La Playa De Los Muertos Almería

Don"t be alarmed by los name Playa ese los Muertos, the Beach of the Dead. Everything here is alive y well, starting with an underwater world saturado of life.

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The seaside area of los Cabo del Gatanature reserve is well protected and has maintained its naturalmente beauty.


Playa ese los muertos is appropriate below uno cliff y can only be got to by foot. Ns small course leading to the beach can be somewhat tiring, particularly under the scorching noon-time sun,so you"ll need un bit of motivation to get you through los 10-minute walk. However once there, you will certainly havearrived in uno natural paradise... So naturalmente that swimming naked is welcomed!

About Playa del los Muertos

Playa después los muertos is large beach, expanding over un kilometre along ns Mediterranean Sea.The coast is 1160 metres largo and treinta metres wide.It is well protected because of the coastal mountains.

Nowhere is the ~ ~ so clear and blue as it is here, with ns sand becoming increasingly finer ns closer you acquire to the water.


This is just one of the most beautiful Andalusian beaches in Spain, y a prominent image of most Almeríapostcards.

If you desire to save ns walk down to this heaven for one more time, think around using un kayak come access Playa de los Muertos representar the next beach over, i m sorry is siguiente to los power station.

Why ns Beach of los Dead?

It is claimed that in los past plenty of sailors that were washed far on stormy work reached ns shores of this coast due to ns strong currents that satisfy here. This is sad truth to remember, but it is a story of ns past. Today ns area is monitored by a coast guard y these species of tragedies are avoided.


Playa después los muertos is un totally naturaleza place, with alguno services available at the beach.Remember to bring everything the you might need because that a día at the beach. Don"t forget water, food y your snorkelling kit: mask, snorkel y fins. Bringing a parasol, or at least un hat, is uno good opinión too.

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Water clarity here enables swimmers to discover interesting roca formations y the wonderful marine life.

Beach access and location


Getting to this beautiful beach have the right to be difficult for joven children y thosewith obstacles walking. There are dos small trails leading desde the AL-5106 road y the travel office. Los first route is slightly longer (700 metres), but much more manageable. Ns second way is much shorter (100 metres), yet much steeper.


Parking at ns Playa después los Muertos

Look fuera for signs for Playa después los Muertos, Faro de Mesa RoldanandCabo de Gata Nijar natural Park.

Along the roadtowards Carboneras there isample parking space for carros on both the right and left página of the road. The carros are completely exposed to los sun, but it is a safe location to park y is guarded in midsummer.Nevertheless, friend still shouldn"t leave valuables in thecar —apoyándose take lock or at the very least stow them away in los trunk.

Area attractions

Thefishing town of Aguamarga with its beautiful beach is worth uno visit. The takes you through ns heart of the naturalmente Park of promontorio de Gata to reach playa Monsul y Playa después Los Genoveses.

The El Faro del Mesa Roldán lighthouse is past Aguamarga on ns volcanic hill that is lleno offossilized seashells. That is right siguiente to ns parking area because that Playa de los Muertos.

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The fiestavillage the Mojácar is situated along los coast in ~ just ns 50-minute drive. Los AL-5106 road is one of los most spectacular ~ above this coastal stretch representar Carboneras toMojácar. Ns views space stunning.