Rutas en kayak cabo de gata

energetic tourism in Almería: canoe trips with the naturalmente Park cabo de Gata rápido Nijar. Special rates for groups y families, businesses, schools, bachelor parties ... Ask because that our comprehensive cruise natural Park 3 days.
While on COVID pandemic case snorkel tubes will not it is in supplies yet just los mask. We encourage our clients to lug their own breathing tubes.Masks, vests, paddleswill it is in disinfected after use.

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Intermediate tours (5 hours)45 €

5h For human being in great shape and with previous kayaking experience who desire demanding tours.

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Ruta después perfeccionamiento55 €

5h Travesía después perfeccionamiento en Kayak del mar cerrados para personas con experiencia.

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Travesías integralesConsultar

2-3d Travesía integral después Parque naturalmente de promontorio de Gata —apoyándose Níjar. Consulte fechas.

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gain canoeing, find inaccessible coves and marine life in cabo de Gata naturalmente Park: this is a wonderful tourism task that you deserve to not afford to miss during your holidays in Almeria. Kayaking tours will be performed according to weather conditions, i.e ns wind y waves. Los tours include: Motorboat support, goggles, water, edible nuts, snack ~ above arrival, legal responsibility insurance, accident insurance, standard instructors, translate of the natural environment, stop in coves to snorkel y relax. At the foot that the vio de cabo de Gata, forming coves and cliffs there is a marine atmosphere of great beauty. The various underwater formations harbour high biodiversity, such together sea-grass, s beds consisting of algae, invertebrates and fish, together con rocky and sandy habitat, all displaying their individual beauty y interest in both landscape and biological form.
decision clear waters

The clash of warm water of ns Mediterranean with uno colder y less saline Atlantic marine Reserve do this uno unique enclave.

volcanic landscape

Its volcano origin produced between seis and 15 million años ago provides los Coast parque with a unique and characteristic landscape.

Rugged coastline

Numerous coves, caves, crevices, piedra formations, underwater caries ... A de verdad paradise for canoeists.

selection of caves

There are un large variety of caves, countless of them developed by los circulation of warm water y the warmth released by los magma. You deserve to visit through kayak.

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finest preserved coastline in Europe

Its 63 kms. Volcanic y semiarid terrain is un protected area in Europe, with the qualification of europe Geopark (in Europe there room only 65 geoparks).


The assorted underwater formations (overhangs, sand, rock y fish) do harbour high biodiversity.


A complete servicio that pipeline nothing to chance

With us you have the assurance that there will certainly be alguno unforeseen issues. We are ns best ready kayak company in capa de Gata naturalmente Park, con many la edad of endure (since 2005). We have all ns necessary permits desde the naval authority, exposición certificates, assistance vessel in accordance with law, y perfect planning. We study ns weather conditions of wind and swell prior to each tourism and, whereby necessary, modify it to protect against unpleasant choppy está dentro currents. All is undertaken with the anotado of giving you one unforgettable memory of your continue to be in los park y particularly kayaking.

We have much more than 50 kayaks in perfect condition. We continuously check los equipment for comfort and safety. Yearly we renew our boats and buy new cosas for her kayak, in order to ensure that your tour is as safe y comfortable together possible.

For defense reasons and in keeping with los maritime law, all kayaking must have motorboat support. With us you and your family members can be safe. A patron of the zodiac accompanies united state on every kayaking tours, for peace of mind y your family..

Our employee have years of experience y are very qualified come conduct this activities. Also, in coastal park we have los best guides that you can possibly find.

We offer un Money regreso Guarantee, must you it is in unhappy with your tour. Need an ext security? Your totalmente satisfaction is our best advertisement.

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Committed to los environment

Cabo de Gata Kayak is more than un business: we room lovers the nature y collaborate in un variety of ecological programmes at local, national and international levels: city of Nijar, the supervisory board of Almeria, ministry of Environment, the National institute of Oceanography, los NOAA y the us USFWS ... There are countless experienced institutions that us mutually support.

Turtles nesting in the naturaleza Park capa de Gata Nijar, satellite tracking their course to ns coast that Florida -SEE VIDEO-, Almería active -SEE VIDEO-, INDEMARES -SEE VIDEO. Here is much more information around our collaborations with the environment in ns VIDEO GALLERY