Que hacer en miraflores de la sierra

Visiting Lima and looking because that what to perform in Miraflores before you proceed travelling or regresar home? Here’s uno list of ns best things to do

Miraflores is an upscale suburban ar of Lima located about 10 kilometers desde the sede city. One of los first locations to be worked out by the Spanish after Lima was founded, Miraflores has un long y varied history. The was los site of an essential battle between Chile and Peru during ns War of ns Pacific, for which it gets its nickname the “Heroic City.” Otherwise, Miraflores was recognized only as uno sleepy beachfront resort city for most of ns 19th century. However, together the city of Lima ongoing to grow, Miraflores was eventually absorbed into los larger ciudad de la ciudad area y became one of los city’s most vital districts.

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Today, Miraflores is probably los most popular district in Lima desde a tourist’s perspective, featuring gorgeous seaside views, top quality shopping, and world-class food. If you’re planning to visit Lima, opportunities are you will do it be spending plenty of hora in Miraflores. There are unlimited ways to gain this wonderful district, but here are few of our favorite things to do:

Walk ns Boardwalk

Miraflores has actually its very own boardwalk, or Malecón, i beg your pardon hugs the coast because that almost 10 kilometers. One of ns most extendido sights in the district, Miraflores’ boardwalk uses stunning cliffside vistas overlooking ns ocean–the perfect scenic stroll.

Go Paragliding


Though plenty of of the region’s key museums are located in the sede city of Lima, over there are ns couple museums worth checking el fin in Miraflores itself. Ns Amano Pre-Columbian Textile Museum features los private arsenal of Mr. Yoshitaro Amano. Though a bit small, it consists of many unique historical treasures that rival anything in the larger museums. For literature lovers, Miraflores has ns Ricardo Palma Museum, situated in los writer’s previous house. And lastly, additionally located in Miraflores is The location of Memory, Tolerance, and Social Inclusion.

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This is an important museo documenting los violence cursed by both los Mao-inspired bright Path y the Peruvian nacional security efectivo during los 1980s and 1990s.

Enjoy ns Food

Lima is coming to be well-known an international for its well dining options, y Miraflores is the epicenter of this scene: dos of that restaurants, Maido y Central, were newly ranked among los top 10 restaurants in los entire world. If those places put ns bit too much pressure on her budget, over there are numerous mid-priced choices throughout Lima, y decent street-food around betet Kennedy. There room also ns number of no Lima come tours no which do stops in Miraflores.

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Go to a Movie, Play, or letras Opening

Miraflores additionally has uno number of good options for appreciating los arts en its borders. The centro Cultural PUCP features as both a theater and art-house cinema, make it a great ar to gain live drama or a film. That is also home to the centrar Cultural Brasil-Perú y the coalición Francesa, both the which hold occasional cultural events and expositions. Arte galleries incorporate Revolver Galería and Moll Galería, amongst others.

As you can see, Miraflores is lleno of wide range both natural y cultural. If you monitor our advice above, you’ll shortly see why this is the best district in Lima. If you’ve finished trying out Miraflores and want come check el fin some various other districts, wednesday recommend checking fuera de findlocaltrips.com where you deserve to search a verified database of local providers come find un variety of tourism not just in Lima but in all of del sur America. We hope you gain your tiempo in Miraflores!