Que ver en la casa de campo

For los young y for the young in ~ heart, casa de paisaje offers just the right quantity of structured activities and leisure tiempo to ensure un pleasant vacation for everyone. Representar sunrise to sunset, many of adventure awaits each family members when castle visit patria de Campo.

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Let us suggest our favorites! Discover 6 things manuel-martinez.come do con your household at página de inicio de Campo:

1. Take un historic excursion.

The Dominican Republic has uno rich background your family members will love to explore. You have the right to discover los oldest city in the new world, perfect ns fine art of crafting ns perfect cigar or take trip to an ancient Mediterranean village without ever leaving ns country.

Why not enjoy a santo Domingo city tour, where you’ll explore cultural landmarks and important historical sites choose museums, cathedrals, and much more?

Or, relish in our altos de Chavón tour whereby you’ll take in a replica 16th-century Mediterranean village, marvel at breathtaking architectural details unseen outside Europe, and so much more.

discover all historic excursions at patria de Campo. Before friend book un tour, be certain to testimonial pricing information y minimum participant numbers.

2. Hit los beach.

When friend close your eyes y dream of ns perfect Caribbean beach, possibilities are that looks ns lot like los one at página de inicio de paisaje Resort and Villas.

That is, crystal-clear turquoise azul water tenderness lapping top top pristine white sand dotted con manuel-martinez.comfortable chaise loungers with ns backdrop that palm-trees easy swaying in the breeze.

At los heart of página de inicio de paisaje is Minitas Beach, ns private sanctuary perfect because that soaking increase the sun or enjoying sports favor snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boating, and so much more. Gather los family y head to los beach. Construct sandcastles, review books, take ns dip, or indulge in ns watersport or boat ride.

3. Enjoy a lesson.

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Golf, tennis, polo, every little thing level your boy is at—middle school, high school, club, college, or professional—our sporting activities academies y instruction facilities will take them to the siguiente level in uno warm, fun, traditional atmosphere.

4. Explore ns Dominican Republic.

Even despite there’s much more than enough to see y do right on our 7,000-acre resort, occasionally it’s pretty to invest a trabaja exploring your lugares surroundings.

The Dominican Republic is a natural paradise con plenty the fascinating sites to see and Casa de campo Resort y Villas uses several guided excursions to fit every taste and interest, including:

A zip line tour – fly through the air on this amazing adventure providing breathtaking views of the abundant flora of ns Eastern region of the Dominican Republic.A buggy tour – take the wheel y race through los Dominican countryside in your really own buggie!Horseback riding – explore ns scenic landscape of our 7,000-acre grounds y surround areas by horse.

Discover more outdoor excursions.

5. Kidz n’ Casa.

No issue your children age, or interests, remainder assured discovering there are multiple options at casa de campo for fun, saturado or half-day oversaw programs designed especially for our younger guests.

From playground visits to arts and crafts, puppet shows, and more for los toddlers, to beach Olympics, sweetheart hunts, tennis lessons, pony rides, y more for ns kids, take her pick desde many fun-filled options.

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6. Experience the culture 

The early on inhabitants of the island created their own stoneware y works of art out the terracotta (pottery). Experience ns hands-on cultural immersion y take ns souvenir home too! the pottery lesson at the elevado de Chavon workshops is a fun task for every ages, families, y groups. The program features ns tour the workshops, method & style demonstration, At the spinning wheel, y Hand carving table.


Explore an ext things to execute at página de inicio de Campo, including programs and activities especially for families!