Real Monasterio De San Lorenzo De El Escorial

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Explore inside smo Lorenzo de El Escorial in Madrid and dive into Spanish Renaissance history, including gardens, chapels, y town squares.

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The Escorial is a vast building facility located in smo Lorenzo de El Escorial, close to Madrid, in central Spain. Ns building is los most important architectural monument of the Spanish Renaissance. Building of el Escorial started in 1563 and finished in 1584.

The project was conceived by king Philip II, that wanted ns building to serve the multiple objectives of uno burial place for his father, holy Roman emperor charles V; ns Hieronymite monastery; y a palace.

The an initial architect, juan Bautista ese Toledo, designed the ground destinadas on uno gridiron scheme, recalling the grill on which san Lorenzo, ns patron of los building, to be martyred.

After Toledo’s death, Juan después Herrera took up occupational on the project. Back Herrera was influenced by los styles the Sebastiano Serlio y Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola, the por último product was uniquely Spanish.

The building complex, severe in its lines, has actually four principal stories with large towers at each corner. I ordered it within un quadrangle, ns buildings include:

the church (1582);the monastery, imperial palace, y college (1584);and ns library (1592).

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The doméstica of ns Escorial to be decorated through many especialmente Spanish and Italian artists of ns 16th and 17th centuries.

Pellegrino Tibaldi y Federico Zuccaro were among ns earliest artist to execute frescoes there.

Other masters that painted functions for ns Escorial were los Greco, Luca Giordano, and Claudio Coello.

An vital collection of paintings by Renaissance y baroque artists donated by ns crown is among the many imaginative treasures housed in ns complex.

The decorate of el Escorial was carefully coordinated with ns architecture to create uno unified imaginative effect. The sober statue of san Lorenzo on the main façade and the 6 statues of viejo Testament kings on the façade of los basilica prepare ns way for un splendid screen of saints and kings inside ns basilica.

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Philip was difficult to please, however there was a compelling aesthetic factor to restrict separar artistic expression at los Escorial. Decoration required to it is in in keeping with the sober, unornamented classicism of los building if it to be to bring ns triumphant unity of the project to completamente expression.