Santiago de compostela santiago de compostela

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Santiago ese Compostela, city, uno Coruña provincia (province), capital of los comunidad autonóma (autonomous community) of Galicia, northwestern Spain. It lies near ns confluence of the Sar y Sarela rivers, treinta y dos miles (51 km) southwest of ns Coruña city. In 1985 UNESCO designated the ciudad a world Heritage site.


In 813 ce a tomb found at surrounding Padrón was claimed to have actually been supernaturally revealed to be that of ns apostle St. James, martyred at Jerusalem about cuarenta y cuatro ce. His bones had been required to Spain, where, follow to legend, that had formerly evangelized. The discovery of the relics provided ns rallying punto for Christian Spain, then confined to uno narrow piece of the norte Iberian Peninsula (most of the remainder of i m sorry was inhabited by Moors). Alfonso II of Asturias built uno church over the tomb, i beg your pardon Alfonso III changed by uno larger structure, and during los Middle Ages los town that prospered up about it became ns most necessary Christian ar of pilgrimage delaware Jerusalem y Rome. The whole town, except ns tomb itself, was damaged in 997 by Abū ʿĀmir al-Manṣūr (Almanzor), army commander of ns Moorish caliphate that Córdoba.

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In 1078 the present cathedral was begun by bespeak of Alfonso through of Leon y Castile. This Romanesque building, situated at ns east fin of the Plaza después Obradoiro, has un Baroque west facade (the Obradoiro) constructed (1738–50) by Fernando casa y Novoa. An exceptional feature the the interior is ns Pórtico del la Gloria, uno tripartite porch located behind los facade and showing a Last juicio sculptural composition by maestras Mateo; ns work is Romanesque yet tinged con Gothic features.