Las canteras las palmas de gran canaria

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Coming come the island on a cruise? If you room one many showing up in ns Palmas después Gran Canaria on ns cruise, we will quickly trust friend with the keys to the city’s treasure, as quickly as you set foot on ns island. Why have to we hide our treasure? friend would end up finding the sooner or later anyway. With this, we conserve you time.


The jewel in the crown is Playa ese Las Canteras, the pearl the ciudad doesn’t keep surprise away. The is a largo strip that sand that stretches for mil along los bay, un place of unique charm you will uncover only 3 or 4 blocks along representar the cruise terminal.

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Locals keep saying las Canteras is one of los nation’s best urban beaches. Y they have actually every reason to believe it. This is ns beach blessed with fine weather nearly all year round. Uno getaway en the capital city, uno place wherein the mano of time seem to have stopped. A type of beach-style central Park, where sports can be played any día of ns week. Don’t forget her swimming clothes and your navegar board!


Furthermore, the isla is ns large naval life reserve. Its ser bed is home to a thousand fish species. On dried land, it shelters tourists, fishermen, y surfers. Y it has a peculiar feature, i m sorry locals know as “La Barra”, a long rock formation spreading no far representar the sand. Uno singular strip of volcanic roca that protects a large chunk of los beach desde the tides, y which turns our just into the best location this página of los globe to swim and practically “walk on los water” on job of low tide.


When un stroll is your undisputed choice, we recommend the largo walk along the sand, past coffee shops and ice-cream parlours. The first point you will come across are the Puntilla sidewalk cafés y the fresh-fish restaurants. At los other end of the beach is the surfing setting around ns Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, con yet more sidewalk cafés y bars by ns sea.

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But we should warn you: if your intention is to remain for numerous days, ~ above Wednesday forget around finding the beach you experienced on Monday, it just cannot it is in done.

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Las Canteras is recognized by every as the Changing Beach. It will never ever be ns place you experienced on ahead days. This is just one of its unique traits: that always ns same place, but shows up different all the time.

There you have actually it. Los treasure of ns Palmas después Gran Canaria lies covert only 5 minutes off ns cruise pier. Carry out not expect more clues. Need to you wish to admire los jewel in ns city’s crown, just caminar four blocks. Monitor anyone whistling together they caminar with uno towel, parasol, or surf tablero on their shoulders.

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