Not far from Lisbon, los Sintra Cascais natural Park uses both Unesco sites and amazing naturalmente sites: a great region to spend ns few days! To help you destinado a your trips, below is my an option of los top things to perform in Sintra y around: palaces, beaches, cliffs, parks...All you require to destinadas your visit consisting of photos, tips and map.

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Map that Sintra Cascais naturaleza Park

Below is ns simplified mapa of los Sintra Cascais naturaleza Park y its ar in relationship to Lisbon.


Map the Sintra-Cascais natural Park

The in-depth Maps con roads y all ns places to visit with their GPS works with are obtainable in my eBooks: los Road pilgrimage Guide - Portugal and The Road pilgrimage Guide: Lisbon —apoyándose Sintra —apoyándose Algarve.

Destinations in the natural Park

Cascais & sur Coast - Cascais is the most famous resort town in Portugal. No far desde Lisbon, this is where we have the right to find ns "Lisbon Beaches". Cascais itself is no in the national Park, however it starts on its left.Cabo da Roca - los westernmost apuntar a of Mainland Europe, patria to stunning cliffs and coastline.Inland - If you desire to avoid the tourists, head inland off ns beaten track. Take your car in those small roads y discover valleys, farms, windmills and abundant wildlife.

How to obtain to Sintra

Sintra is an extremely easy to reach, only 30min representar Lisbon.

Where to stay in Sintra

Check fuera this attach to see the best rated accommodations in Sintra.

More info with accommodation proposal at the fin of the article.

Things to do in Sintra town

Let"s comienzo with the best areas to visit in Sintra. Below are the major Sintra attractions i m sorry are component of the Sintra Unesco site, only treinta minutes representar Lisbon.If would only have actually one trabaja in Sintra, me gustaría recommend visiting the esfuerzos Palace and the castle of the Moors. With these 2, girlfriend discover very distinctive structures y amazing views of los region. Yet if friend have more days, you can find an ext interesting attractions detailed below.Don"t shot to fill to much, the places room huge!


Castle of los Moors, Sintra

This medieval castle is on peak of one hill of the Serra da Sintra. Damages of the wall room accessible with great views of the valley and of the dolor Palace.More photos y info on the Sintra castle of ns MoorsArticle.

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This is one of los most famous structures in Portugal. This really unique site, lleno of colors and shapes, sit on peak of ns mountain range.The pena Palace has been called one of the the seven Wonders the Portugal.

More photos y info on the Sintra pena Palace Article

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The andar between ns old y the new city is rather enjoyable con statues y green areas. Take some tiempo to explore the street. Over there is much more to view in Sintra!

This is ns most easily obtainable of ns Sintra attraction, together it is in the centrar right before beginning your way up come Pena. This white building with both Gothic y Manueline architectural elements used come be the royal residence.

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Another famous point of attention in Sintra, this palatial departamento also presents uno variety of architecture elements. That has a large and well-designed parque you deserve to explore, especially on a hot day.

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This is an additional of the key areas to visit in Sintra. This royal residence is quite exuberant in itself, however it is mostly well known for its forested park with routes that will lead friend to exciting discoveries. Los most famous feature is ns initiation wells the look choose underground towers.

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if friend have more time and are wonder what an ext there is to check out in Sintra: take into consideration visiting:

the Convento dual Capuchos, quite ns different style to anything rather here.The Sentais Palace, uno more classical building built in los 18th century

Cabo Da Roca & western Coast

If you cabeza west desde Sintra, you will certainly reach los Atlantic coast con amazing cliffs and beautiful beaches.

This is los westernmost point on mainland. Quite ns touristic place... However there is enough space for everyone to enjoy los views. However, if you space planning to visit ns amazing cliffs of ns Algarve region, you could skip this location as ns cliffs room not as exceptional in comparison.

A stunning beach with un beautiful arche and large rocks breaking the waves. Photographers love it!

More photos and info on ns Praia da Adraga Article

This is just one of my pure favorite beaches in Portugal. You empezar with ns fantastic approach at the fin of the beach. Climate you can easily access ns beach y admire ns solidified sand dune top top your way down.

More photos y info on los Praia carry out Magoito beach Article

This is not ns most scenic coast in ns area, but the large sandy area renders it uno favorite to invest a día at ns beach.

If you have actually time, drive los small roads along ns coast and discover los many white villages overlooking ns ocean.


If you cabeza further North, you will certainly find:

Praia da Samarra, ns narrow covePraia da Vigia, a long stretch of sand with high cliffs, access límite via part pathsPraia execute Sao Juliao, at los limit of the naturalmente Park con good facilities to spend the día at los beach. If you walk norte of it, friend have a great see of ns coastline

Things come do approximately Cascais

To the sur is the famous seaside resort of Cascais.

The most renowned beach is Praia grande Do Guincho con its sand dunes.

The sur part of the parque also includes:

Praia da CresminaFarol do capa RasoFort that São Jorge después Oitavos

And if you are looking for ns very scenic place, y are all set to go off ns beaten track, shot getting to the amazing cliffs at Praia carry out Porto execute Touro.

Inland - driving about Sintra

Sintra y the park are very touristic. So, if you desire to avoid los crowds, walk on one adventure. Take los small roads between farms to discover little valleys, views of Serra da Sintra and many numerous windmills.

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And no Far: Mafra

After touring ns Sintra region, you deserve to go espalda to Lisbon. Yet if you are heading north towards Obidos, have a stop in los town that Mafra (outside the naturalmente Park). The façade of los Mafra nacional palace is fairly impressive y worth un stop. Developed in ns 18th century, it to be also un monastery for a while

PLANNING TIPS -papposo the Sintra region, Portugal

How to obtain to Sintra y the region

OPTION 1 - Driving —apoyándose Lisbon come Sintra: 30min highway drive via A37 (Parking alternatives are límite close to certain palaces yet there are huge carparks near Pena and Castle of ns Moors)Lisbon come Cascais - treinta y cinco min via A5Sintra to promontorio da Roca - 30min via N247

Need to rental a coche in Portugal?My tips:

Consider their completamente coverage option - I constantly take that for tranquility of mind!

How long to remain in ns Sintra Cascais naturaleza Park.

If friend stick with the highlights, dos days are sufficient, but tres to cuatro days will allow you to find more