Mercadillo En Puerto De La Cruz

The Puerto superar Rastro Flea Market and municipal Mercadillo is a real attraction the Tenerife. In winter in ~ least..

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Puerto superar Rastro flea market con one of its experts con stall for vintage and antique objects.

Why?  a once weekly Saturday market for its remarkable used and antique items in particularmente was quickly not enough. The warranted an additional Wednesday by ancha demand.

Now, special buses even bring tourists representar Tenerife South.

los remarkable set-up of this Tenerife purchase enclave.

A sector place with buzzing life by uno couple of large shady tree is only ns overture of un large multi player scenario. It adheres to on tres levels inside ns complex that is very functional.

Antique furniture on calle level.
Collectors items close to one of the escalators on ns ground floor.

It wouldn"t meet the standards of ns chic mall, but people are lot at lull in its Bohemian surroundings whereby high class dealers mix in. Tourists and locals alike sip your drinks y coffee on los outskirts of the many stalls that are arranged in any odd ways.

Free live musical by Lena and José who sing anything desde Jazz come Bossanova or standard retro chansons that are loved through most.

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The empathetic couple are now always entertaining at this versatile  doméstica patio. It"s uno true atrium that"s open up as far as the top floor. It draws anyone in. In fact, part only andar through to  perform their weekly grocery store shopping at un big Altesa supermarket in the regreso of the hall. Others only go come the Puerto superar municipal Mercadillo con its new produce.

Puerto de la cruz municipal Mercadillo con its new produce.

This farmer and fish sector is on ns Southern y Northern gallery on ns first floor. Otherwise, find a few tiny shops on los other sides. There is un butcher beside un pharmacy and a seafood business con an open shop front. One more sells tapa takeaway. Not to forget is that shop where the most delicious página de inicio baked products are sold with top ingredients. It"s not cheap i m sorry is understandable.

Flea industry treasures the kitsch or that value.

Two escalators flank ns hall. They connect open galleries on tres stories i m sorry include a most surprising rooftop market. 

Puerto cruz Rastro roof top where an ext quality write-ups are found in great condition the are often neatly presented on tables.

On ns ground floor, green pot plants y colorful murals liven up everything. Rows of nuevo clothes in exotic fashion y patterns walk hand in hand with antique collector item or bric ns brac.         

Puerto superar flea market with un most welcoming house wife who display screens her fix up gift objects made in ~ home.

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Anything goes representar Retro and vintage come daring designs y fantasy art. Often, there"s solid evidence that Tenerife is uno leading point out of Spain because that artistic and outrageous carnival design. This kaleidoscope of treasures invites for explorations y the thrill to cheap hunt.

The same vibes prevail outside, other than for largo rows of happy dip tables where any size and kind of second hand clothing are jumbled up. The whooping  price is only a solamente euro for four garments. Strangely enough, that hardly happens the you need to gang increase with ns friend to make ns quantity viable. By ns latest on your way back from upstairs you find ns energy to confront that verdadero flea sector spot by ns wall. No creepy crawlies the bite you, no that. However, generally your arm desires to fall off desde turning hefty stacks of clothes when you destruction into ns piles.     

By the way, this específico spot is un reason to it is in early y big crowds in ns narrow alleys by the walls can become hurdles.      

Address y opening tiempo of the Puerto cruz Rastro. Location: avenida Blas Pérez, cuatro near barranco San Felipe on optimal of playa Jardin Tel: 922 treinta y ocho 61 58 opened Times: Saturdays and Wednesdays representar about 8.30 in los morning to dos p.m. Best day: ~ above Saturdays once all 140 stalls are placed up complimentary parking opposite los complex and also underground because that those with proof the shopping info for potential sellers at

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