Puerto ese Carmen is los main tourist city on the isla of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain y it is on ns southeast junto a of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Puerto ese Carmen was originally un small fishing village, and even despite it has actually become uno very lively holiday hub, ns old puerto is still uno delightful place to visit, boasting some great seafood restaurants. Los waterside promenade doubles up as ns main strip – it"s packed con bars, clubs, and restaurants, y it additionally looks fuera de over un trio the beaches.

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The island has avoided hefty development y many the its peak attractions were occurred with the help of the artist César Manrique, who gave them ns timeless, space-age style.Although the resort has grown over the final twenty years, it now stretches along ns whole 6 km (4 Miles) of gold sandy beaches. Los town has actually been saved desde the high-rise buildings that blight so many other destinations due to ns strict plan restrictions.






Puerto de Carmen is ns very safe fiesta island con very low crime rates even in Arrecife, ns capital. However, snowbirds have to be aware, petty theft does still exist here, as it does almost everywhere. Personal possessions need to not be left unattended. In ns unlikely event of an emergency, police have the right to be contacted top top 112. Snowbirds can also speak to your hotel staff for more assistance. Ns hotel la seguridad deposit boxes are easily accessible to snowbirds come store an important belongings y personal documents.

Communication, Internet, and cellphone in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, Spain

As in ns rest of Spain, in los Canary Islands, los official language is Spanish. However, there space many human being who speak English, los second most spoken language, y many people likewise understand German. In almost all windy establishments, such together stores, restaurants, hotels, etc., there is at least one human who speaks English or German.From various parts of ns beautiful island, snowbirds will be able to keep in tocar with people. Snowbirds should look out for los public phone call booths that take coins, credit transaction cards, y phone cards (tarjetas telefónicas). As soon as making an internacional call representar Lanzarote, dial 00 first, then your país code (the unido Kingdom 44, Republic the Ireland 353, united state 1, Canada 1, Australia 61, etc), followed by the area code y then the number you desire to reach.The nación code for Lanzarote is 34, followed by un nine-digit number starting with 928. Telephone phone call can additionally be made from the lull of one"s hotel room. Calls are cheaper on Sundays and delaware 22.00 hrs.As Lanzarote is part of Spain, European inhabitants can usar their cellphones without any kind of problems (roam prefer home). For non-EU residents, it is advised to check los rates, y if essential buy a local sim card.

Post offices are open from 09.00 to 14.00 hrs y close an hour previously on Saturdays, y there are no phones there. However, snowbirds deserve to buy stamps for their postcards. The tarjeta postal service is fairly laid-back therefore for essential or urgent mail, snowbirds should use an internacional courier company.There are a number of web cafés on los island and access is an extremely cheap. Wireless accessibility is also obtainable in many bars, cafés and of course, is accessible in hotels

Things to watch in Puerto después Carmen, Lanzarote, Spain

Some of los top attractions to visit in Puerto ese Carmen are:

The Beaches: Puerto después Carmen comes with tres sandy beaches. The playa Grande, costa Chica and Playa Pocillos.Landscapes/Nature & Parks: Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park, Timanfaya país Park, y the Cueva de los Verdes lava tube.

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Golf:  Lanzarote bahía Resort – Puerto ese CarmenBooks and Stationery: book lover snowbirds can head to los Bookshop situated at either end of Puerto del Carmen to fulfill their reading needs. Photocopying services accessible at both shops.
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Activities in Puerto ese Carmen, Lanzarote, Spain during winter

Full-Day La Graciosa Catamaran Cruise desde LanzaroteVolcano and Wine region Tour from FuerteventuraLuxury Catamaran Cruise día Trip to La Graciosa without choose up serviceTake a walk from Puerto de Carmen come Puerto CaleroTrips to ns beautiful beachesA pilgrimage to Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park y Timanfaya nacional Park.Golf playing in ~ Lanzarote golfo Resort.NightlifeWalking in the norte of LanzaroteThree way Men festividad which stop during ns month of January. The best ar to rejoice is in the ciudad capital where camel attracted processions y parades are held.Carnaval is organized in mid-February. Carnaval is los brightest and best festival on ns Lanzarote. Puerto después Carmen is the centrar of the celebration with brilliant floats, parades, performances, dances, y more.

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Shopping + Restaurants. Are they open up in los fall, winter, or spring?

Puerto del Carmen hosts un variety that shops the sell mainly tourist-oriented products y are open during ns winter. The new town hosts bars, restaurants, and tourist shops. The old town has actually many restoranes with outdoor terraces the overlook los marina below y the far-off volcanic peaks. The Biosfera Plaza is a newly created shopping plaza, opened up in 2002, which contains many international brands and has entertain facilities.From souvenir shops to designer boutiques, Lanzarote offers uno wealth of shopping avenues for even ns most ardent shopaholic. Shops that are located in ns town centers include Arrecife y Tia. Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote, offers uno wide selection of purchase opportunities. Con many of ns existing shops being updated y national brand nombre moving in, it now reflects the more cosmopolitan makeup of ns island. Tias offers un nice choice of smaller boutique-style shops, however, los more traditional centers that Yaiza and San Bartolomé tend to cater mainly to the lugares market y it"s daily needs.There are plenty of places because that snowbirds to inventario up because that food. Many of los resort communities have uno number of tiny supermarkets which have ns reasonable selection, although los prices space not always ns cheapest. For far better value y wider choice, snowbirds might pay un visit to ns Vivo Supermarket, i m sorry is opposite the airport in costa Honda or Hiperdino in ns Deiland Centre. Also at ns Congelados Roper at playa Honda, which no only uses frozen food, but also has fresh fish, delicatessen, y butcher counters. Over there is also great fruit y veg section.For the more local markets, the Teguise market opens every Sunday between 09.00-14.00. It is los biggest y best-known calle market; busy con hundreds that stalls y thousands the people. In totalmente contrast to Teguise, Haria industry stages a laid back, small-scale industry every Saturday morning, with twenty come thirty stalls set up in los shade of ns towns. The operates every Saturday in between 09.00-14.00.