Museo de la catedral de santiago de compostela


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Modernism y Avant-garde movementsThe turn of the century brought nuevo winds of modernity. Ns aesthetic sensibility of the time was significant by uno different, freer attitude towards art and life.


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A priceless heritage

Access to los Cathedral museo is via los Plaza después Obradoiro square. That is located in the westernmost part of ns cloister the Santiago Cathedral.

The museum"s collection includes important archaeological exhibits, sculpture, painting, precious metalwork, tapestries, rugs, liturgical robes, ceramics y furniture. The is also home to ns library, wherein you can see priceless quantities including the Calixtinus Codex, Liber Sancti Jacobi, Los Tumbos y La sala de espera Compostelana, along con numerous documents of distinctive importance to the history the Galicia and, over all, to the Church in Santiago. The museo exhibits room arranged over various rooms, with an important collection the tapestries based upon cartoons by Ginés del Aguirre, Teniers, Rubens, andar Tulden, Bayeu and Goya. One of los rooms is devoted to Goya himself, con twelve tapestries top top display representar the Royal papa noel Bárbara manufacturing facility in Madrid. Two of castle are los only people of your kind: Children with uno Cart and The Fountain.

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Practical information


Tuesday come Sunday

10:30 to be to 2:30 PM


General: €6

Reduced: €4

Retired persons: cost-free admission

Students: complimentary admission

ICOM members and associations: complimentary admission

Children: cost-free admission

Ticket includes accessibility to los museum-permanent collection and the cathedral.

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