Mercado de las dalias ibiza horarios

The Pitusas islands are recognized for your paradisiacal beaches, your atmosphere and their hippie tradition. Los combination of these singularities together con their gastronomy y Mediterranean culture, form los unique character of the islands. One of the best means to immerse yourself in this combination is through the calle markets top top Ibiza or Formentera.At GOA Catamaran we have compiled ns list the all los markets, timetables and some ideas to what you will discover there.

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Las Dalias Markets

Dive into ns most well known hippy market on los island whereby you deserve to surround yourself with ns magical environment whereby you deserve to stroll y buy authentic handicrafts from producers on ns island, and enjoy live music. It likewise offers delicious come trucks.


Dónde: Al norte después la Isla dentro de la plaza de pueblo santclaus Joan de Labritja

Horario: Todos der domingos ese 10:00 a 16:00 h.

Mercadillo de segunda mano de Sant Jordi

Aquí se puede adquirir prácticamente ese todo ese segunda mano: libros, ropa, bisutería, plantas, muebles, etc. Cuenta alcanzan un bar ese ofrece bebida y aperitivos. Al mediodía se reinstalar percusionistas con sus bongos dentro de las gradas de recinto y se organizan unas magníficas jam sessions.

San josé Market

This market, which has approximately 20 stalls, intends to promote the traditions the Ibiza. The offers desde organic products from the island such as fruit, vegetables to homemade pastries. They often organize workshops to find out interesting tasks such together baking your very own bread, making compost, or growing herbs.

In addition, several restaurants in los town offer a totally eco-friendly menu.

Forada Market

In this usually flea market, you will have the ability to buy food products desde local people choose handcrafted herbal drinks y local liquor, perfumes y natural cosmetics. And also all kinds of works of art: paintings, sculptures and ceramics.

Location: sant Rafael, in former of have the right to Tixedò letras Café

Opening hours: Every Saturday representar 10:00 p.m come 4:00 p.m

La Mola handmade Market

The most authentic y oldest flea market in Formentera is identified by guaranteeing the its assets are of totalmente quality y originality. Where they can discover all kinds of handicrafts desde Formentera make of wood, ceramics, stone, silver or glass.

For almost 30 years, the has remained in an emblematic place on the island where artisans of internacional prestige have exhibited, but there are objects for all tastes. Representar the classic lizards, a symbol of the isla as uno pendant, traditional figures, T-shirts with ns silhouette of the Island, among others.

Location: La Mola, Formentera

Opening hours: Wednesday & Sunday (May to September) from 3:00 p.m come 10:00 p.m

Artistic market of sant Ferran después Formentera

The Hippy market in santclause Ferran de Formentera remains un reference for the letras that is do on los island. Drawings y paintings of nearly any artistic method predominate.

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It is one of the markets in Formentera the offer much more authentic items. They also organize every kinds of activities during los months the July, August y September, such as storytelling, workshops, human body painting, performances, consisting of audiovisual screenings.

Location: en Sant Ferran, Formentera

Opening hours: Mon, Thu y Saturday (May to September) from 8:00 afternoon to 12:00 am

Sant Francesc Second-hand Market

It is los second hand market in Formentera. We can buy representar vinyls, books, clothes, jewelry, deporte goods to toys. Particularly antiques that have the right to only it is in bought 2nd hand because new ones are alguna longer manufactured.
Location: en Sant Francesc Xavier, Formentera

Opening hours: day-to-day (May come September) 11:00 a.m come 14:00 p.m – 5:00 p.m come 12:00 a.m

Es Pujols Market

Among all los hippie sectors in Formentera, los one in denominaciones Pujols deserve to boast los best views. When the afternoon falls, we have the right to visit this industry on los pedestrian street that operation parallel to los beach. Un very calm destinadas for the charming summer nights.
Location: eliminar Pujol, Formentera

Opening hours: Every día (May to September) desde 8:00 p.m. Come 12:00 a.m.

La Savina Market

Among all los hippie markets in Formentera, los one in es Pujols have the right to boast ns best views. When ns afternoon falls, we have the right to visit this market on ns pedestrian street that operation parallel to the beach. Uno very calm plan for the charming summer nights.

Location: La Savina Port. Formentera

Horario:​ Every día (May come September) from 8:00 p.m. Come 12:00 a.m.

Getting shed in the markets of ns place wherein you are going to spend your holidays becomes almost compulsory to soak up los culture y offer of the area.

Include it in her list that “things to view in Ibiza y Formentera”, or also better…

Make ns trip on board a catamaran, architecture your trip, visit los villages that Ibiza or Formentera, anchoring in incredible coves y beaches, and shopping in los most authentic markets of the islands.

One of los things the helps us most to pick our holiday destinado a is once someone representar your setting recommends a destination, ns restaurant or ns hotel...That"s why we believe that los best method to tell friend about los routes in Ibiza and Formentera that we offer you in...

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The isla has holes y cavities of various sizes throughout its landscape, some even used for la edad as residences by hippies, others, scene of arduous searches for surprise treasures. Now we donar you the diez top caves in Ibiza that will make friend enjoy the unknown y deep isla of Ibiza.


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