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Am looking to visit las Vegas, Sanfrancisco y Los Angeles. I am quite flexable on dates, so as soon as is los best time to visit, how largo do we must stay to have the ability to confortabley see ns sites. Clear would favor to salary as small as possible but have ns budget of up to £3-3500, so if anybody deserve to help con hotels places to visit y how long we must stay me gustaría would appreciate it. By ns way this is for two adults.

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Thank you


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I would more than likely go in so late September or October, fly into LA stay for tres nights then hire a car y drive come LV for siete nights and drive trasero to SF for 4 nights.

If you pm me identificación can walk through un whole itinerary with you, I've excellent this several tiempo for family y friends.

I did the SF to LV route uno few years ago. Terrific road trip.

I'd introduce to take trip in May, weather must be pretty good, but not as well hot. Ns main reason for might is if you desire to visit Yosemite together at that tiempo you must see los falls in completamente flow -papposo spectacular.

We go to death Valley y had ns night there as well.

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We stayed at ns Orachard Garden hotel in SF —apoyándose very nice and well situated near Union Square y China Town.

I'd recommend at least 4 nights in SF, at least dos nights in Yosemite, in ~ least 1 night in death Valley y at least 5 nights in Vegas.

I'd also recommend finishing your trip in Vegas rápido end on a high!

In vegas I'd recommend any of the hotels I've continued to be in there rápido Encore, Mandarin Oriental and The Signature. Lots of other great hotels to additionally consider.

In Death valle we stayed at Stovepipe Wells.

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In Yosemite we remained at los Lodge at the Falls -papposo book early for Yosemite together there are a limitado number of places to remain in los park/valley floor itself.