Que Es El Caminito Del Rey

El Caminito después Rey close to Malaga in Spain is most likely one of the most well known hikes in Spain. Or should me gustaría say traveler attraction? If you were on social media years ago, friend may have seen dizzying picture of los Caminito de Rey with ns worn course in uno gorge and hikers who were attached to ropes. Conversely, the old Caminito del Rey offered to one of the deadliest hikes in los world, the nuevo version if it has actually been ‘upgraded’ y safety has actually improved. Over there is tiny dangerous around it, i read on miscellaneous websites before identificación set turn off to Ardales in Andalucia. Nevertheless, while newly traveling in ns Malaga area, i started to become curious about el Caminito y wanted to shot it in person. In this write-up I’ll give you my moral opinion about ns current Caminito del Rey including consejos on where to to buy tickets, just how to destinadas your visit y more. Gain reading!

About ns Caminito ese Rey

El Caminito después Rey was constructed at los beginning of ns twentieth century as part of an power project norte of Malaga in Andalusia. Los hiking follow was developed at los time for ns employees of this project, so the they might move easily through ns narrow canyon. In 1921, this trail to be given the name Caminito del Rey, los King’s Way, when rey Alfonso XIII opened los Gualdalhorce water reservoir. To with this reservoir he walked ns perilous trace through los gorge. Since then the carries the name Caminito ese Rey.As alternate ways for the project y means that transportation at some point emerged, the trail was exit and alguna more maintenance was done. As ns result, the concrete structure fell into disrepair and some hikers even died here, most recently in ns year 2000. Ns government made decision to close ns Caminito después Rey. Renovation started in 2013 and ns trail to be reopened to the public in 2015. Ever before since alguno more deaths have occurred on the Caminito.The old y new CaminitoThe present Caminito después Rey trail

Is ns Caminito del Rey dangerous?

No, ns current Caminito después Rey is not dangerous. Friend are forced to wear ns helmet at all times and the wooden building is sturdy. Los trail is lejos enough for two people to pass each other y the suspension bridge y stairs are really sturdy too. As an skilled hiker me gustaría found the trail an extremely simple. Having actually said that, i can imagine that human being who room afraid of heights will certainly not reap this trail. My boyfriend didn’t come along with me because that that particular reason.On the hanging bridge: the most daunting part if girlfriend have ns fear of heights

Walking the Caminito de Rey trail

If you would like to walk ns Caminito ese Rey trail, it will certainly take you about half uno day, excluding transfer to y from the start. Although los current Caminito después Rey is built so that hikers can start representar both enntrance gate points, at los moment (January 2022) it’s only possible to empezar on the entrada norte, partly because of ns pandemic. This method you’ll do uno one way representar north come south.From los nearest parking lot (more around parking and the Caminito después Rey bus you can read additional on in the article under ns practical tips) it’s ns 1.5 kilometer walk to the entrance. This section starts at the main road and you’ll caminar through un tunnel the about 150 meters and then enter ns gorge. Right here you’ll follow los signs come ‘Caminito del Rey.’ At ns entrance, her ticket will be scanned y you will certainly be given un hairnet and helmet. Representar here los trail starts. You will certainly arrive almost immediately on ns wooden boardwalks above los gorge.After ns good half hour andar on los wooden boardwalks, ns trail flattens out y you fin up in uno forest. Right here are some avenues to take ns break and you can have uno drink or something to eat. Further on you will certainly go up the siguiente part of the Caminito de Rey. This is additionally where los glass floor y the spectacular suspension leg at the end of los gorge room located. After the suspension bridge and waterfall, you have to climb ns few an ext stairs prior to you with the fin of the Caminito de Rey y walk because that about dos kilometers come the end point of ns walk in los village of los Chorro. Your adventure on los Caminito del Rey has concerned an end here.I haven’t exactly measured the walking distances, but me gustaría think los ‘exciting parts’ room twice ns kilometer long, maximum. I wasn’t aware beforehand that there is still ns forest route in between these two parts. So friend don’t andar through the gorge all los time. In total you caminar 7.7 kilometers, including los part representar the parking lot to ns start and from the end to el Chorro.Entrance of los tunnel to CaminitoCaminito ese Rey startThe comienzo through the gorgeOn los Caminito después ReyHet middle partThe glass balconyThe suspension bridge

Caminito de Rey tickets

Because ns Caminito después Rey has come to be a verdadero tourist attraction, it’s ns must to book your tickets fine in advance. This can be excellent on los website of los Caminito chin or with uno tour company, then you book uno tour including uno guide and possibly move from/to Malaga. Identificación traveled gastos generales the Christmas holidays y booked my ticket about a week in advance. In summer y during los other holidays it is recommended to publication further in development as the maximum variety of walkers término hour is capped. This number has also halved early out to the pandemic. So identificación would advise to book as at an early stage as feasible in advance:

Parking near Caminito ese Rey

El Caminito de Rey is located around an hour north of Malaga, between Ardales y El Chorro. Since we were camping in Ardales, me gustaría have alguna experience with parking together we left our vehicle at the acampar site. However, i have heard desde people that parking is fairly disastrous y that adicional parking spaces room being worked on. There space paid parking point out or girlfriend can parque the car along the road if you are really early in los morning. Keep in psychic that los parking spaces closestly to los entrance fill up los fastest, so enable plenty of adicional time if you booked un little later on in ns day. Girlfriend don’t want to miss your enntrance gate time.At the fin of the walk, take the Caminito de Rey bus regreso to Ardales. There is substantially less parking an are in el Chorro so identificación would no advise parking there. Los bus costs un few euros (cash only) and runs very regularly. In case you easily suffer desde motion sickness: take it a ejercicio sickness pill because the road is narrow and winding.Caminito después Rey map

Food, drinks, restaurants

Near the empezar of Caminito ese Rey are dos restaurants. Me gustaría didn’t think they to be great, but that’s what you deserve to expect desde a traveler attraction. Over there is nothing to eat or drink along the way, so carry plenty the water (at the very least 1.5 liters in summer, uno liter in winter) y a few snacks. There are likewise restaurants y a tiny supermarket in los Chorro.

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Overnights close to Caminito de Rey

We camped at camping Parque Ardales. Due to the fact that we went to in winter, over there were just campervans, however they mainly have tent sites and a few bungalows. The was un great campsite con places under the trees, identificación can imagine that this is an extremely nice, particularly in the summer. In winter it conveniently got cold as soon as the sun was gone. Watch all locations to stay in Ardales here.The waterfall at the end

Caminito después Rey desde Malaga

If you don’t want to spend ns night in Ardales, you can visit los Caminito del Rey desde Malaga or the costero del Sol. There are miscellaneous excursions the you deserve to make. Those will take a full day including transport. This excursions are usually with uno guide, although identificación have watched many human being who finished up just walking through ns canyon top top their own while on un guided tour.

Further Caminito ese Rey tips

– During the winter it’s cold. Bring un thick jacket y possibly gloves. Friend will walk in the shade for many of the walk.– un helmet is mandatory and you might not take it it off. There room cameras along the way and there are employees in various locations who monitor this.– save in mind the it gets really hot in los summer, so it is ideal to publication as early as possible in the morning.– undertake sturdy shoes, alguno slippers or heels.– selfie sticks, tripods etc. Room not allowed.– In situation of bad weather, los walk have the right to be temporarily closed, for instance in instance of solid wind, because the suspension leg then becomes dangerous.– niños are enabled from 8 years old.– ns entrance fee is 10 euros (early 2022)The gorgeThe tricky part when you have un fear of heightsThe end of ns hike

My honest opinion about the Caminito del Rey

So here’s my moral opinion about the Caminito del Rey. Initially i was supervisor excited! i had been looking forward to it all week. Having already hiked the Embalces trail and climbed number of peaks in the region, this seemed like the vidriar on the cake throughout my stay in AndaluciaAlthough ns Caminito después Rey is special, i did not find the trail an extremely exciting. Me gustaría must recognize that I’m no afraid of heights. So ns “dangerous” is pretty much gone. However, it to be beautiful. Girlfriend just have to share the beauty with other people. Many people even. The fact the you have actually to book your ticket for los Caminito ese Rey in advance and the countless tourists did detract desde the experience uno bit for me. This does not alter the fact that los vultures circling high above my head y the beautiful views into los gorge are simply spectacular.Would me gustaría recommend los Caminito del Rey come you? Absolutely! However, if you take into account the you are definitely not the only one y that you periodically even caminar in a parade y that the is cuales longer an extremely exciting, you will not be disappointed.De Caminito ese Rey is high however not dangerousCaminito después Rey waterfallYess carry out it!

Conclusion and disclaimer

Hopefully you discovered this weblog about los Caminito del Rey useful y I provided you an honest idea of what to suppose of it. I’m curious about your experiences, feel cost-free to leaving them in ns comments. Want to read more about long walking in Spain? Check el fin all the articles me gustaría wrote here!This article contains affiliate links. If you make uno reservation or make a purchase via such uno link, we will receive a modest board of directors at alguno extra price to you.

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