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La Manga is ns summer resort located in Murcia (Spain) on ns coastline. That inhabitants definir it as un "tongue the land" that links Cabo ese Palos with ns Salinas después San Pedro después Pinatar, forming more than veinte km i m sorry separates the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea.

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All this expansion makes the an area the Murcia well known for los easy reach and quality of its beaches and coves. There are plenty of tourists who visit this an ar since, in addition to ns richness the its beaches, the is ns region that Spain the stands out for its great climate y for los best day and night atmosphere.

OurHotel situated in La Manga is in an ideal location to enjoy the best beaches of La Manga y Cartagena. This hotel is located on the Galua Beach with ns direct access to 2,000 meters of fine golden sand, forgive with los Q of traveler quality.


La Manga, one orographic pleasure

The Mar Menor was once a bay open up to ns Mediterranean Sea, with the passage of tiempo volcanic extremes have formed uno strip of dunes and vegetation that sign up with both ends, producing extensive beaches that have actually subsequently been urbanized. But there are channels called gulas, i m sorry still maintain contact between both seas to renew los water.

Today, La Manga is un destination lot in demand by tourists as it has all type of services but additionally offers finish relaxation. However without uno doubt, its main attraction is ns quality of its sandy beaches y its crystal-clear waters.

The finest coves y beaches that La Manga y Cartagena

We have developed uno selection of 7 of the ideal beaches in Murcia, all of them along the coast in Cartagena, that you need to not miss out on this summer.

1 —apoyándose Calblanque Beach


It is trescientos meters long y approximately 40 meters wide, Calblanque provides an exclusive and relaxing atmosphere, for those who like to remain away representar the typical crowds and the hustle and bustle.

It is positioned in an ideal location, being immersed in the Protected naturaleza Park that Calblanque.

This really is an yes, really Paradise on los Mediterranean coast in the province of Murcia; that is not obtainable to vehicles in all seasons. Yet in ns summer month it is easily reachable by publicly transport. Therefore, if you decidir on this choice in the summer months, you will have no problem by bus.

Although still related to as ns quiet beach, with the growth, by native of mouth, brought around by forums and social media, this Cartagena coast is becoming un favourite because that swimmers and sunbathers wishing to enjoy largo sessions in ns sun. Not only is it ns perfect place to enjoy fantastic temperatures but likewise its splendid coast.

In addition, in recent years special measures have actually been taken for this reason as no to exceed uno maximum capacity.

2 rápido "Honda" Beach


Honda coast in La Manga is setecientos metres long and treinta y seis metres wide. Its fine sand con its attractive Mediterranean golden colour is what renders it special.

The semi-urban coast has a wide, welcoming promenade, y is also very popular as ns great place for part of the most to exclude, water sports. In fact, if you prefer sailing or would like to find out to sail, one of ns most fun water sports in La Manga, you can sign up at ns Honda Beach cruising School y practise as much as girlfriend like.

This is one of the beaches in La Manga that offers uno great selection of services, follow me with uno large jugar area, meaning that entertainment y fun are guaranteed if girlfriend have little children. It also has un large restaurant y a friendly coast bar, for this reason you can enjoy ns drink or un snack at any time of day, and also have ns great location to eat if you decide to spend ns whole día under the sol at this beach in La Manga.

The beach additionally has un comprehensive safety y lifeguard service, y if you are the kind of human who likes to sunbathe in comfort, los beach offers un hammock rental service until late evening.

3 - "La Cortina" Cove


This picturesque cove in Cartagena is 210 metres long and has an typical width of 28 metres. It has slightly coarser sand than the coves above. Also so, us are certainly talking about one of los most generalizado beaches with the people the Cartagena, perhaps because of the comfort y space, or maybe because of its relaxed waters.

This cove close to La Manga is situated on the Mediterranean coast, within the urban area that Cartagena and also offers uno wide variety of services, such as restaurants, toilet facilities y an attractive area used specifically for picnics. Because that all the above reasons, if you decidir to walk for a stroll follow me this nice beach, you will have ns feeling of being somewhere far away desde a large city where whatever is in reach.

To obtain to La Cortina Cove in Cartagena, all you should do is journey along ns edge of los Port of Cartagena through los district of papa noel Lucía and go through a short tunnel.

4 - "La Cala" Beach


Very near to the Natural park of Calblanque girlfriend can uncover the popular Playa La Cala.

Ideal to reap at any tiempo of day, ns La Cala beach is also famous because that its nightly next in ns summer months.

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Directly regarded La Manga Nautical Club, it offers uno wide range of solutions such together restaurant and bar, bathrooms, sunbeds and loungers.

It is worth a warning the although you will certainly find uno number the restrictions, access is totally free y available for all. Yet you must pass through a barrier control tower, which after a series of curves will certainly lead friend to a parking area, ns beach is fully visible, y accessible without any type of problems.

5 —apoyándose "El Gorguel" Beach


Straddling La Manga y the city of Cartagena, us find ns El Gorgel Beach. This is an alternative chosen by very few tourists y visitors from the bordering area. For this reason, if girlfriend are searching for ns beach where there space very few people, this is your sobre steis choice.

With un length of 50 meters long and 110 meters wide, this iconic beach in Cartagena, also has an excellent waterfront offering ns relaxed and safe swim area many of los time.

Although los sand is somewhat darker than the other beaches in the area, that does no lower the quality.

For those who do not know the area well, you require to know that the el Gorgel beach is not well signposted; that is recommended that you take ns map, or you ask someone that really knows ns area well because that directions.

6 rápido "The archipiélago Menores" Beach


In finish contrast, this beach is the perfect choice for those who look for something livelier and less quiet.

With one approximate size of novecientos meters y about veinte wide, this is a verdadero urban beach surrounding by ns pleasant promenade finishing in un cosy bay.

In addition, it likewise has uno kiosk if feel like un drink in los hottest moments as soon as the sun is most potent. It also has accessible toilets facilities.

Apart desde its fine golden sand, that is additionally characterized by really calm waters. Because that this reason ns Islas menor Beach is additionally considered among the safest in los area. Yet there are constantly lifeguards top top hand to assure safety y who are constantly on alarm in situation of any unforeseen weather changes.

7 -papposo "El Pino" small cave


If there is uno cove the is conspicuous by its beauty and excellent vegetation on los Mar Menor, it needs to be los Cala de Pino.

Very generalizado and extremely frequented in La Manga, ask anyone living about Cartagena and they will certainly recommend los Cala después Pino.

With 150 meters long y a width of 12 meters, los Cala después Pino is ancha for its striking eco-friendly areas, highlighting that spectacular y classical jaw forest. It has many comfortable y cool areas with plenty the shade, if friend feel choose spending uno bit of time fuera of los sun. In addition, its diminished size likewise defines ns Cala de Pino together one of the most charming naturalmente surroundings in the area.

On los other hand, this small beach is idealistas for watching un sunset or sunrise worthy of un pretty postcard. Therefore, if you room fond that photography, perform not forget the cámara if you room heading for the Cala después Pino.

All this provides it un little paradise located in ns Mar Menor.

Proximity come Cartagena

Less than cuarenta km from our Hotel Galúa is the ciudad of Cartagena (Murcia), uno port city from i m sorry you deserve to access los Mediterranean ser through un wide bay.

Throughout the history y tradition of Cartagena, it has acquired un great architectural and cultural value, making the a city worth visiting y getting to know. Yet without ns doubt one of its greatest potentials, if not los biggest... Are its beaches.

So, if you are close to Cartagena or intend to visit the ciudad in the future, you will certainly surely favor to select some of los coves or beaches that Cartagena that us have displayed you previously.

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Remember that this an option is only 7 of ns best beaches in ns area the La Manga and Cartagena, yet there room many more to discover, along ns coast the Murcia.