Sa Sa Sa 4 Paquetes De Sal

The track is saying "Sal, sal, sal, cuatro paquetes ese sal, que tengo los chocho escocido después tanto follar, follar, follar... Follar denominada bueno, meter la pija por los 'gujero, te da, te da, coche da gustito, te tubería el chocho muy calentito, al galope ese pelos ese mi cipote. Galopina, la polla se me empina.Tarata tra tarata tra tra tra"

This translates directly to "Salt, salt, salt, four packets the salt, me gustaría have uno stinging cock from too lot fucking, fucking, fucking... Fucking is good, thrusting my detective in los hole, the gives, that gives, it offers you pleasure, pipeline your pussy yes, really hot, to the galloping of ns hairs of my penis. Dirty girl, the pussy gets me going. Tarata tra tarata tra tra tra"

This entirety song is colloquial AF so identificación did my finest not certain if that is 100%


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Esperanto, 普通话

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Language Name: Spanish r/spanish

ISO 639-1 Code: es

ISO 639-3 Code: spa

Alternate Names: Castilian

Population: 45,890,000 in Spain, all users. L1 users: 38,400,000 (European board of directors 2012). L2 users: 7,490,000 (European commission 2012). Completamente users in every countries: 527,976,150 (as L1: 436,667,750; as L2: 91,308,400).

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Location: Spain; Widespread.

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Classification: Indo-European

Writing system: Braille script. Latin script, primary usage.

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Wikipedia Entry:

The Spanish language ( ( listen); español ), likewise called los Castilian language ( ( listen), castellano ), is ns Romance language the originated in the Castile region of Spain and today has actually hundreds the millions of native speakers around los world. That is usually considered los world's second-most talked native language, after Mandarin Chinese. Spanish is ns part of the Ibero-Romance coporación, grupo of languages, i m sorry evolved representar several dialect of Vulgar Latin in Iberia after the fallen of los Western Roman realm in ns 5th century. Los oldest Latin texts with traces that Spanish come representar mid-northern Iberia in los 9th century, and the first systematic written use of ns language happened in Toledo, then capital of los Kingdom of Castile, in los 13th century.

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