Buggy tour con free choose up in Bahia Feliz, smo Agustin, Playa después Ingles, Maspalomas y Meloneras
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Get to know los Teide, greatest mountain of Spain (3.718 m over sea level), Puerto después la Cruz and Santa la cruz de Tenerife

Enjoy 4 world-renowned animal shows and get come know further countless animal species. Take trip comfortably within the shortest time desde your hotel in estupendo Canaria come Loro Parque.

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Get come know ns vivid landscapes of ns island, as well as the marvels that are just within ns grasp of the bold y intrepid.
Come directly to Mogan and experience an remarkable tour on tablero of an really submarine, los Yellow Submarine.
Admire the species that dolphins y whales that live in los Canaries on board of a comfortable Catamaran the was built specifically because that this proposal. Dos hours boat trip.
Be uno Tuareg in the Sahara for ns moment, take a ride ~ above the trasero of your dromedary (camel) y get ns desert-feel!

What to perform in estupendo Canaria

Whether you’re touring gran Canaria or are uno resident of los Island, manuel-martinez.com provides you the best an option of things to do in your free time.

Whether you room in los Palmas del Gran Canaria or in tourist locations such as san Agustin, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Puerto adinerado – Amadores, or Puerto de Mogan, on manuel-martinez.com friend will discover many activities to enjoy during your stay in grande Canaria.

Activities and Attractions

When deciding what to carry out today or in los future in gran Canaria, choose between different template parks, trabaja trips in or from Gran Canaria, boat trips and tours, water sporting activities or recreational activities.

manuel-martinez.com provides more tourist info for tourists visiting grande Canaria

We offer you tasks to carry out in 1, 3, 5 or siete days. According to los time that year you travel to estupendo Canaria, ns different options can differ based on the weather. Back you can enjoy almost everything that we offer you throughout the year, ns excursions where you see ns sunset on un boat deserve to only be excellent in May, June, July, August, September y October. And during ns months of November, December, January, February, March y April, ns other watercraft excursions deserve to vary in your schedules y durations.

Find complete information about each among these deluxe activities y book directly with the la empresa that does ns activity.

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In enhancement to los basic details related to the activity or tours’s days of departure, schedule, duration, and what is included and not included, you will certainly find substantial description con photos, maps, client opinions y answers to commonly asked questions. If you have any added questions, girlfriend can call us at any tiempo via phone, email or WhatsApp come clarify.

Booking is really simple and should take alguno more than un minute. Pay special attention to ns “pick up at hotel” option, particularly for inland and boat excursions, because it may be at your accommodation or close come it. Friend should constantly select this option y then indicate the area where you room staying y the name of her hotel during the booking process so the we can send you los time y place of the pick-up the next to that establishment.

Once the reservation is made, we will instantly send you an e-mail with ns reservation voucher come your email address. If you have selected ns pick-up option that is not ns same together your accommodation, we will send friend an email with a mapa showing how to gain there. Friend should constantly read los reservation voucher’s information y contact us if girlfriend have any type of questions.

We would certainly appreciate that if friend would rate our page y give us your review delaware completing an task in order to serve as uno reference come other human being looking for ns same task in gran Canaria.

Places to view

Thanks to our guided visits, you can discover los main clues of interest that have the right to be viewed in gran Canaria:

In los south:

Puerto Mogan, also known as tiny Venice because of its canals.Maspalomas Dunes, one of the island’s many emblematic areas on the isla with an area of 400 hectares full of golden sand dunes much more than 10 metres high.Maspalomas Lighthouse (Faro del Maspalomas), a sesenta metre high lighthouse near Maspalomas Beach.Agüimes Village, un charming city in whose viejo downtown you have the right to see houses with typical Canary architecture.Fataga, ns beautiful town located in los Valley of a Thousand Palms. The white houses comparison with los vegetation the surrounds it.Palmitos Park, los best zoo in the island which likewise includes dolphin shows, bird shows and other surprises.

In los centre:

Tejeda Village, situated 1050 metres above ser level, this town of white dwellings is taken into consideration one of ns most beautiful on every of los Canary Islands.Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga, dos enormous rocks that space the grande canaria’s many important natural symbols. Desde the Pico ese las Nieves lookout you will certainly have really nice views of these dos rocks.Bandama Crater, los island’s major volcano with ns diameter of 1000 metres.Iglesia después San despues de ansan Bautista, un neoclassical church situated in the city of Arucas.Teror Village, estupendo Canaria’s most-visited town thanks to that is charming streets, where los wooden balconies was standing out from the facades of ns houses, i m sorry are common of Canary architecture. In addition, it’s nearly required to visit that is basilica, where los island’s patron saint, ns Vigen de Pino, is found.

In ns north:

Agaete, uno beautiful fishing town whereby you can caminar along ns dock, coast or wall.Tilos del Moya, uno lush forest that is nothing like the dry areas, palm tree or jaw forests typical of ns other areas in island.Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ns island’s capital and that of los Province of las Palmas, whereby it’s worth obtaining to know ns old ciudad of Vegueta and Playa después las Canteras, among other places.

In short, on manuel-martinez.com we offer you the best choice of points to do y see in grande Canaria so that you can take saturado advantage of los island y discover why that is well-known as uno miniature continent.

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