In this section you can search every our contents throughout the different stages in los history of letras in Spain, to uncover styles such together Baroque, Gothic, Mudejar y many, many more.

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Modernism y Avant-garde movementsThe revolve of the century brought nuevo winds that modernity. Los aesthetic sensibility of ns time was significant by un different, freer perspective towards art and life.


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Innovation in culture

Autonomous Regions

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A great legacy

Set in ns old misericordia Calzada Convent, i m sorry dates representar the start of the 17th century, that is collection has works the go representar the Gothic duration through to the 20th century.

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The Seville museum of good Art"s collection has come together over its history, thanks greatly to ecclesiastical items that have actually been marketed off, exclusive donations y public acquisitions. It has plenty of rooms wherein you can see brilliant works by artists such as ns Greco, Pacheco, Velázquez and Alonso Cano, amongst others. In ns exhibition, special point out should be made of the area dedicated to Murillo y to ns Seville college of los 17th century. Additionally outstanding are ns religious paintings by Zurbarán.