Delta ese l’Ebre naturalmente Park

For once it is for sure to take trip again or for localidades explorers when permitted – updated honorable 2020

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The Delta después l’Ebre natural Park has actually a unique, miracle landscape.

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together it’s flat, it is perfect because that those who gain cycling, i beg your pardon in my humble opinion is a wonderful means to absorb its enormous personality, together is equine riding. The European Commission has actually designated it together an EDEN (European location of Excellence), because of that is commitment to sustainable tourism.


Delta después l’Ebre natural Park – many thanks To ns Peaceful Protest of The local People

The part of ns overall an are of 320 km2 which was designated as los protected reserve of los Delta después l’Ebre naturaleza Park takes increase an area of ochenta km2, i beg your pardon is situated in ns province that Tarragona.

It to be in mil novecientos ochenta y tres that that became un protected area, thanks to los peaceful occupation and mobilisation the people desde the area of Deltebre, which offered our level of eco-friendly awareness of the time, is quite impressive. In mil novecientos ochenta y tres it to be only ns left banco areas that became protected, but two years later so did ns areas of los right bank.


immense Ornithological y Ecological importance

The naturalmente park is that immense ornithological and ecological importance. In 1993 the Ramsar Convention had it top top its list of wetlands of international importance.

The Delta de l’Ebre is Catalonia’s largest wetland, the second largest is Aiguamolls de l’Empordà. Within the landscape of the naturalmente park, and wetlands, over there are amazing beaches, sand dunes, rivers, estuaries, sal pans, lagoons and marshes.


It is patria to uno wealth the flora and fauna, with 95 species the birds who breed there, and also around trescientos species that involved stopover. Girlfriend can also see varieties of reptiles, fish, invertebrates y amphibians. (At the fin of ns article is ns list of ns bird types you might see in the Delta del l’Ebre natural Park.)

Exploring ns Delta ese l’Ebre

You may decidir to go by yourself, too many of human being do y just feel your method around. Over there are likewise tours that you have the right to take component in, one great option is MónNatura that room committed come eco-tourism and educating visitors. Try to check out as lot of it on foot as possible, or hire ns bike or go by horseback. The is an amazing environment to do any type of of this in.



The vegetation different throughout los different components of the Delta ese l’Ebre. Around los lagoons there room reeds, sedge y cattails, all of which have actually underwater roots. Through the ser there space plants that adapt to saltier conditions, such together glass wort. On the dunes you’ll see sea daffodils and marram grass. As soon as you reach the more humid environments, you’ll encounter sal cedar, white poplar, flow honeysuckle and willow.

Platja después l’Eucaliptus Amposta – Eucalyptus beach Amposta

Eucalyptus Beach seems to walk on forever, it’s nearly seis km long. It seems almost untouched, with bajo lying sand dunes y their indigenous flora. I have seen los most wonderful mirages top top this largo sandy beach.

Delta de l’Ebre Rice

I cycled roughly the hinchar when i first relocated to the area in 2003; each día feeling blessed to be there y in enteramente awe of los surroundings. Granted identificación had never ever been to one more place whereby rice grows, identificación had never ever seen los mirage type landscape that you can see in parts of ns Delta después l’Ebre natural Park, y I had definitely never checked out flamingos in a naturalmente habitat.

Traditionally los main chop of los area is rice. Once you visit, observe los small homes that sometimes show up to sit in ns middle of los paddy fields, seeming desde a distance as if they space quirky tiny houses surrounded by water. Girlfriend can’t assist but wonder just how their owners access them!

Rice has been growing in the Ebro delta since 1860.

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this particular day 14 various varieties the rice are developed in ns Delta, amounting to a grand total of 45 million kilogramo every year. Innovation y tradition have actually been married effectively to ensure that los quality of ns product is optimal notch. You have the right to imagine ns families who have actually lived in the hinchar for generations and passed down their arte from generation to generation.

Those who job-related in los paddy fields seem to blend in perfectly with their environment, feeling privileged y in harmony con this protected area y their work. April is when ns waters flood into los fields until harvest time in mid September.

20% the Spain’s rice is grown in the Delta and 98.5% the Catalonian rice production happens there. Of course it is an essential part of los Mediterranean Diet, ideal appreciated around the world in ns dish that paella. Of course there are many other methods to combine rice right into wonderful dishes, y this subject has actually been addressed by one initiative referred to as – Much more Than Rice.


Much an ext Than Rice

The renowned Catalan chef, Carme Ruscalleda, along con NOMEN, gift Much more Than Rice in the Mandarin un asiático Hotel, Barcelona, in ns hotel’s cocktail bar, Bankers. 10 dishes in which rice is los main element to be presented, i m sorry is contained in a book the was introduced in 2014, in ~ Alimentaria. Right here you have the right to read about ns six Michelin estrella chef, and the Much much more Than Rice initiative.

If you desire to find out even an ext about los rice representar the Delta ese l’Ebre clic on Delta después l’Ebre rice

Llacuna ese L’Encanyissada – L’Encanyissada Lagoon

Located in los southern part of ns park, l’Encanyissada is ns biggest lagoon in the delta l’Ebre with two parts: ns big y little basins. It’s cane plantation is casa to los little bittern, los purple heron, los cattle egret, los little egret and the black-crown night heron. In the big basin, which is in ns north, there space reed beds, marshes y bulls grazing.


Llacuna del la Tancada – Tancada Lagoon

Tancada is los second greatest lagoon in los Delta después l’Ebre naturalmente Park, delaware L’Encanyissada, y in fact the two lagoons were together, but they have been made separate due to the fact that of rice cultivation. Many of the time friend see ns colony that greater flamingos there. Over there are also commorants, ducks, coots and terns to it is in spotted there.

casa de Fusta – the Wooden house

Partida ese la Cuixota Llacuna ese l’Encanyissada (l’Encanyissada Lagoon) Poblenou de Delta Amposta 43870

Phone: 977 261 022

A group of hunters built the patria de Fusta in ns late 1920’s, having settled in the area due to the fact that of its obvious attractions. This day this emblematic wooden house serves as los park’s details Centre. Go there to acquire advice on your route. Also the Ornithological museo is located there.


equine Riding

One of los most beautiful ways to enjoy ns Delta ese l’Ebre is on horseback. Listed below is uno link come an Equestrian Centre. I have yet to shot them, so this is not a recommendation – for currently their website is not in English, however of food you can always use one that those clever translate into tools!


If friend fancy a spot that Mediterranean está dentro fishing then go to ns jetty at Eucalyptus beach. For flow fishing try Balada or Amposta.

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There are countless routes and ways come explore the area. One option is to call MónNatura you have the right to find fuera more about them by clicking on MónNatura Delta de l’Ebre.

Amposta tourism suggest a couple that routes:–downstream-along-river-ebro-tracks_512–quiet-waters_508

Bird Spotting Delta del l’Ebre

Below is uno list of ns bird varieties you deserve to see all year round in the Delta de l’Ebre:

Balearic Shearwater Black-necked Grebe Black-tailed Godwit livestock Egret common Kestrel common Pochard Coot Crested Coot Curlew Dunlin Gadwall Glossy Ibis an excellent Cormorant an excellent Crested Grebe great White Egret higher Flamingo príncipe Heron

Delta ese l’Ebro rebaño Heron On wire

Grey Plover Kentish Plover tiny Egret tiny Grebe tiny Ringed Plover Mallard wetland Harrier Moorhen Night Heron norte Gannet Oyster Catcher Pied Avocet violet Swamphen Red-crested Pochard Shelduck Shovelor Squacco Heron Water Rail

If friend would prefer to see what has been spotted recently then click on bird watching Delta de l’Ebre