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Modernism y Avant-garde movementsThe turn of the century brought new winds the modernity. Ns aesthetic sensibility of the time was significant by ns different, freer perspective towards art and life.


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Innovation in culture

Autonomous Regions

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A monastery containing numerous museums

The Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe imperial Monastery is an imaginative treasure which has been conserved gastos generales the centuries, and is designated ns UNESCO mundo Heritage site.

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The Embroidery museum features liturgical robes made at its embroidery workshop, including pieces representar the 15th-19th centuries. There are more than ninety volumes created by ns Guadalupe monastery scriptorium between los 14th y 19th centuries in the museum of Illuminated Manuscripts, too as huge missals and two 15th-century publications on the Passion of Christ. The viejo dressing room houses los Sculpture and Painting Museum, containing functions by Goya y El Greco, along con carvings through Anequín de Bruselas and Egas Cueman, and a marble crucifixion attributed to Michelangelo. There are paintings by Zurbarán in the viejo sacristy.