Parque Natural Del Torcal De Antequera


El Torcal park and the protected los Torcal Natural Area is well-known for it"s unexplained limestone piedra formations. Situated about treinta km phia băc of Málaga city in ns direction the Antequera near los village of Villanueva de la Concepción, within ns Torcal Park"s 17 square kilometres are some of ns most beautiful y impressive limestone landscapes in Europe. Los whole area to be under sea until one hundred million la edad ago.

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Then ns violent activities of ns Earth"s crust forced it upward right into hills and mountains as much as 1.300 m, ns limestone still kept its layered horizontal formation. Since of this, gastos generales the countless years ns rain and wind have been able to chisel away at these layers to form incredible shapes.

To reach los heart the the park it is feasible to drive as much as 1.100 m above ser level along ns good access road into ns park. Merely go to los village of Villanueva ese la Concepcion and follow ns sign to los Torcal fuera of los town about uno km. At the park"s parking area girlfriend will discover an information centre, tiny museum, with an exciting of view of the wildlife, flora and fauna of ns park. Over there is ns good cafe. Orchid enthusiasts will be captivated through the 30 varieties of the plant farming in ns park.

Private tour in Antequera y El Torcal representar Marbella or Malaga


Private tour in Antequera and El Torcal desde Marbella or Malaga

Explore Antequera, "the heart of Andalusia" because of its sede location among Málaga, Granada, Córdoba, y Seville, ns nearby naturalmente reserve of los Torcal, famous for its stormy limestone rocks, one of los most essential karst landscapes in Europe, the Roman baths, ns fortress y many more.

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Three courses through the parque for walkers have actually been marked fuera de with various coloured arrows on wood sticks. The green route is ns shortest and easiest, 1,5 km. And takes about 30 minutes. The yellow route covers most of the green area, is 2,5 km. Long y takes you to "Las Ventanillas" (The Windows), in ~ 1.200 m. Because that panoramic see of the valley that Málaga. Finally los red route is the longest and most difficult, 4,5 km. Taking about tres hours, with un viewing señalar 1.339 m. Up whereby you can see los whole the the el Torcal Park and the áfrica Coastline.

You need an excellent walking shoes or trainers, in the warm month take un bottle of water. For an ext information about "El Torcal" read the article in ns magazine. Los Torcal ese Antequera -papposo The enchanted mountain range.

HOW TO acquire THERE

From Antequera, ns Torcal is 15 km del sur on ns A-7075 on los right hand lado on the decent into Villanueva de la Concepcion.

From Málaga cabeza 20km norte on the A45 to "km 148" and the town of Casabermeja, then cabeza west on ns A7075 come Villanueva después la Concepcion. And follow indicators for Antequera. Ns road leading up to el Torcal is 3km after Villanueva ese la Concepcion on ns left hand side.


El Torcal ese Antequera was included as uno landmark dentro de the Antequera Dolmens Site which was inscribed on ns UNESCO mundo Heritage list on 15th July dos mil dieciséis (including Peña de los Enamorados).

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For an ext detailed info read our web page on El Torcal naturaleza Area.