Que Ver En Nantes En Dos Dias

Nantes is a city that will surprise you. It is a ciudad that you have to visit if you will certainly make a road expedition through Brittany or spend ns weekend here.

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For today’s post, i want to tell you about ns best points to do in Nantes.

I’ve to be living in this ciudad since 2018, and I haven’t composed anything yet, but the truth is, i want come tell you uno lot of things!!!

I’m going to comienzo with los essentials, y then, in other posts, I’ll walk into an ext detail.

Things to do in Nanteson ns weekend

I’d say Nantes is not like other French cities. I don’t recognize if it’s because I’m living in different way when identificación visit the other cities or because it’s as with this.

In Nantes, you will certainly find uno combination of history, art, culture, and modernity all mixed at once.


Best points to execute in Nantes? Essential

We comienzo with the essentials the you have to see in Nantes. Those areas you need to know on your very first visit to this exorbitant French city.

The lock ofthe Dukes that Brittany

The Must-Visit ar in Nantes is the Castle of ns Dukes that Brittany. You will do it wonder why to visit the Castle of ns Dukes the Brittany if Nantes is in ns Countries of the Loire.

Well, this is because, delaware the second world war, Nantes stopped belonging to Brittany and became component of los Loire Countries.


The lock was built in the 15th century by Francois II. The is un palace-fortress in the center of ns city.

It is surrounded by uno moat, whereby you will watch ducks, turtles, and a nice landscaped area that is stunning con spring colors.

Inside the castle, girlfriend will find the museum of ns History that Nantes that dates espalda to its start today.

There are treinta y dos rooms with hundreds the objects wherein you will learn Nantes’s file during los “Europe servant Trade” in the two world wars y the local industry.


On the first Sunday of the month, accessibility is complimentary of charge.

In prior of los castle, you will check out some curious things, such as ns fountain, that is called los mirror of water, a very peculiar fútbol americano court, y if girlfriend go a little bit further y go with children, you have to visit ns dragon.


The makers of los island. Fulfill Nantes’ most renowned Elephant

Another must-do in Nantes is to visit the Machine of ns Island. That course, ns elephant is ns most famous, however there’s so lot more.

Here. There’s ns team the builders with an creativity that goes above y beyond y takes treatment of giving life to uno bestiary like alguna other.

Gallery of Machines

In los gallery of Machines, girlfriend will find mechanical plants and canteen animals. You’ll additionally see un giant ant the runs through the gallery. On optimal of that, you’ll check out what the creation y manufacturing procedure is choose in ns laboratory.

There room always nuevo things to uncover here.

The Elephant

The good Elephant is the protagonist the the island of Nantes. This huge elephant is a few meters in height and takes friend for ns walk around ns island. If onboard, you will uncover its doméstico full of gears that give him life.

The Machinist will certainly tell friend about los animal’s life, and you’ll see how it goes, dipping ns curious that come nearby to admire it lleno of water.

Among the things you deserve to do on the island of Nantes is talk this giant elephant.


The carrousely ofThe está dentro Worlds

This carousel of veinticinco meters in elevation and veintidos meters in diameter is an extremely close to ns machines on the edge of ns Loire.

It has 3 floors and an exceptional design. Right here you will learn much more about los marine world y its unsettling creatures.

Note: Pay attention to ns schedules because they adjust according to los season.

April 6 to July 7, 2019 from 10 a.m. To 18 p.m.July 8 to August veinticinco from diez a.m. To 7 p.m.August 26 to November 3 from 10 to diecisiete or dieciocho hours.

Pay attention as soon as you caminar through Nantes Island, as there will certainly be some curious points like un tree offered to juego basketball.

Take uno good look at the buildings, discover the new Nantes’ new architecture, visit letras galleries, look at at ns cranes on the way to the Bananas Hangar, Daniel Buren’s rings, y Patrick Bouchain.

The HangarBananas (HAB Galerie)

The Hangar 21, recognized as Hangar Bananes, was built in los mid-20th siglo to store shipments from áfrica with bananas and pineapples.

In 2007, it was rehabilitated as un place because that exhibitions, y in that surroundings, there grew ns leisure area con bars and restaurants, which is full of life on ns weekends.

Throughout los year, she going come find different exhibitions. In ns summer especially, girlfriend will discover exhibitions by internationally renowned artists.

It’s certainly an idealistas place to spend a Friday or Saturday afternoon y has uno drink in ~ one of the surrounding bars.

LU: Lieu Unique.The viejo biscuit factory

This is where ns LU cookie manufacturing facility is found. Here, los “Yayitas,” los princes, Pim’s, and many more cookies to be created.

Since 2000, this an are has to be rehabilitated y transformed into ns unique place. Here, girlfriend will find the idealistas place to blow up with creativity.

There room spaces dedicated to different activities, a bar, a restaurant, a bookstore, un hammam, y a nursery, and, the course, uno dedicated venue because that shows.

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Shows readjust during los year. You can find live music, theater, y DJs. Los price that tickets varies depending on los show, occasionally it is free, y sometimes not, us recommend that you look on its website. Https://www.lelieuunique.com/

The Tower that Brittany

For me, this is the ugliest structure in Nantes’ ciudad center, however it has an excellent views of los city.

It was constructed in ns 70s, has ns height of 144 meters and on the 32nd floor, there is a panoramic terrace with uno 360-degree watch of los city y a bar dubbed “Le Nid” that you definitely have come visit in Nantes.

Le Nid is los work of modern artist Jean Jullien, y here you will find a curious nest.

Schedule for visit los Tower of Brittany:

Wednesday to Friday desde 14.15h come 2hSaturday representar 10am to 2pmSunday desde 10am come 2pmIn summer it is also open from Monday to Wednesday from 14.15 to 24h.The Cathedral ofSaint-Pierre and Saint-Paul y other churches

The background of ns Nantes Cathedral is un bit convulsive. Los first stone was to adjust in 1434, yet it was no completed till 1891. That’s much more than four centuries!

And, as if 4 centuries were not enough to finish los cathedral, less than a century later, the suffered ns great fire y was ravaged by los flames. After this, major restoration work was lugged out.

When you enter ns cathedral, girlfriend realize exactly how tall that is, y you comienzo to find its treasures. Among them is los tomb of francis II, y Margaret of Foix commissioned in mil quinientos seis by anne of Brittany.

There’s one 11th-century Romanesque crypt located under los choir y a 2nd crypt dating back to ns nineteenth century, wherein there is an exhibition committed to ns cathedral.

Bouffay square Bouffay and the community of los Same Name

The square of Bouffay is where ns first castle of los Nantes Countess was situated during the 10th century.

But what will surely catch your eye los most around this cuadrado is the sculpture the “éloge a pesar de que pas ese côté” (English: Ode of ns step come the lado of ns step aside), which, follow to the author, depicts uno man in a suit with los look on ns horizon.

He had one foot on los pedestal y the other in ns air. And it payment tribute to ns daring of the city, its commitment, and its near relationship with culture.

In the square you’re going to see countless bars for uno drink; identificación like L’Epicerie.

When you caminar through los Bouffay neighborhood, you have to pay fist to los signs y posters of the shops, i beg your pardon are really curious. For example, the Boucherie and the facades of the buildings.

This ar is vibrant and full the life; let yourself be brought away by ns ancient streets of ns medieval city.

Le Jardin des Plantes

Jardin muerte Plantes, or Garden of tree in English, is one of Nantes’ most beautiful y crowded parks. It is un short walk from the train station y the castle of los Dukes the Brittany.

Here, you’re going to uncover hundreds of different plants; few of them space outdoors y others in greenhouses. In addition, you will discover sculptures choose that of the servants and others actors into trees y shrubs.

If girlfriend go con children, you need to visit los playground with giant pots or where the goats room located.

It’s un place whereby you will discover Nanteses y tourists, specifically on sunny days.

The PassagePommeraye

The passage Pommeraye is ns most elegant extended gallery in Nantes.

It was developed in 1843 in los Graslin neighborhood, i beg your pardon they’ve been restored for two years, y today we deserve to enjoy its splendid architecture, sculptures and visit the shops because that those who have ns good budget y want to go shopping.

Speaking of the Graslin District, be sure to visit Graslin Square. Here, you will certainly see one of the mythical restaurants of Nantes: “La Cigale.”

With an letras deco décor and more than 120 years the history, this restaurant is one of los must-see locations in Nantes.

You have the right to go almost at any hora for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. With that said, don’t miss its Boeuf tartare (beef), which is impressively good.

Follow los Green line of Nantes

One of the best ways to gain to understand Nantes is by following los green line. But what is this green line? that one of the ways come travel roughly Nantes y miss nothing.

Following ns green línea of Nantes, you will discover cuarenta y cinco attractions of ns city: exciting places, monuments, functions of art, y more. The a largo walk so gain ready!

The tourism of ns green línea starts at the Lieu Unique and ends at los Jardin des Plantes.

On this tour, friend will understand what to see in Nantes, and you will pass through areas such as the Machines of los Island, los Carousel of the Marine Worlds, the Hangar, the monumento of los abolition of slavery, the castle, museums, and much more.

This tourism is effortless, simply follow los green line, however my referral is to obtain a map of Nantes representar the tourist Office or view it on its website. Mainly to know what she seeing, whereby to stop, or wherein you’re most interested in seeing.

What to watch nearNantes

If friend come severaldays come Nantes you deserve to visit:

In the próximo post, i will talk about places to eat in Nantes, my favorite brewery, wherein to go for Brunch or have a great breakfast, i m sorry museums view in Nantes, y more.

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