San Sebastian is taken into consideration by plenty of to it is in Spain’s foodie capital, home to a multitude of Michelin-starred restaurants; however, the was additionally the city that invented los pintxo – a meal in miniature, usually inserted on ns piece of bread. Since of this, smo Sebastian is, the course, one of the best areas to try pintxos, so below are the top diez bars whereby you have the right to go and sample them.

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A barbeque restaurant and pintxos bar, Borda Berri is both rustic y charming. Chefs Iñaki Gulín and Marc Clua create contemporary Basque-style bowl such as chorizo con cider y baked spider crabs, and also delicious homemade pintxos bites. Pintxos the the day are scribbled on un chalkboard, and everything is made come order. This to meet is ns good location to visit at los beginning of ns night come ensure the you don’t miss fuera on anything.

At first glance, A en llamas Negro appears to it is in an old-school beer bar, with movie posters y flashy lights, however upon closer inspection, you’ll discover that it’s ns master of modern Basque cuisine. Its pintxos offerings incorporate sardines with fresh pineapple y mustard; tomato purée, mussels y béchamel sauce; and a frozen sandwich that corn y chocolate.


One of the most generalizado pintxos bars in the city, Ganbara is always packed with both visitors and locals. Situated in los Casco Viejo or old Town, Ganbara is ns brainchild the Jose and Amaia that wanted come create a restaurant giving quality ingredients and a varied pintxos bar. Try los sautéed mushroom topped with fried eggs and prawns or the baby squid cooked in its own ink.

Run by ns same owner together Borda Berri, La cuchara de san Telmo, definition ‘The Spoon of san Telmo’, is different desde most pintxos bars. Tables spill fuera de onto the street in front, while los inside offers a cosy atmosphere with changing letras exhibitions. Here, los meals in miniature room not laid fuera de on the countertop; instead, girlfriend order them representar a tablero on los wall, and they are offered to your table. Offerings readjust daily, however you have the right to expect delicacies such as percebes (goose barnacles), grilled octopus, and ear of one Iberian pig in an emulsion of wild mushrooms.

Paco bien is not los place come come for un wide range of pintxos – while they just have a few that them, they carry out them well. Nibble on your signature quit scampi ~ above sticks and montaditos – mini sandwiches filled with classic ingredients such together ham, chorizo, goat’s cheese or anchovies. Wash it all debajo with a glass the their great txakoli – dried Basque white wine.

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The hallmark that the viejo Town Gandarias restaurant is its terrific pintxos bar, offering uno wide selection of both hot y cold options. Think bruschetta topped con grilled duck; risotto made with Idiazabal cheese and wild mushrooms; and clams smothered in a salty seafood sauce.

This cute bar y wine shop, with its bare stone walls, has uno bright country kitchen-style vibe and serves ns variety of traditional pintxos. Their dos classic pintxos (and many popular) are Indurain (a cube of bonito fish, pickled chillies, chives y olives) y El completo (a item of bonito fish, chilli y anchovy). Bodega Donostiarra is also specifically well known for its delicious tortilla (Spanish omelette) and its comprehensive wine list.

La Viña offer up both main meals and pintxos in un plush tavern-like interior. Your pintxos offerings may not be extensive yet are fine worth popping in for ns taste. Think croquettes of wild mushroom y ham, hat of cheese y anchovies and crunchy prawns topped con vegetables. If its pintxos are excellent, ns restaurant y bar is actually an ext famous because that its creamy baked cheesecake – so make certain you conserve room for dessert.

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This upmarket pintxos bar is actually an ext jazz y cocktails 보다 rustic bread, cheese and wine, however it’s incredibly extendido and offers uno modern polished wood interior. That is pintxos too room contemporary y thoughtfully presented – not simply on sticks. Try ns mini roasted potato with three sauces or the cooked ham smothered con cheese y tangy roasted neto peppers. Nothing forget to finish up with one of your inventive cocktails con lots of fruity flavours.

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