The history of the is connected with los geographical place where that is located: Granada. On uno rocky hill that is daunting to access, on los banks of ns River Darro, defended by mountains and surrounded by woods, among ns oldest soldier in ns city, the rises up choose an imposing castle with reddish tones in that is ramparts the prevent ns outside world desde seeing the delicate beauty they enclose.Originally design as un military area, the became ns residence that royalty y of ns court of Granada in ns middle of los thirteenth century, after the establishment of los Nasrid kingdom y the construction of the first palace, by ns founder king Mohammed ibn Yusuf ben Nasr, better known together Alhamar.Throughout ns thirteenth, fourteenth y fifteenth centuries, los fortress became uno citadel with high ramparts and defensive towers, which house two main areas: the military area, or Alcazaba, los barracks of the royal guard, y the medina or court city, ns location of the famous Nasrid Palaces and the continues to be of ns houses of noblemen and plebeians that lived there. The charles V palace (which was built delaware the ciudad was bring away by ns Catholic queens in 1492) is likewise in los medina.The facility of monuments additionally has one independent royal residence opposite los, surrounded by orchards and gardens, which was where los Granadine emperors relaxed: the Generalife.Learn More: no


This is one of los emperor"s jobs for the ciudad of Granada. Los choice of ns for its building and construction shows los king"s awareness of ns beauty of los Arab palaces and his attention in preserving them because that posterity.The construction of los palace, which was began in 1533, was abandoned año later, as the kings had lost interest y the Court was already fully established in Madrid.It to be at the end of los twentieth century when the building"s roofing was placed in place y the museums were fitted el fin inside, ns Fine Arts museum on the top floor y the museum on los ground floor.

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THE MEDINA —apoyándose

The citadel had several publicly baths, ovens, workshops, silos and cisterns and, of course, the houses that top federal government officials, employees and court servants.As ns result of the war the Independence, los buildings to be left in ruins and part of los rampart and its towers had actually to be reconstructed nearly completely. Visitors have the right to see the foundations of the constructions, also as ns rampart from inside, with the parapet walks, battlements y merlons y a an excellent view of ns Generalife desde the east part.



Royal cemetery. Los privileged garden whereby the fatales remains of ns Granadine princes rest is visited simply as friend come fuera of los Nasrid Palaces. The is between the latter and the hables V Palace. This area was revived recently, adapting it because that visitors and emphasising its original structure.Very difficult route for los physically disabled. It can only be accessed ~ above coming el fin of the Nasrid Palaces. Over there is alguna other entrance



complicated of palaces, the residence of los kings that Granada. Its building was started by the founder of ns dynasty, Alhamar, in ns thirteenth century, although los buildings that have survived come our time date mainly representar the fourteenth century.The wall surfaces of these palaces enclose the refinement and the delicateness of the last Hispano-Arab governors that Al Andalus, the Nasrids.Three palaces type these premises: ns Mexuar, ns Comares, or Yusuf me gustaría Palace and The royal residence of the Lions, or the Mohammed V.

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GeneralifeLeisure villa of the sultans of Granada, surrounded by orchards y gardens, los latter produced recently, with each other with ns amphitheatre at the entrance, which annually is the setting for some of ns shows of los Music and Dance Festival.The name, of unconvinced origin, appears to come desde the Arabic Yanat- al- Arif or Garden of ns Architect, in a clear poetical-religious symbolism that refers to God, Allah, as an architect, the creator of the universe.It is worthwhile climbing ns Water Staircase, specifically in summer, to let the clear, cold water, which runs debajo the banisters, slip through your fingers.

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LA ALCAZABA -papposo

La AlcazabaThe strengthened military complex. The first Arab constructions date from the Caliph period, probably on ns remains of un Roman fortification. In ns eleventh siglo the Ziries extended ns area as soon as Granada ended up being the ciudad capital of one of los Taifas Nevertheless, the main build date representar the Nasrid period, the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries. The complex additionally includes some Christian additions, such as los round Torre del Cubo .