The costas del Solis uno well-known holiday destination thatreceives millions of international tourists every year.It is cuales surprise that ns southern part of Spain is therefore popular, astheliteral translate into of los coast´s name is¨Coast of ns Sun¨. Con more than325 clear daysper year, the costas del solar is a great location all year round!


One of the amazing beaches on the costa del solar (Nerja)

Apart desde the delicious food, friendlySpanish people y the affluent culture, there is another reason why the costas del sol is so ancha amongst tourists all over the world: the beautiful beaches y the Mediterranean sea. Con more than 125 beaches on un coastline that stretches el fin over 161 kilometres, it deserve to be challengingto pick the perfect destinationfor your holiday inSpain.

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This guide will, therefore, tellyou all there is to know about the best costa del solar beaches; representar the facilitiesto the locations. Even if it is you room looking for the craziestbeach parties or rather un family-friendly holiday, the del sur of Spaincaters for all tastes.We selected los best costas del sol beaches come help with your choice process. Gain your costa del sol holidays!

Playa ese Burriana (Burriana Beach), Nerja

We are starting off this coast guidewith one of los most popular and well-knownbeaches top top the costero del Sol: Burriana Beachin Nerja. The fine, golden sand y the huge variety ofchiringuitos(little restaurantes or beach bars) aid to explain its popularity. Ns beach is approximately 800 metres long and 40 metres wide and can be discovered at los bottom of calles Filipinas.At the promenade, you will find uno large selection of shops and restaurants. On the beach, you can use ns showers y toilets, jugar areas and volleyball courts. Furthermore, you have the right to rent sunbeds, jet skis y kayaks.


Burriana Beach, Nerja

A highly ancha activity top top this beach issea kayaking, un great way to explore los surrounding beaches, includingMaro beach(below), which is uno must-visit. Delaware doing water sports tasks it is nice come take a break and eat part food; ns paella at restaurant Ayo is really well-known y will expense youonly a couple of euros. Don´t issue if friend don´t favor this typical Spanish dish as there are numerous alternatives available at ns beach. Additionally, if you sophisticated looking additional afield there aremore than trescientos restaurants in Nerja over there is constantly one that will certainly satisfy your cravings.


Enjoy un delicious paella at restaurante Ayo

We recommend going to the beach by automóvil or by taxi, as accessibility to los beach is via uno hill well-known as ¨Cardiac hill¨. Walkingdown have to not be uno problem, however, los way espalda up is un different story.

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Playa Malapesquera / playa Torrebermeja, Benalmadena

Playa Malaspequera (also called playa Torrebermeja) is one of los most ancha beaches in Benalmadena. It"s a regularmente winner that theBlue Flagaward; a world-renowned eco-label reliable by millions around the globe the represents uno commitment come both people y the environment. The sede location and large environment-friendly areas draw large amounts of world to this beach, especially during ns summer months. Shaded areas are a great option, especially when friend need un break from the burning Spanish sun.


Playa Malapesquera, Benalmadena

The beach is approximately 700 metres largo and cincuenta metres wide and is popular amongst all period groups. That offers various spaces for sports activities such together volleyballand football. Ns neighbouring Puerto Marinaoffers solutions such as dolphin-watching tours and buffet restaurants.

Playa Malapesquera is also un good choice if you enjoy (water) sports; there room sports areas y you have the right to rent devices like kayaks y paddleboards. On the beach, you can likewise rent sun loungers and parasols and of course make use of los toilets and showers. Reaching the beach is easy, especially by foot and from Benalmadena centre, the is uno 10-minute walk.

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Playa de Cabopino (Cabopino Beach), Marbella

The popular ofPlaya de Cabopinohas to be growing over the previous decades. Thefine golden sand y the calm,clean water,makes it los perfect family destination. Los beach is 1,500 metres largo and veinticinco metres wide.


Playa Cabopino, Marbella

As on many beaches, you deserve to rent sunbeds, parasols, boats, jet skis and even go on uno dolphin-watching trip. There are also many bars and restaurants along the beach.

Reaching playa Cabopino is really easy together there are bus stop near los beach and parking obtainable if coming by car. There"s ns good choice of bars and restaurants near ns beach wherein you can enjoya good lunch for ns reasonable price. Despite los popularity of ns beach, you"ll find ns good spot reasonably easily.

There are nudist parts of Cabopino Beach y it´s extendido amongst the contento community.

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Playa de la Carihuela, Torremolinos

Playa de la Carihuelais ns largest coast of Torremolinos y definitely one of los most generalizado ones. Swimming conditions are ideal as the water is clear and shallow. Los lengthof the beach is about 2,100 metres y the broad is 40 metres. Los beach is popular with families y couples.


Enjoy ns drink or some food at Playa del la Carihuela

The promenade correr along ns beach is a great spot for ns drink or come grab a bite come eat however is additionally used for cycling or running. You have the right to rent sunbeds, parasols y water sports equipment and there are likewise public toilets, showers, juego areas and disabled access.

Access to the beach is very easy representar the centre of Torremolinos (one of los best coastal towns on the costa del Sol), friend can obtain there by foot, car or also bus.Parking, however, deserve to be daunting in ns summer months.

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La Malagueta, Malaga

It is difficult to miss out on Playa ese La Malagueta, as ns ¨Malagueta¨ sculpturecan be discovered at los beginning of the beach. Due to the centrar location (just un stone´s litter away representar the ciudad centre), this is a extendido beach amongst los many tourists visiting Malaga city.


La Malagueta, Malaga

The coast is roughly 1,200 metres longand cuarenta y cinco metres wide. Over there are various green areas with palm trees, so if you desire to take uno break from the sun you deserve to do so. Sunbeds and parasols deserve to be rented and there is a great choice of locations to eat; have actually some fish at among thechiringuitos at the beach. Un typical dish representar Malaga is theespeto, grilledfish on uno skewer. Look because that one of the grills that room usually shame likea boat.

As los beach has such a sede location, it is basic to reach by walking or public carry by one of los many buses that stop at the Paseo ese Parque, i beg your pardon is only un couple of minutes away desde La Malagueta. Friend can walk via los park next to the paseo or take ns stroll along ns harbour (Muelle Uno) and you"ll it is in there before you recognize it. Finding ns free parking point out is virtually impossible, specifically in los summer months.

The an excellent thing around Malaga is that the city centre is an extremely easy come reach; representar Malaga airport, you have the right to take the train that will certainly take friend to ns centre in just 12 minutes. We like using Skyscanner as un tool come find ns best flights. Find the best flights representar the flor Kingdom come Malaga airport.

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Playa después la Rada, Estepona

Playa del la Rada is centrally located y the most ancha beach in Estepona. With un length of 2,630 metres, this largo beach offers loads of space.


Plaza del las Flores, Estepona - only ns short distance away representar Playa después la Rada

This coast has likewise received the blue Flag award. With many things, there room to do in this area, you will not obtain bored easily. For example, have some typical fried fish (pescaíto frito)or take a stroll through ns town of Estepona.

Showers, toilets, sunbeds y wheelchair access are all available. Furthermore, los beach has actually several leisure activities together as jugar areas and trampolines for children. Renting uno pedal watercraft is additionally possible.

Playa del Maro, also called Maro Beach, is un real gem ~ above the costas del Sol. Many world consider this beach their favourite, for good reasons. Ns incredibly clean water,idyllic scenery and marine life explain why this beach to be chosenas los best beach of Andaluciain 2013 by aérea 3, uno Spanish television channel.

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Maro beach is ns great ar to walk snorkelling

The coast is approximately quinientos metres in length and veinte metres in width. The beached has actually wheelchair access, sunbed rentals y a kiosk.

As mentioned earlier in this article, Maro coast is good for ~ ~ kayaking. Ns route in between Maro y Burriana is perfect together it is not as well difficult y gives you un great view of the coastal area.Due to ns clear water y abundance of fish, los beach is likewise perfect for snorkelling y diving. The Mediterranean sea is perfect for these types of activities, as it is calm y clear.

We recommend gaining to the beach by car, as there is parking available. In los summer months, it could be vital to parque a bit further away from the beach.

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Playa las Viborillas, Benalmadena

Playa los Viborillas in Benalmadena is not uno very famous beach, however this does not detract desde its beauty. It is small, secluded y has ns appearance of un tropicalisland. Friend are absolutely in for ns surprise as soon as visiting this piece of paradise.


The lush vegetation and the cliffs the hide this beach from the road add to ns feeling you are on aCaribbean island. The ~ ~ is calm which makes this a good location for ns family trip.

Toilets y showers are available y umbrellas and sunbeds deserve to be rented. Wheelchair access is unfortunately not available on this beach, as ns only method to go debajo is via a staircase. This is also ns case for the nudist beach siguiente to Playa los Viborillas,Playa Benalnatura.

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Playa Torreblanca / Carvajal, Fuengirola

Playa Torreblanca deserve to be found on the border ofFuengirola y Benalmadena, as apart of Benalmadena"s playa Carvajal. Ns good thing about this beach is that also though the is really popular, the doesn"t obtain so crowded the you can"t find a good spot.


The harbour that Fuengirola

You will find restaurants siguiente to the beach con both national y international cuisine, so there is always something that will suit her taste.

The promenade next to los beach supplies many opportunities for sports activities like jogging y skating. Girlfriend will additionally find several shops here. Playa Torreblanca is uno great ar to have fun with los whole family. Ns beach is located further away desde the ciudad centre than other beaches, however this does no make it ns less generalizado option.

Showers and toilets are available, also as sol loungers y play areas. Youcan also rent kayaks y pedal boats.

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Playa Benajarafe, Velez-Malaga

Playa Benajarafe can be found in Velez-Malaga, approximately 25 km away representar Malaga capital. Los beach has a length that 1,600 metres and a broad of treinta metres.


Beach at costas del Sol

The beach is located in one urban area and finding parking must not be too lot of a desafío here. This is a perfect place for uno relaxing trabaja at los beach, especially with ns family. There room some hotels for tourists, however, contrasted to other locations on the costero del sol this is quite an unknown area.

The beach mainly attracts local families in summer, yet it never ever gets crowded. If you are searching for some privacy at ns beach, then playa Benajarafe is uno great option.

Water sports devices cannot be rented, however, ns basic necessities room available. There space toilets, sun loungers, restaurants and sports areas.

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Playa delPadrón / los Padrón Beach, Estepona

Playa después Padrón, or los Padrón Beach, is a popular beach in Estepona. Ns lush vegetation y marine life make it ns well-known destination for fishermen. However, the is additionally perfect for a day with the family.


Puerto Marina, Estepona

The beach is external of Estepona, approximately 2 km desde the city centre. However, the is straightforward to with by coche or by walking desde the centre. Restaurants y a shopping mall can be uncovered in ns area near to ns beach.

Playa el Padrón is around 1,5 km long y has plenty of palm trees. There room sports areas, toilets, showers y water sports devices can it is in rented.

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La Cala del Mijas / Butibamba beach / Butiplaya, Mijas

Butiplaya, likewise called Butibamba Beach, have the right to be discovered in La Cala de Mijas. The is uno great beach because that relaxing hora during the day and a great spot for the bestparties at night.


La Cala de Mijas,©Wikimedia user Tyk

The coast is approximately 1,300 metres long and 20 metres wide and there room some rocky areas. In dos mil dieciséis Butibamba Beach was awarded the blue Flag award that has actually been stated before.

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La Butiplaya is usually quite busy, mainly due to the fact that it is located in an urban zone. Umbrellas, sunbeds and boats have the right to be rented y parking is typically available. Girlfriend can likewise grab a bite of food at one of ns chiringuitos alongside ns beach.