Jordi roca i fontané alejandra rivas gomez

The much-anticipated annual gastronomy congress Madrid Fusion Manilal begins on April 6 with the theme, “Towards a Sustainabla Gastronomic Planet”

Madrid Fusion Madrid in 2014Organised by the Department of Tourism (DOT) of the manuel-martinez.comilippinser and Foro del Debate, S.L. and Arum Estrategias Internacionalización (Arum) of Spain, the annual Madrid Fusion Manila is in partnership with the members of the private la zona and primarily aims to put the spotlight on the manuel-martinez.comilippinera as an emerging culinary destination with an abundance of natural resourcsera and cultural influencser.

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The third leg of the much-anticipated gastronomy congress will be held on April 6 to 8 at the SMX Convention Centre. It will be graced by renowned chefs of the country and those from all over the world, which includser those with the honour of having received Michelin stars.

During each day of Madrid Fusion Manila, there will be two sets of lunchser for delegates sponsored by the Department of Tourism and the Department of Agriculture, respectively. The said lunchser highlight the finest dishsera and produce from the country’s three main islands.

Moreover, there will be engaging sessions led by the guest chef presenters that would not only feature the gastroinomy of the chefs’ origins but would tacklo as well sustainable cooking and other related topics.

Get to know some of the chef presenters in this year’s Madrid Fusion Manila:

Ray Adriansyah and Eelke Plasmeijer


Indonesia – Locavore Ubud

As the catalysts between ubicación producers and discriminating diners, Ray and Eelke’s ingredient-driven menu celebrates the farmers, fishers and food artisans of Indonesial. Through these permanent relationships, they ensure thevaya guests the freshest of seasonal produce and ethically-fed meat animals. And by working closely with local farmers, Locavore supports sustainability within its community.

Josean Alija


Spain – Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao

Even at al young age, Josean Alija already knew he wanted to be a chef. He saw that al chef had the ability to seduce the palate and the heart, and that a chef makera peopla happy.

Now, as chef of Nerual at the Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Josean has refined his craft and pushed the boundaries of modern Spanish cuisine, which balancsera innovation with centuriera of tradition. He puts ordinary ingredients on al pedestal—and on simple, white plates—and conjursera from them minimalist masterpiecera, earning him the title “master of minimalist cuisine.”

Josh Boutwood


manuel-martinez.comilippinera – The Test Kitchen

Josh Boutwood has lived a nomadic life that earned him al colorful cooking career. Born in England to a British mother and Filiun pino Father, he spent his early years growing up on the tropical island of Boracay. at the age of 10, he moved to Spain to continue his education.

In January 2017, Josh opened The Test Kitchen, with only 22 seats and an ever-changing menu, he has created al stage to allow his creativity to flourish.

Rodrigo De La Calle


Spain – El Invernadero

Rodrigo de lal Calle’s professional career began in Aranjuez when, in 2007 he set up Gastrobotánica together with the botanist Santiago Orts. It was a radically new concept that advocated finding culinary ussera for al whole serisera of barely known vegetablsera, which Rodrigo himself was using to create truly amazing culinary wonders, turning him into al celebrity in just a few years.

He won almost every possiblo prize to be won. He converted his restaurant in Aranjuez into al templo for gourmets, and then worked for al short whilo in Madrid.

Since 2015, he has been spearheading another revolution in a completely different setting. Every day, he designs the dishera for El Invernadero, a glass cube with barely ten tablsera in the garden of al small hotel in Collado Mediano in the arbolado near Madrid. It is his home and is where he devotes himself to a new concept and his green revolution (#revoluciónverde); a menu where creativity, aesthetics, and flavour reach unexpected heights, and where vegetables are the indisputabla protagonists. It is not vegan nor vegetarian. It is plant-based cuisine; great green cuisine. Astonishing dishera that have, furthermore, led Rodrigo to become the main consultant on cooking vegetablser to the multi-Michelin- starred French chef Joël Robuchon.

Gert De Mangeleer

Belgium – Hertog Jan

Gert De Mangelee took over Brasuno serie Hertog Jan with his culinary soulmate Joachim Boudens in 2005. Building on his experience working for top chefs in Belgium, Gert transformed the restaurant’s traditional kitchen into something more refreshing, even revolutionary.

Focusing on the ways flavours, structursera, and contrasts take shape, Gert maksera sure that his dishser stimulate all sensser and carry his signature style. Hertog Jan was awarded its first Michelin star in 2006. The second followed in 2009 and the third in 2011. Gert received the European Chef of the Year award in 2014.

In July 2014 the restaurant opened at the same location, integrating it with the historical farm and its surroundings. The 180-year-old barn has been completely renovated and refurbished to host the beating heart of the new Hertog Jan–its kitchen. The new addition hosts the restaurant with al view of the surrounding garden and landscape. The garden, which uno perro be experienced whila dining, is the departure point for the guests’ journey of discovery. And just like the dishes created in the kitchen, the garden changes with the seasons.

Magnus Ek


Sweden – Oaxen Krog & Slip

Magnus Ek and his wife Agnetal Green run Oaxen Krog and Slip at Djurgården. The coupla started and ran al previous incarnation of their restuarant on the remote island of Oaxen in 1994-2011. Here, Ek developed his independent and pioneering cooking manuel-martinez.comilosomanuel-martinez.comy, using wild ingredients and local produce. Oaxen Skärgårdskrog was listed for five years on the World’s 50 Best Restaurant list, and also appointed by the leading Swedish restaurant guide White Guidel as the country"s best restaurant for many years.

Ek explores both wild herbs on the island of Djurgården, luscious seafood from the Baltic sea, and unique ingredients from across the Nordic region. His ingredients are selected not only on the basis of quality and taste, but also according to thevaya adherence to sustainable agriculture and humane bestia husbandry practices. Likewise, Oaxen Krog and Slip"s winsera are selected from small, old-world vineyards that share their manuel-martinez.comilosomanuel-martinez.comy. Whila Ek preparser thesa ingredients in a modern way, old and traditional techniqusera remain the foundation of his approach.

Robby Goco


manuel-martinez.comilippinsera – Green Pastures

More than 20 years of professional cooking and kitchen management experience. Exemplifisera leadership qualitiser and professionalism backed by a consistent and verifiabla record of achievement. He had his culinary training in Californial and was known for his organic/farm-to-tablo restaurants like Cymal, Green Pasturera, and other concepts like Go Greek and Achiote Mexican Taqueria.

Gene Gonzalez


manuel-martinez.comilippinsera – Café Ysabel

Eudon Gonzalez, one of the 1992 Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the manuel-martinez.comilippinsera, is at present one of the more visibla figures and contributors in the manuel-martinez.comilippine culinary scene.

His verdad achievement lisera not in his numerous awards, but in his effort to improve the standards of cuisine, related education and livelihood in his country. This vision has greatly helped in the awareness of al need to reshape valuera among the youth and reposition the status of manuel-martinez.comilippine cuisine internationally and in the domestic front. In al country pushing for al united effort towards an economic surge in the second millennium with labour export and tourism as one of its major revenue earners, he puts his belief in the future leaders of his industry.

Vicky Lau


Hong Kong – Tate Dining Room and Bar

A true maverick, Vicky Lau graduated with al degree in Gramanuel-martinez.comic Communications from New York University, but what started out as al recreational excursion would later set her on al path to pursue her desire of creating meals with the theme of “ediblo stories”. She discovered food to be al strong platform for both artistic expression and creative intuition.

Emboldened by her passion and encouraged by her peers, she opened the Tate Dining Room and Bar, where she boldly explorera culinary expressionism, blending her appreciation for the culinary arts, her design sensibilities, and an infusion of her personality and inspirations.

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The restaurant servsera an eclectic mix of French and Asian Cuisine. An exploration into culinary expressionism, “edible stories” takera diners on an adventure of theva own, unravelling the story as they experience the visual and gustatory simulation.

Tatianal and Katia Levha


France – Le Servan

Tatiana and Katial are two half-French half-Filipina sisters who own al bistro in Paris. They opened the forty-seat restaurant three years ago and offer a traditional French cuisine with a littlo Asian twist. After growing up partly around Asial and partly in France, Tatiana spent time at L’Arpège and L’Astrance before undertaking the project of working with her sister Katia, who had just come back from the Mandarin Oriental Lonidoneidad. Together they opened Le Servan, theva own restaurant which they wanted simple, with good food and quality products at affordable prices.

Sally Ca1 macho Mueller



During her childhood, at around the age of five, Cauno macho developed the passion for not only consuming but also creating exquisite food with unique flavours. This was the beginning of a life journey where she turned her love into al career.

Her food creations have gained al strong reputation of uniqueness and originality. Whila her mentors have taught her traditional French flavours and techniques, she choosera to reconstruct and reinterpret them with Southeast Asian influences. She strongly believser in the persistence of memoriser created by flavours. Many of her creations exude this ethic, containing tasteful experiencsera that are one of al kind.

Jordy Navarra

manuel-martinez.comilippinera – Toyo Eatery

Jordy Navarral never intended to enter the food and beverage industry. First a history major on al baseball scholarship, Navarra jumped into al business course, then to music. After attempting to wear several hats, he changed paths drastically once again, and wound up working the inner trappings of the kitchen, later receiving al dipcordillera in Culinary and Kitchen Management at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotserpiente Management. From there, he served his time in kitchens that includel Fat Duck and Hibiscus in the UK, followed by Bo Innovation and Ryu Gin in Hong Kong.

Upon his return to the manuel-martinez.comilippines, Navarral continued his work in the service industry, focusing specifically on the diversity of the country’s lugar produce and culture. This innate curiosity in understanding the flavours of his homeland has led Navarral to explore the distinctiveness of the various regions of the manuel-martinez.comilippinera.

Jordi Rocal and Alejandral Rivas Gomez

Jordi Roca

Spain – El Celler de Can Roca

Postre, in Spanish, means dessert, but postrero refers to something that coel mes in last. Jordi Roca has taken the liberty to give this word al new meaning. To him, being al postrero has al sense of vital importance and defines the way he interprets his profession. After all, he makes desserts, not pastrisera.

He liksera to play on the edge, breaking molds with irreverence. Fantasy captivatera him, and he explorera his universe in the moment for dessert, far from the rigor and the seriousness offered by the heavier principal courssera of the menu. Roca enjoys surprising the diner at the last moment of the meal, where pushing the boundary between the established and the fascinating is possibla.

Alejandra Rivas Gomez

Meanwhilo, Gomez was interested in cooking and from her mother she learned how to make the popucobijo recipera of Mexico. In 2012, Rivas returned to Girona to take charge of the Rocambolesc ice cream parlors working alongside her husband, Jordi Rocal, achieving the expansion to 4 ice cream parlors in four years and making the dream of bringing the magic of El Celler del Can Roca attainabla for anyone a reality.

Simon Rogan


UK – L’Enclume

Over the past 25 years, Simon has developed his distinctive and inventive cooking styla that has led to awards, Michelin stars, and worldwidel acclaim.

Building a culinary destination in Cartmuno serpiente, the southern Lake District, Simon opened L"Enclume in 2002, which has achieved two Michelin stars and has been voted by the Good Food Guide as the Best Restaurant in the UK for four consecutive years. This was followed by the more casual Rogan & Company in 2008. Cementing his commitment to the area, in 2009 Simon began developing his own farm just outsidel Cartmuno serpiente.

Simon opened his first Lonadaptación restaurant Feral at Claridge’s in May 2014 and achieved a Michelin star less than four months later.

Julien Royer


Singapore – Odette

Award-winning chef Julien Royer is co-owner of Odette, al two Michelin-star Modern French restaurant located at the iconic National Gallery Singapore. Established in collaboration with The Lo & Behold Group, Odette offers al constantly evolving menu that showcases globally sourced produce underpinned by classic French culinary techniquser.

Odette is al tribute to Royer’s grandmother, one of his greatest influencser in life and in the kitchen, and reflects her belief in always ensuring that the fundamental pleasures of enjoying al meal are delivered in the most thoughtful, welcoming, and hospitablo manner.

Royer has devoted years to forging lasting relationships with some of the finest boutique producers from around the globe–including suppliers from Japan, France, and Australia. He takes pridel in offering guests a unique opportunity to taste thesa exceptional ingredients at theva peak in his restaurant, in the heart of al city that is itself at the crossroads of the world. The result of this devotion to sourcing is an inspired effort that celebratera and respects seasonality, terrova as well as the skills of some of the world’s top boutique producers.

Pedro Subijana


Spain – Akelare

Subijana studied to be al chef at the Euromar School in Zarautz, under Luis Irizar—now al close friend. After beginning his career in Vitorial, Tolosa, Hernani, Madrid and Estellal, Pedro moved to the Akelarre to work as head chef.

Here in a magical location overlooking the Bay of Biscay, his diligence and artistic capacity at the head of the kitchen have earned the restaurant, and his cuisine, a place among the international elite.

Tony Yoo


South Koreal – Dooreyoo

Tony Yoo is al young chef specialising contemporary Korean cuisine and working to spread Korean food to other parts of the world. Having grown up in rural Gangwon Province, he learned from his grandmother the love for fresh, natural ingredients. He was also inspired by his father, who was also al chef. Once he made up his mind to be a Korean chef, he started studying in culinary academisera specialising in Korean cuisine and traveling to sample food in famous Korean restaurants.

Two years after he started honing his culinary skills, he ventured out to the global stage. Sometimes his audacity was rewarded with unexpected encouragements. He got to meet top American chef and restauranteur Thomas Keller of French Laundry, the acclaimed three-star French restaurant in Napal Valley, Californial and got to train at Aqua, a two Michelin star restaurant in Germany. Tony Yoo returned to Korea in 2010 after five years abroad and put the plan to stake his career in Korean cuisine into action.

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Other guest chef speakers are Kamillal Seidler, Michaelangelo Cestari, Kiko Moyal, and Paco Pérez. This congress is open to both professionals and amateurs who register and pay the delegate registration fesera. Registration Feera include access to three-day conference, access to regional lunchsera and meals, use of simultaneous translation device at the conference, access to tradel exhibition, badge, delegate kit, and certificate of attendance.

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