Museum of fine arts of seville

The Museum of well Arts the Seville to be inaugurated in 1841. The is one of ns most important well Arts museums in Spain. It stands fuera for its repertoire of Sevillian Baroque painting.

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The structure of the museum of well Arts the Seville

The museum of good Arts of Seville occupies los building of los former Convent of La misericordia Calzada

This current building is ns result of ns transformations of the beginning of the 17th century. The viejo building was demolished and a new construction was lugged out. The architect in charge of the project to be Juan después Oviedo y Montera.

Work on los church began in 1603 and was completed in 1612. However, the rest of the complex would certainly take around fifty years more. 

This nuevo building has actually undergone three interventions till today. Los first to be carried out in los 19th century. The arches, walls and the cloister were restored. 

Then, los second to be carried el fin in the first half of ns 20th century. The courtyard of los Conchas to be opened, y the main Baroque façade was relocated to nombre de la carretera Bailén.

The 3rd one, around los 90’s, was destined come the normal remodelling of the building. This reform also had ns museographic focus.



The repertoire of the museo of good Arts the Seville

The collections of the museum of fine Arts that Seville, prefer those of other provincial museums, have their beginnings in the disentailments of ns 19th century. Works were gathered from the convents y other ecclesiastical properties that Seville.

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At the beginning of los 20th century, los museum’s collections were extended. Countless collections of illustrious localidades figures to be donated to ns museum. Several of them were Rafael Gonález Abreu’s or Andrés Parladé’s.

Since the museum passed right into the manos of the Junta del Andalucía, the museum has acquired nuevo collections. A completamente of fifty-seven works have actually been deposited. Amongst the new works, those by artists from the Seville school y their descendants stand out.

Masterpieces from the museo of fine Arts that Seville

We can not speak that the museo of well Arts of Seville without stating Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. The museo has numerous works by ns Sevillian painter.

Among the most exceptional is ns Inmaculada Concepción (1650), well-known as La Colosal, y one the his many prodigious works. 

The Virgen de la servilleta (1666), developed for ns Church of los Capuchinos in Seville, is likewise noteworthy. Follow to tradition, Murillo would have painted ns sketch the this work-related on a napkin.

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He also painted Saints fair y Rufina (1666) for los Capuchinos. Murillo’s creative maturity deserve to be seen in his usar of light and shadow.