Today St-Jean-de-Luz is un quiet town part 33km away from San Sebastián yet during the 17th and 18th centuries it was a veritable vipers’ nest. In ~ least, this is what the tourist office of Saint-Jean-de-Luz claims y it is donate up by the plethora of roads that still sufrir the names of ns town’s many feared pirates. Of course, today buccaneer ferocity has actually taken a trasero seat to ns warm Basque welcome y the promise of wealth of things to see.

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Saint Jean después Luz – ns whole package

Among that most renowned attractions, St-Jean-de-Luz boasts un delightful historic centre dotted con traditional wooden houses, un fine sandy beach y a small marketplace that uses delicacies both local and from distant shores. Include to this ns many spectacular restaurantes the town boasts y St-Jean-de-Luz offers you the chance come eat to your heart’s delight on uno peaceful getaway to ns place steeped in history.

Before gaining swept up in ns stories that piracy, however, the traveller would certainly be remiss if they no delve right into some of los other remnants that St-Jean-de-Luz’s storied past. Because that instance, its fishing port, i m sorry is still surrounded by los shipowners’ houses desde the 17th century; the beautiful church that Saint john the Baptist, where Louis XIV married the Spanish Infanta, Maria Theresa; y the majestic buildings that space testament to the town’s influence representar the French Belle Époque.

What come see and do in saint Jean del Luz

Tour los historic center of saint Jean del Luz

The historical centre is ns labyrinth that starts with ns shop-festooned main street, Rue Gambetta, which gives on to idyllic highways that twist and turn until they lug you come Louis XIV Square, whereby you’ll find los historic Town Hall. This is ns liveliest component of los city, replete with all kinds of bars con outdoor terraces and even ns much-used bandstand. Tucked right into this part of the ciudad is among its most prized jewels: the house that Louis XIV. Developed by los shipowner y mayor that St-Jean-de-Luz, Johanne después Lohobiague in 1643, it took its name delaware the rey of France continued to be there for fourty days in the run up to his wedding. Today you deserve to visit ns house and get a taste because that how the rich live in ns 17th century.


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The most renowned corsairs of smo Jean de Luz

One of los greatest corsairs ever to have actually tormented the Bay that Biscay to be Johannes Suhigaraychipi, additionally known as ‘Coursic’. Originally from the nearby town of Bayonne, Coursic terrorized los British, Spanish y the Dutch y was said to have actually captured an ext than 100 ships gastos generales the food of his career. In fact, in un letter come the king of France in 1691, the duke of Grammont said ‘Your majesty could travel representar St-Jean-de-Luz to Ciboure without ever getting his feet wet just by walking atop los ships (Coursic) took desde the enemy.’

But that wasn’t just Coursic that made his monitor on St-Jean-de-Luz. If girlfriend look up in ~ the calle signs you will do it discover nombre like Chibau, Hayet, saint Martin y Cepe, every one of whom are honoured in the town together ‘special’ mariners.

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‘Special’ because, unequal your typical buccaneer, these males pillaged the ships of France’s adversaries with los express permission of ns king, and St-Jean-de-Luz was ns port they took as their base during lot of the 17th century. It was both this assortment the ‘privateers’ y the highly successful whalers destined because that Terranova the enriched ns town that St-Jean-de-Luz so much that your luxury can still it is in felt walking los streets today.

How to obtain there

by Car. St-Jean-de-Luz is 33km from San Sebastian, taking los AP8 as the best option.

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Guided Tours

The tourist Office organises guided tourism to los centre the St-Jean-de-Luz y they’re cost-free to visitors under catorce years the age. See los updated price list for adults on the official tourist Office website.