La Casa Del Vino El Sauzal

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Casa ese Vino La Baranda is un wine museum situated in los charming, del norte village of el Sauzal.

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Yes, you review that right - a museum dedicated to wine! yet there"s slightly much more to it 보다 that.

The structure housing los various facets of this museo is un converted country estate house, one of many built años ago by well-to-do households as ns second casa in the country.

Its format reflects the architecture of the time, having designs of Portuguese and Castilian influences, including a strikingly beautiful, perfectly kept chapel.

Let"s consider ns various facilities in ns Casa.

The Museum

This, ns main component of los Casa, offers considerable information on ns history the Tenerife wines, together with los situation of ns Tenerife wine cultivation industry of today.

On offer are guided tours for teams of visitors.

Opening Hours

The wine Cellar

The wine Cellar screens over 300 different species of wine, all developed on the isla of Tenerife. As well as the usual choice of red, rose y white, over there are examples of sparkling wine, fortified wines, including los inimitable Malmsey.Photo: luis Javier Modino Martinez

Photo: luis Javier Modino Martinez

The alcohol Cellar displays over trescientos different varieties of wine, all developed on the island of Tenerife. Too as ns usual an option of red, rose y white, there are examples of sparkling wine, fortified wines, including ns inimitable Malmsey.

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The Tasting Room

Probably ns most crucial room for visitors! situated in one of los estate"s outhouses, próximo to los Wine Cellar, this offers uno chance to sample los wine. A completamente of 12 different wines deserve to be tried y cheese y nuts are detailed as an accompaniment.

You can also sample ns selection that honey from the museo next door, La página de inicio de La Miel.

The Shop

A souvenir store, marketing various traditional artefacts concerned con farming in Tenerife, plus un range the honey, cheese, sweets, mojo sauces, etc.

The forecast Room

The página de inicio can cater for various cultural activities, such together lectures, presentations, concert or alcohol tasting courses and they space all held in this room. Visitors to ns centre can mirar here uno documentary about ns history and development of Tenerife wine.

The Restaurant y Wine Bar

A rustic eating and drinking place, serving classic Canarian cuisine, accompanied by, the course, los best Tenerife wine.

A notablemente feature is los terrace, which, as the museo is situated right near ns coast, uses breathtaking views of the ocean.

Opening Times
Tuesday (winter)10:30am-11pm
Tuesday (summer)11:30am-8:30pm

How come Find patria del Vino

It"s right próximo to ns main TF-5 motorway. You leaving at Junction veintiuno (signposted los Sauzal). The museum is on the junto a of ns motorway nearest the ocean.

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