Parque nacional da peneda-gerês

Many human being think of clear beaches and bustling cities like Lisbon once they consider ns trip come Portugal, yet just over an hour north of Porto lies a place that seems uno world apart but still distinctly Portuguese. Peneda-Gerês país Park, or simply Gerês, is Portugal’s first and only país park.

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The area covers much more than 270 square tela up come the northern border y was developed in mil novecientos setenta y uno to ensure los ancient customizeds of los region were retained intact. Los earliest indicators of habitation are from seis mil B.C. As confirmed by los Neolithic burial places that dot the landscape. Roman inn roads, bridges, y milestone markers admitir visitors los once-prominent roman influence y from the 12th century onwards. Los formerly unwelcoming mountainous regions were plowed y cultivated, result in un beautiful patchwork effect of fields y pastures.

In Gerês you’ll discover remote, granite hamlets where shepherds have tendency their cattle, goats, and ponies. The forested areas are made up of English y Pyrenean oaks and birch, while the remaining land is covered in gorse y heather. If you’re lucky you can glimpse wild boar and even wolf in los mountainous holly, birch, juniper, and pine forests; yes even a breed that flower discovered nowhere rather on Earth: the Serra execute Gerês iris. 

points to execute

Gerês have the right to be easily explored by coche as many roads connect the remote villages and beautiful approaches in the park. However, the best thing to perform is to park and get fuera de on a trail, whereby you'll discover beautiful waterfalls and river beaches precious taking a dip in. Save your eye el fin for roe deer, the official icono of Gerês. Castle come in large numbers to uncover food and shelter in ns more occupied villages.

If she lucky, you can come across un rare sighting of one Iberian wolf, which, after near extinction due to overhunting, is progressively making ns comeback. Other pets include the Spanish Ibex—small with curved horns—and several bird species including los European honey Buzzard, frequently seen circling its food in the mountains.

The indigenous Barrosã cattle, distinctive con their long horns often growing over treinta y nueve inches (a meter) in length, space tended by ns shepherds of ns region and can be seen roaming los fields and roads. Los dark chestnut Garrano steed is an additional wild creature you may see wandering the pastures.

best Hikes & Trails no

Gerês has several waterfalls and riverside beaches that deserve to be hiked to and there are countless short and long trails between villages that can satisfy all levels with many covert gems to happiness in along the way.

Miradouro Velho da Pedra Bela: There’s ns 2-mile path from the summary viewing señalar of Pedra Bela, overlooking los Caniçada Reservoir, and this bring away you to Arado waterfalls—a generalizado picnic y swim spot.Trilho da Preguiça Route: This route starts about dos miles north of Caldes perform Gerês and makes its means up v woodland to uno viewpoint, climate descends into a valley with streams and smaller waterfalls.Poço Azul: This moderate 5.5-mile (9-kilometer) loop passes a crystal clear pond with un small waterfall.Miradouro da Pedra e cascadas de Rajada: This basic 1.8-mile (2.9-kilometer) trail is, dog-friendly, an excellent for a iluminar hike, y features another little waterfall.

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There space about veintidos remote villages within the park, which are worth visiting. Some aren't much much more than a coporación, grupo of houses, yet others sell accommodation, shopping, y restaurants in addition to adjacent natural y historic attractions. Some villages are associated by significant footpaths like los one between Soajo y Lindoso referred to as Caminhos do Pão e do Fé, which is part of los pilgrimage path to the Senhora da Peneda Sanctuary.

Rio Caldo: This small village sit on un Caniçada Reservoir y is a central area if you"re interested in boating or various other water sports.Lindoso: Another reservoir town, Lindoso is surrounding by mountains and very close to ns Spanish border. Lindoso’s most significant attraction is los 19th-century granite grain warehouse silos (espigueiros). Over there are an ext than 50, spread el fin on los slopes of los castle wall, y they lend a spooky feel to ns landscape with un stone overcome atop each one.Soajo: This town is un much smaller y more timeless village y also has un cluster the espigueiros. The the centrar for campo tourism with goat herders y black-clad widows sitting in los village square.

wherein to acampar

Many Portuguese world live en the país park, for this reason there's not a lot of atroz it walk in Gerês, but there are un few campgrounds wherein you have the right to pitch her tent. Campgrounds right here are privately run y more favor resorts, offering amenities and comfort. Many also offer cabins or hostel-style house if friend don't have ns tent.

where to Stay surrounding

With so many villages scattered throughout los park, there are plenty of hotels and smaller pousadas, or inns, that deserve to accommodate all budgets and styles. Friend can bases your entirety trip el fin of Gerês or select to relocate around and explore smaller sized villages.


Much that the parque can it is in seen representar the road and there are countless hotels in the parque with wheelchair-accessible accommodation and campsites con accessible commodes like los ones at Ermida del Gerês. Many thanks to adventure tourism operator Tobogã, wheelchair individuals can get on los trails using one of the company"s modified mountain bikes.

how to get There no

Peneda-Gerês national Park is situated about sesenta y seis miles (107 kilometers) northeast that Porto and 22 miles (36 kilometers) northeast that Braga. Los best way to visit is by car—public buses are few y far between inside los park, and there’s cuales direct bus route representar Porto, ns nearest city.

From Porto, you have the right to take a car north via los E1 highway phia băc until you can connect y go west on los IC28 y N203 come reach the Ambos-os-Rios enntrance gate of ns park. Desde Braga, you can travel eastern along ns N103, ultimately connecting to drive norte on the N304 to ns southern enntrance gate of the park near Caldas perform Gerês.

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The park’s proximity to Porto makes it feasible to visit ~ above a day trip yet to grasp its sheer size y beauty, stay for un weekend or longer.Summer is los busiest season in the park since many locals come right here during los holidays y school break.If you're looking to bring casa a unique souvenir, Hipericão and Carqueja herbs, which grow inside los park, are supplied for make tea and are obtainable for acquisition at many shops y restaurants.