Experience ns Palau with uno guided visit y discover the wonders. Enjoy un whole mundo of surprises and refined architectural details.

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The Palau del la música Catalana was declared world Heritage by UNESCO in 1997 and is recognized as los masterpiece of Modernisme. It is one of the most emblematic structures of Barcelona y an essential part of any visit to los city.

Tour DetailsWhen: Daily from diez AM to 3:30 PM all year round honorable from 9 AM to ocho PM.Meeting point: Your guide will fulfill you at ns foyer (cafeteria) of ns Palau del la MusicaDuration: 55 minutes approx. Please be at ns Palau del la música foyer 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time.Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian.Itinerary: Rehearsal room of the Orfeó Català with uno video introduction > Lluís Millet hall > Concert Hall with its outstanding skylight > quick demonstration of the Palau’s organ.Please note

The Palau del la musical is uno busy working concert hall. Guided visits may therefore occasionally be readjusted or cancelled.

Why do our customers publication this tour?It is the only means to walk fuera de to los famous balcony con flowered columnsThe concert hall is at is finest during day time, when brillante floods in y you deserve to take superior pictures

Posted through cpeters_G69 - 06 Apr 2017

“Arguably ns best building in barna … not to be missed” 5/5 stars

A simple stunning building. One of los most exceptional sights in Barcelona. Desde the outside it is hard to appreciate simply how great it is as ns proximity that other structures prevent a decent panoramic view. You will need to pay to take ns tour to totally appreciate its beauty , yet what a visual delight. Yet once inside los attention to detail in the Palau ese la Musica Orfeo Catala is uno joy come behold. As this is still a working musical venue ns attractive functions within the building space amazing, especially when you understand they where developed well prior to much of ns science that accompanies contemporary acoustics

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Posted through SunnyladySurrey —apoyándose 05 Apr 2017

“A surprise gem in the back streets that Barcelona.”

We took un taxi come this beautiful concert hall, together it is not simple to uncover tucked far in the regreso streets the Barcelona. It was built 100 years ago for uno choir y it is tho owned this particular day by the choir. We had delicious coffee y cake in the beautiful café before we took the tour con an English speaking guide. That is ns most beautiful concert hall with over 2,000 seats. Los architecture is amazing y the stained glass windows room truly magnificent, letting in therefore much naturalmente light. They to be rehearsing for ns concert while we were there and we wished we might have obtained tickets to watch the saturado performance. We would love to go again and really recommend a visit if you space in Barcelona.

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Posted by KDrellich - 05 Apr 2017

“A jewel tucked into a bustling ar scene.” 4/5 stars

Architect luigi Domènech identificación Montaner created uno rich combination of imaginative tile-work and stained glass to al honor music; los eye is as entertained as los ear. Take the guided tourism to totally enjoy all of this jewel box of color, creativity y artistry desde the box office to ns café.

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Posted through Emma B - veintitres Aug 2016

"Stunning" 5/5 stars

You deserve to only enter los Palau as part of un guided tour however there space lots available. English speaking tours are available every hour on ns hour. Los building chin is very impressive y just beautiful. I'm therefore glad we made time for this visit. Ns guide we had williams was very knowledgeable y made los tour really enjoyable. The has un cafe attached i m sorry is sensibly priced. Top marks.

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Posted by Ammy T - 24 May 2016

“A holy place for Music!” – 5/5 stars

The Palau is ns temple developed to el respeto composers y musicians. The beauty of ns surroundings will complement the música of any style. Our guide Catarina was desde Italy and spoke with an angels voice!

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Posted by ledezmacjl - 10 Apr 2016

"wow what one experience…" 5/5 stars

We have actually been to barna numerous times and seen all ns "tourist" places however have not been here y this tiempo we gained English tour y we bought the online. .. Young what an experience! This has to be among highlights of our BCN travels, los tour to be led by one of the most pleasant and friendliest tourism guides us have had Oliver. Not just was he exceptionally knowledgeable yet he was friendly y made ns tour experience an extremely intimate.. ..both mine wife y my mother-in-law said ns same thing. Come here throughout our BCN pilgrimage you will be left in awe as this is an exceptional experience… .and be certain to schedule your tourism beforehand!

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Posted through SissaH -papposo 09 jan 2016

"A modernisme jewell" 5/5 stars

Although ns guided tourism is fairly expensive (18 euros per person for an hour), it's ns only method to view this stunning venue without attending uno performance. The tour was excellent, an extremely informative, y the guide nombre de niño spoke perfect English. There were plenty of avenues to take pictures of los incredible interior. For anyone interested in modernisme/art nouveau, this is fine worth uno visit. In ours view, this was the most impressive buildings we've seen. Tours occur every fifty percent an hour desde 10am in various languages, and you deserve to buy them on line or at ns box office. The Palau is an extremely close to Plaza Catalunya, so straightforward to get to.

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Posted by zhangshinyi - 18 Oct 2015

“Some non-Gaudi Modernisme fun” 5/5 stars

– Book los 55-minute tourism in advance– tour starts with uno ~10 minute video– huge advantage: they've recently opened los balcony with the mosaic-ed columns to civilization on los guided tour; it's very challenging to get a good view desde the street– tourism guide, Laura, was enthusiastic y has a good feeling of humor– Guided tour consists of an body organ performance; uno performance desde a ahead organist was copied/mechanized, for this reason it's technically play live music

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Posted by GedlingGirl - veinte Aug 2015

“Competition because that Gaudi” 5/5 stars

We also visited when los concert organist was rehearsing y it made los visit.

The tour guide, Oliver, was enthusiastic and really passionate about los building y its history. Los tour allows time to stop and stare without containing us in a small area.

The tourism circulates through ns building con a film introduction which me gustaría was dreading. However it was very informative y put every little thing into context.

The stained glass y decorative panels room breathtaking.

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Next time, we will absolutely attend uno concert – over there is uno wide range throughout the year.