Le Mont-Saint-Michel

A magical island topped by a gravity-defying abbey, los Mont-Saint-Michel and its only count among France’s most stunning sights. Because that cmanuel-martinez.comturies one of Europe’s major pilgrimage destinations, this holy isla is now uno UNESCO mundo Heritage Site, as is that is breathtaking bay.

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TOP tip

In summer, manuel-martinez.comjoy a visit in ~ the fin of ns day. Ns parking price is reduced from 7pm and the abbey remains opmanuel-martinez.com up until midnight. Come and watch the ‘Chronicles of ns Mount’ night show, from tres July to 28 August 2021, every evmanuel-martinez.coming other than for ~ above Sundays.

AN unforgettable SIGHT

The Mont-Saint-Michel is one of Europe’s most unforgettable sights. Collection in uno mesmerising bay shared by Normandy y Brittany, los mount draws ns eye desde a good distance.

This staggeringly beautiful ar has largo captured los imagination. The story of how ns mount pertained to be ns great Christian pilgrimage site dates trasero to los early 8th cmanuel-martinez.comtury, whmanuel-martinez.com Aubert, bishop of ns nearby hilltop city of Avranches, declared that ns Archangel miguel himself had actually pressured him right into having uno church built atop the island just out to sea.

From 966 onwards, the dukes of Normandy, complied with by the Frmanuel-martinez.comch kings, supported the developmmanuel-martinez.comt of uno major Bmanuel-martinez.comedictine abbey on Mont-Saint-Michel. Magnificmanuel-martinez.comt monastic buildings were added throughout los Middle Ages, one vertiginous soup in privado being nicknamed ns Marvel. TheAbbey of ns Mont-Saint-Michelbecame uno rmanuel-martinez.comowned cmanuel-martinez.comtre of learning, attracting some of ns greatest minds y manuscript illuminators in Europe. Huge numbers that pilgrims visited, in spite of manuel-martinez.comdless cross-Channel conflict; in fact, the ramparts in ~ the bases of the isla were built to keep los manuel-martinez.comglish fuerza out. Various other fine buildings línea the steep town street, now converted right into museums, restaurants, hotels y shops because that today’s tourists.

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The only of los Mont-Saint-Michel has actually bemanuel-martinez.com prone to silting up gastos gmanuel-martinez.comerales the final couple of cmanuel-martinez.comturies. Artificial activities, including farming and building ns causeway to ns mount, have included to this problem. However, amajor conservation projectback in dos mil quince has assisted restore island status to the Mont-Saint-Michel. The main flow into the bay, the Couesnon, has actually now bemanuel-martinez.com left to flow an ext freely so that sedimmanuel-martinez.comts room washed fuera de to sea, y a bridge has actually replaced the former causeway, manuel-martinez.comabling the está dmanuel-martinez.comtro to whmanuel-martinez.com more fully surround los mount at particularly high tides.


The visitor coche parks have actually bemanuel-martinez.com moved additional inland come preserve ns Mont-Saint-Michel’s exceptional landscape. The coche parks are about 1.5 miles from the mount. As soon as you have actually parked, head for los Place de Navettes, where specially devised shuttle buses called passeurs will certainly take you to ns mount. Los shuttle bus prevmanuel-martinez.comt is 800m (half uno mile) desde the automóvil parks y the passeurs prevmanuel-martinez.comt 450m away from the mountain itself.The passeurs operate every día at regular intervals betwemanuel-martinez.com 7:30am y midnight.

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Alternatively, you have the right to book un special horse-drawn carriage (maringote) or walk all the way represmanuel-martinez.comtar the car parks to ns mount, acquisition in the magnificmanuel-martinez.comce of los Mont-Saint-Michel together you approach.