Que ver en palermo en 3 dias

Capital the Sicily, Palermo is a city with an old charm that uses its visitors ns opportunity to acquire lost among cathedrals, palaces, theaters and markets, without forgetting ns sea.Here Normans, Byzantines y Arabs lived and almost anywhere you have the right to enjoy los mixture of societies that have actually coexisted for centuries.

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Here is one itinerary to visit Palermo in tres days.


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1 day

1 —apoyándose Morning: Breakfast, Capo Market, Immaculate Conception Church, Sant"Agostino Church, Cathedral

For your first trabaja in Palermo we suggest ns good breakfast based upon typical sweets at ns Pasticceria Scimone (pastries representar € 1,00).From here in 8 minutes top top foot girlfriend reach the Cape Market which dates trasero to los times the Muslim rule and is definitely worth un quick look.Nearby are also the Church of ns Immaculate Conception (Mon-Sun 09: 00-17: 00) and that of Sant"Agostino likewise known together "Santa Rita" with an surrounding beautiful cloister (Mon-Sat 07: 00-12 : 00 and 16: 00-19: 00; sol 7: 30-12: 00).Here you are in ns center and continuing through los alleys you will arrive at los beautiful and imposing Cathedral of S. Virgin Maria, one of los most evocative areas in los city.Take about treinta minutes to visit that interior and climb los rooftops from where you will certainly have uno wonderful watch (Mon-Sat 09: 00-14: 00, sol 09: 00-13: 00; totally free admission, to go up € 2,00) .

2 —apoyándose Afternoon: Lunch, Church of smo Giovanni degli Eremiti, Palazzo dei Normanni, Convent of ns Capuchins and catacombs, Giardino della Zisa

For ns good lunch us suggest ns Trattoria Bersagliere wherein you deserve to taste traditional dishes that the trabaja at very reasonable price (lunch desde € 15,00 come € 25,00) prior to resuming your tourism of Palermo.After having actually refreshed you with with ns walk of 20 minutes before los Church of san Giovanni degli Eremiti of Norman origin surmounted by red domes, símbolo of ns Arab-Norman layout of Palermo (full € 6,00, reduced € 3,00).From below you reach the Norman Palace, also known as the Royal Palace, y in about 90 minutes visit ns frescoed rooms y the Palatine Chapel completely decorated con Byzantine mosaics (Mon-Sat: 8: 15-17: 40. Sundays y holidays representar 8:15 come 13:00; completamente admission € 12,00 -papposo Reduced € 10,00).Once out, friend can walk for veinte minutes or take the bus trescientos veintisiete which pipeline you representar Piazza Indipendenza at los Pitrè-Pindemonte prevent near los Catacombs of the Capuchins (travel time 6 minutes, € 1,40).Inside the convent over there are ns famous Catacombs which house 8.000 mummified body including los little Rosalia, one of the most well known mummies in Italy (hours every day from 9:00 to 13:00 y from 15:00 come 18:00; expense € 3,00).After this contempt macabre visit, another 20 minutes top top foot (about 1 km) representar via Cipressi come finish ns afternoon at los Zisa Castle, un palace developed in mil ciento sesenta y cinco as ns summer residence for ns royal household (Mon-Sat: 9: 00-18: 30. Sundays and holidays 9: 00-13: 30; expense € 6,00).

3 —apoyándose Evening: Aperitif y dinner in Piazza Verdi

To end the first día in Palermo we suggest you to with Piazza Verdi, near the Teatro Massimo, where you will find several clubs and restaurants come spend the evening (bus 124 to centrar Station P. Verdi prevent € 1,40 valid for noventa minutes or € 3,50, daily).Reach Pasqualino la Tavernetta después Buon Bere for fantastic aperitif served with trays of "pane cunzato" and then walk for dinner in ~ Fud Bottega Sicula a sublime gastronomic experience (hamburger from € 9,50).

In summary:Distance traveled: 7,5 km / uno h treinta y cuatro min Places visited: Capo sector (free), Immaculate Conception Church (free), Sant"Agostino Church (free), Cathedral of St. Virgin mary (free), Church of san Giovanni degli Eremiti (€ 6,00), Palazzo dei Normanni (€ 12,00 , 3,00), Capuchin Convent y Catacombs (€ 6,00), Zisa castle (€ ) discovering Palermo: tour with a lugares guide Breakfast at Pasticceria Scimone (Get directions), lunch at Il Bersagliere (Get directions), Dinner at Fud Bottega Sicula (Get directions)

2 day

1 -papposo Morning: Breakfast, Politeama Theater, Massimo Theater, Salinas Museum

For her second day in Palermo friend could start the trabaja from Politeama theatre that offers its best outside.Going debajo via Ruggero Settimo, at los intersection with ns pedestrian calle Principe di Belmonte you will certainly find the Antico Caffè Spinnato whereby you can have fantastic breakfast of cannoli and almond cakes (pastries representar € 1,50).Continue to los Massimo opera House, los largest italiano opera house y one of the most crucial in Europe. We suggest uno guided tourism inside the you have the right to do desde Monday to Friday representar 9:30 to 18:00 (cost € 8,00); los best alternate would be to book un ticket for los evening shows according to ns calendar.At this point, if girlfriend fancy a bit of Sicilian history, prevent by in ~ Antonio Salinas zona Archaeological Museum come admire the collection of artifacts concerning this an ar (Tuesdays: 9: 30-18: 30. Sunday desde 9:30 come 13:30; expense € 4,00).

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2 - Afternoon: Lunch, Quattro Canti, Fontana Pretoria, Piazza Bellini, Kalsa district, papá noel Maria dello Spasimo, Piazza Marina, Palazzo Steri, Giardino Garibaldi

Lunch at los historic Ferro di Cavallo restaurant (dishes desde € 6,00) along ns road that takes friend to the Quattro Canti, a crossroads distinguished by tres orders that baroque statues uncovered in the 4 corners.After resting, admire ns Fontana Pretoria in los homonymous square y the religious frameworks of Piazza Bellini: los Church of smo Cataldo y the Church of los Martorana (opening hours from Mon to satellite 9: 30-13: 00 15: 30-17: 30; Sunday 9: 00-10: 30. Join € 2,00).If friend like sectors pass by Vucciria to get to Kalsa (15 minute on foot) or go directly by skipping the market y passing through the Giudici descent and Via Sant"Anna.La Kalsa is uno very picturesque extendido neighborhood where you deserve to see several murals y the beautiful Church of papá noel Maria dello Spasimo with an open-air sede nave that renders this facility unique (opening hrs Tuesday-Sunday desde 09: 30-18: 30, complimentary admission).Before the último afternoon stop, eat uno good granita with ice cream or a chocolate at ns Cioccolateria Lorenzo y then finish the trabaja in one of ns most beautiful squares in Palermo.Piazza Marina, in enhancement to alojamiento the Garibaldi Garden con an enormous specimen of Ficus Magnolioides, is ns seat of number of historic buildings such together Palazzo Steri, patria to the museo of ns Inquisition y the "Vucciria" that Guttuso, Palazzo Abatellis, casa to the zona Gallery of Sicily, Galletti di S. Cataldo palace, etc.

3 -papposo Evening: aperitif y dinner

To conclude los second trabaja in Palermo, treat yourself to un good aperitif in ~ Calamida ns place located on los ancient port of Palermo y then finish with a completamente immersion in Palermo street food going up Corso Vittorio Emanuele increase to via Pannieri. Here, prevent by Rocky Basile, for los best sandwich with the spleen in city (€ 1,50), y then get in Piazza Caracciolo following ns smokes y aromas of the street come at Vucciria (tastings representar € 1,00).

In summary:Distance traveled: 4,2 kilometres / cincuenta y dos min Places visited: Politeama theatre (external), Massimo theater (€ 8,00), Salinas museum (€ 4,00), Quattro Canti (free), Fontana Pretoria, Piazza Bellini, Vucciria, Kalsa y Santa Maria dello Spasimo (free), Piazza Marina, Palazzo Steri (€ 5,00), Garibaldi Garden tres hour tour with ns segway walking tour between street come and 3 hour background Breakfast at Caffè Spinnato (Get directions), lunch at Ferro di Cavallo (Get directions), Dinner in ~ Rocky Basile alla Vucciria (Get directions)

3 day

1 - Morning: breakfast and visit the Monreale

The last day in Palermo we imply you dedicate the to a couple the trips fuera de of town.After having actually breakfast in ~ Bar Santoro (€ 3,00) near the Norman Palace, take bus trescientos ochenta y nueve which from Piazza Indipendenza will certainly take you in about 30 minutes come Monreale (frequency around every treinta minutes, price € 1,40 ticket noventa minutes or € 3,50 daily).Get off at los terminus and walk to ns Cathedral of papa noel Maria Nuova, one of the most essential medieval churches.Visit the interior where you deserve to admire beautiful mosaics y then relocate to the nearby monastery of smo Benedetto (weekdays 8: 30-12: 30 and 14: 30-17: 00; holidays 08: 00-09: 30 and 14: 30-17: 00. Join € 4,00).With ns short andar of 10 minutes through ns alleys that Monreale you reach the observatorio which is situated behind the Town Hall desde which you will have un wonderful synopsis of Palermo and its surroundings.At this point, go back to the terminus come get regreso on ns bus y reach the está dentro of ​​Mondello, los most beautiful city beach.

2 rápido Afternoon: lunch and Mondello beach

To gain to Mondello representar Monreale you can take uno taxi i m sorry takes about 30 minutes and will cost you € 30,00 or you have the right to get roughly by publicly transport.In this case it will take girlfriend approximately uno hour y a half and you will very first have to take it line trescientos ochenta (from Monreale terminus come Indipendenza) then ciento cuatro (from Indipendenza to Puglisi Bertolino) and finally bus 806 (Piazza profesor universitario Sturzo to the Regina Elena factory) .Once friend arrive, treat you yourself to a good lunch by the sea at the B&B Simpaty Restaurant (main courses € 12,00) and if tiempo permits, treat yourself to an afternoon in the sol or ns walk on los beach.Then take it the ochocientos seis bus again i beg your pardon in about 1 hour will take girlfriend to los city centrar (from Principe di Scalea come Politeama about uno hour).

3 rápido Evening: underground Palermo y dinner

For the final evening in the ciudad we suggest ns very suggestive tour: the "Underground Palermo" which typically starts desde the court yard.The visits allow you come walk secret following privado channels, los famous Qanat (hours 19:00, 20:00 or 21:00 price € 16,00 booking forced at 3806523494, 3285717631 or 3396042434).After this unique experience, if you room hungry, we recommend los nearby Ristorante ai Vecchietti di Minchiapititto i m sorry serves fantastic local comida (about € 30,00).

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In summary:Distance traveled: 44,9 km / uno h 17 min by carPlaces visited: Monreale, Mondello y underground Palermo (€ 16,00 approximately) Monreale: Cathedral, Monastery and Mosaics Guided tour Palermo, Monreale and Mondello: exclusive Tour and Street come Palermo and Monreale: Half-Day historical Tour Breakfast in ~ Bar Santoro (Get directions), lunch at B&B Simpaty Restaurant (Get directions), Dinner at Ai Vecchietti Restaurant (Get directions)

How lot does a weekend in Palermo cost

Palermo is a pretty cheap ciudad both because that accommodation (you can find excellent sede b & bs there is no spending also much) and for eating.The sell in the field of catering is varied, you deserve to have lunch and dinner in los markets or kiosks that often serve key of the day at moderate prices or decisión to indulge in much more chic restaurants.If you destinadas to usar public transport often, the día ticket at € 3,50 is worthwhile even if Palermo is a beautiful ciudad to visit on foot.

Costs come eat: around € 35,00 per trabaja per human being (including breakfast, lunch, dinner)Costs for museums y attractions: around € 60,00 período person following the itinerary us suggestTransportation: around € 15,00 período person (return bus desde airport and bus come Mondello and Monreale)Hotels, accommodation y b & b: Hotel y b & b starting desde € 45,00 término room —apoyándose Fun: from € 15,00 período person per trabaja (including snacks, coffee, aperitifs, drinks, ...)Total expense of un weekend in Palermo: representar € 400,00 período person (flights excluded)Before leaving: valuable tipsWhen to visit Palermo: los best times to visit Palermo space spring and autumn when los days room warm yet not muggy —apoyándose find fuera de more definitely by airplane (flights from € 29,00 -). Los Falcone and Borsellina plane is 35 km representar the center y is connected by the buses of ns Prestia and Comandè empresa (from 4:00 come 00:15 every treinta minutes —apoyándose single drive € 6,00, round pilgrimage € 10,00). Travel time is about cuarenta minutes relying on traffic. Alternatively ns taxi costs around € 40,00, ns collective taxi come share with 4 other world that leaves just when completamente costs around € 8,00 período person los best area to continue to be in Palermo is los historic center -papposo Hotels y b & b desde € 45,00 término room —apoyándose