Monasterio de santo domingo de silos


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Modernism and Avant-garde movementsThe rotate of the century brought new winds the modernity. Los aesthetic sensibility of ns time was significant by a different, freer attitude towards art and life.


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Art y history in Silos.

The monastery that Silos dates from the 7th century, back its most important part was developed in ns 11th century.

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The building is situated on the site known as ns Tabladillo valley. It is believed to have been established in around the 7th century. In los year 1088 a Romanesque temple was consecrated which was subsequently replaced by an additional Neoclassical temple designed through Ventura Rodríguez. The cloister, which has been conserved, is Romanesque, con a square floor plan and two floors of arcades. Los capitals in the lower cloister space profusely decorated with symbols such together dragons, centaurs, lattices, mermaids, etc. Ns corners of los cloister room decorated con large reliefs depicting scenes desde the life that Christ. Los monastery additionally has an essential archive containing fragments desde the 10th siglo Beatus, ns page from the Oña Bible, other pieces of Visigoth manuscripts, y musical fragments desde some twenty codices in Aquitaine notation.