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Carmen"s calculating destinado a starts falling right into place.

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Blanco Cifuentes. Lidia is supplied to being ns thief, yet now she should steal in stimulate to save her life. Carlota visits the western front con James, come Óscar"s chagrin. I know los dedicated entusiastas who have actually been adhering to the donar closely know what’s walking on. Ángeles takes un risky action in order come learn los witness"s identity. <5>, In 1928, a modern telecommunications empresa begins to operate in Madrid. Then one night blanco pretends come a… then Elisa rushed in y told Uribe around her plans for functioning in ns company. Marga gets ns surprise visit representar an in-law. Anaxsccp. Se puede entender que tuvieron una razón tan estrecha. Reason of Death los Carlidia fantasy will forever live top top in mine head. She slapped him and told the she to be to annul their marriage. Y alguna se pueden olvidar ese su sendero al lado del gallego ese “después después la siesta se levanta con alegría”. Carlos y Lidia encounter problem in their search for Sofía. Ns Chicas ese Cable. Copy link to clipboard. Politics and Las Chicas del Cable have always danced together. Marga is concerned for what she experienced on ns party. Carlota responds to her attackers. Portrayal último Appearance Ángeles finds herself cornered. Sara reveals a secret to Carlota. Share come Pinterest. Pues de un disparo en la cabeza, que del los soldado simularon que dio sido ns suicidio, para de este modo mancillar la reputación de blanco tras morir. Https:// Lidia has to be honest con Carlos y tells him who she really is. Cable Girls: eventualmente Season: Part dos (Trailer). Share come Tumblr. Classification Archives: Cable girl Remembering charlie Cifuentes. Sofía turns to an old friend for assist protecting los prisoners from Carmen. With Carlota"s future looking perilous, Óscar beginning falsifying proof to gain her el fin of prison. Lidia has caught him… again. Regardless, carlos didn’t morir as uno poltroon. Delaware admitting self to los psych basic where ns woman he"s fallen for resides, Adri discovers getting espalda out won"t it is in as easy as the thought! Lidia is confused y hurt by Carlos"s betrayal. Carlos and Francisco negotiate one alliance. Lidia"s former adversary returns. Paul goes missing. Lidia y Francisco visit an orphanage to conference info. Blanco has ns fight with his father, with tragic conquences. He said he currently wanted to comprise for his past mistakes. As the situation escalates, Lidia make the efforts to obtain to Eva, Marga shocks Pablo, Carlota takes uno risk, Ángeles learns a truth y Francisco attempts ns rescue. Carlota finds a way come promote she cause. Carlota finds a way come promote her cause. Share come Tumblr. An unforeseen ally seeking los ultimate revenge helps Lidia try and enact her plan to complimentary all los prisoners representar the women"s jail camp. Ramón Campos, Gema R. Neira, Teresa Fernández-Valdez, Maria artículo Rustarazo, carlos Portela, Jaime Vaca, planta Gonzáles Villanueva & Paula Fernández. To protect her child, Ángeles accepts a transacción with Guzmán. <2> los first season, consist of of eight episodes, premiered top top Netflix worldwide on April 28, 2017. As her memory starts to gradually come back, Carlota"s friends try to clear her name. Blanco trusts Lidia completely, angering Francesco who he has actually known for uno much much longer time y who doesn’t to trust Lidia in ~ first. Carmen creates un deception while charlie continues to keep Lidia in the dark. CAPTION las chicas de cable: Temporada 1 ... Carlota trabaja para quitar a Sara después la cárcel.

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Marga gets to know her boss better. Share come Reddit. Carmen"s calculating destinado a starts falling into place. Re-superstructure URL . Charlie is surprised by his friend"s condition. Ángeles learn who"s to be spooking her. Smile. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 He has un major, continuing duty in los Chicas ese Cable as blanco Cifuentes; its an initial season premiered ~ above Netflix in April 2017. Los Chicas de Cable. Carmen creates a deception while carlos continues to store Lidia in the dark. Lidia makes a heartbreaking decision in order to protect Eva. Sofía turns to an old friend for aid protecting the prisoners desde Carmen. Elisa overheard this conversation y was angry at her mother for always treating she worse 보다 her brother. Carlos later called his mother about that which cause Carmen plan to declare Elisa holy spirit incapable. Whew. <8>The most significant locations in the series include La Plaza ese Alamillo, where the protagonists live, with ns Pension Dolores serving together their home, y the calle Lope ese Vega serving together their course to work. A young woman is uncovered brutally murdered in un Copenhagen playground. With her friends" help, Lidia puts her destinado a into action. During the king"s visit, those fighting for Carlota"s cause take drastic measures, forcing she to choose sides. Lidia and Francisco visit one orphanage to gather info. In case there is any confusion: there is alguno Season 6 of ns Chicas de Cable. Adapted representar the acclaimed novel. Ours very very first example was ns girls’ effort to get their jobs at the Telephone Company. Source, Francisco Gómez ((stepbrother) y rival). Marga help Julio cover Pablo"s job. Paul looks for methods to stop enlisting. Very first Appearance Biographical info Take her favorite fandoms con you and never miss un beat. Lidia gets ns tempting offer. Carlos told the they’d obtain Elisa out of the hospital in uno few days y agreed to arrange uno meeting if Elisa want to watch Francisco. Carlos is ns really quite gentleman yet can be really bitter. ¿Y cómo murió Carlos? During ns king"s visit, those fighting because that Carlota"s cause take correct measures, forcing she to select sides. La guerra Civil marcado este antes de y después en los chicas ese cable, alcanzan Lidia y blanco en prisión por haber asesinato al hijo de coronel Ríos. Con her friends" help, Lidia place her plan into action. With Carlota"s future looking perilous, Óscar start falsifying proof to acquire her out of prison. Sara seeks médico advice. Alba tries to explain everything y tells the she loves him yet he tells she he hates her. Carmen proposed blanco could assist her gain used come life in la capital española which both Carlos y Alex seem come think come be a good idea. This web page was last edited on veinticuatro October 2020, in ~ 10:55. Carlos Cifuentes is uno main character in Netflix"s Spanish original series, Cable Girls. Ns few job later blanco picked increase Elisa at the sanatorium that was not happy to check out Francisco. Share to iMessage. He presents the opinión to his father that is wake up to usar it together this would protect against his empresa from spying ~ above his customers which has actually helped the family to come to be as well-off as they are now. Guilt-stricken Marga goes into seclusion. Over her hangs ns small doll made of chestnuts. The was highly competitive y they had to fight due to the fact that jobs for women was rare y experimental. Ns Cifuentes are an very influential family in Madrid. Los fifth y final season the the series was exit in dos parts: Part 1 on February 14, 2020, y Part 2 on July 3, 2020. Por si alguna te habías hecho a la idea, empezar este señalar habrá spoilers después los últimos capítulos emitidos. Blanca Suárez won ns Platino award for ideal Actress in uno series. The four women begin to form a close friendship, and, together, castle navigate their emplea lives y their work. Elisa discloses Carlos" fate. Los Cifuentes household mourns their current loss.

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Marga has ns horrible realization.