Las salinas de cabo de gata

The sal flats of capa de Gata cover an area of cuatrocientos hectares, parallel to the coastline, separated representar the ~ ~ by uno strip that coast type “barrier” the is about 5 kilometers long y a broad that varieties between ciento cincuenta and 550 meters, from the coast of San michael to the of los Fabriquilla.

The salt flats of capa de Gata are formed by various shallow ponds, it is one of los best instances of albufera mechanism converted by guy as saline, being los only persons left in operation in east Andalusia. It was originated by the contribution of ns thick sediment of los ramblas and displaced along los coast by los coastal drift.Of much less importance is ns sandy sediment of ns beaches thrown by ns waves above ns barrier beach and the wind slime contributed by los wind.

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Evaporation, mainly regulated by direct sunlight y wind, plays a very important role in los dynamics of these lagoons, contributing effectively to their drying out, for this reason they are an ideal devices for los manufacture the salt.To prevent erosion by los action the waves and protect infrastructure, the man has actually placed large blocks of stone along ns shore.The importance of this salt marsh for ns the bird section is because of their geographical ar is un strategic point of mandatory range in ns Africa-Europe course of migrations and is also essential for the hibernation of plenty of other birds. Ns contemplation of bird in the sal flats deserve to be done representar an observatory conveniently signposted y prepared with uno shed and hatches to have the ability to appreciate them without disturbing them; Binoculars room recommended. Siguiente to the entrance over there is uno small garden that tarayes (own shrub of ns banks of the rivers y of swampy locations of los Mediterranean region, with reddish bark y thin branches) and other indigenous plants, in who surroundings ns vehicles deserve to be parked. Los closest towns are cabo de Gata y Almadraba del Monteleva.




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