gain oriented

Setenil parking area